Tuesday, January 12, 2016

you are not just paying for the food

As I was browsing the net today, I stumbled across an ice cream parlor which has such a minimal and crisp design. Everything was lovely from the clean, kinfolk-esque interior style to the rustic exterior. Even the menu design, packaging design and the logo is amazing!

I looked through some reviews and people were angry to be paying so much an ice cream and some even complained that they would rather go to Mc Donalds for their cheap soft serve. And this makes me really, really mad. Mc Donalds cost only RM 1 I presume (In Australia, it's 0.50)

Yeah, sure you idiots. What are you really paying for you think? That amount of hard work people put to present their brand out there is worth more than you think. You are paying not only for the food, but for the brand itself.

Some people still don't understand that a good brand takes a long time to build. It is represented by great design which captures people's attention and leaves a deep impression within them. Take example of kopitiams -

Honestly, I think kopitiams has a really strong aesthetic style - those mini tiles, the right color palette which is usually a combination of a pastel green and blue and oH! Brown. Let's not forget brown. Also, the red lettering which is always present on their menu and signboards.

People remember kopitiams because of this. Sure. Their food is amazing too but it's also the ambience that they built which triggers a childhood memory of yours and because of that, you remember.

So before you idiots complain about why a soft serve ice cream is so expensive, think about the hard work which they probably spent years and years crafting only to be compared to Mc Donalds RM 1 soft serve.

Fucking humiliating idiots who don't have a single clue on how the world of design works.

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