Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year,

Happy, Happy New Year!

Even though it is a cliche day, I do love the fact that it gives people a chance to start living their life the way they picture it to be. And what better time to do that other than the new year? A significant change in the calender stating that it is 01 01 2015 just makes everybody giddy thinking about what's gonna happen in 2015!

As for me - a few minutes ago, I was actually feeling a teeny weensy jealous about someone and that wasn't the right way to welcome the new year. I spent a good few minutes wasting my time being a green eyed monster about someone when obviously, all I had to was sit down and look back at what I had done and achieved in 2014.


i think my biggest fear is the fear of feeling that i'm never ever going to be successful in life. and by successful, i don't mean just being rich. what i meant is being successful in every aspect of life. from friends to finances to career-wise. and i'm afraid that i can never match to society's thinking of successful.

i lost friends that i felt like i shouldn't regret and i lost touch with some - i gained new friends which is pretty amazing. i have an amazing part-time job and i am sure i am going to get an even better well-paying job in the company of my dreams (he he!) and i have such an amazing support system aka (my family!)

Here's to an amazing year!!!
I know it WILL be flippin' amazing.

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