Thursday, January 01, 2015

Big Fish

I recently watched Big Fish and I absolutely LOVED it.

It had all the elements that I love in a movie. Dreamy, lots of romance, a little whimsical and sad at times. The romance in this film is what sells it for me. I am a sucker for sweet romance movies and I guess I could myself a hopeless romantic...

I prefer to watch romance movies by myself because I can squeal at all the stupid little stuff that other people would most probably cringe at.

If you haven't watch Big Fish, WATCH. I cried so badly hahahah. But then again, I cry easily. The romance was just so pure and sweet that I had to shed a few tears for it. I will be revealing a few spoilers, (to be honest, they aren't that much of a spoiler anyway...but tryna be polite and all, you know?)

Even though it's fictional and it's never going to happen in real life sort, somehow, the naive part of me believes in a romance as pure as this.

Even though it is sort of delusional or a bit stupid to meet someone for the first time and then go -BAM- that's the woman I would very much love to marry. Thanks. Now, I'm just going to work in a circus for 3 years and find out something new about her every month and pretend that it's actually okay for me to not know any of her personal details but still love her the same.

BUT BUT BUT! It was just beautiful. His persistence on knowing that he definitely must marry this woman of his dreams....

If I'm him, I would probably go like, oh never mind, no fate. Give up la. Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't give a fuck about you.

But he never did give up. He tried everything he could to get closer to her even though it meant wasting 3 years of his life. I guess sometimes, we are just selfish creatures. Ed didn't give a fuck if his future wife wasn't thinking about him or whether she had someone else, he still believed that somehow, miraculously, he is going to marry this girl even though clearly, she's engaged with someone else.

He played the game fair and square and never did do anything "senonoh" inappropriate (lol)

Ugh. I just love this movie so much.

I could talk about it all day errrrrrr day.

I shall end this post with a quote that made me go "AWH STAPH IT I'M MELTING IN A PILE OF SWEETNESS"

And how sweet was the daffodil scene? I literally teared up when I watched that part. And did you realize how loyal he was throughout the whole movie? His wife is his first love.

On a side note, do watch American History X as well. One of my favourite movies. Or maybe I haven't watch enough movies...but it's not everyone's cup of tea though. It happened to be mine. Cheap and lousy cinematography but the acting was spot on. Come on, I don't usually give credit to actors - mostly directors because I'm kinda mean that way but I'm a changed person now after I watched AHX.

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