Friday, April 18, 2014


I went for Planetshakers Awakening 2014 and all I can say is, I came out feeling like a new person. What an indescribable feeling I had! It makes me hungry for MORE!! Everything was just God is so good.

As a Christian, I always struggled with God's people. I love God, I love Jesus but I don't love all of God's people. The term, "Love God, Love people" is easier said than done. I could honestly say cell groups are really important! God comes first, of course, but there is no point if you go to church every Sunday but you don't try and interact with the people in church. I'm not trying to be a smart-ass here but this is all based on my personal experiences and I just want to give my two cents worth about it.

The churches I attend regularly - I'm sick of people dissing that the music is too loud/ the people are too loud/ it seems like the people in this church is not putting God first bla bla bla if you don't like it, then full stop!

// It's time to have salty food - stop eating bland food all the time //

This is what I can say to those who can't seem to appreciate the loud music. If you just stand up, put your hands up and praise God and dance and jump, you will see why so many people enjoy it. The fact that you are doing it for God seems so amazing! The loudness will dissipate once you focus on God and not the loudness of the music.

// Pardon the noise, it's the sound of freedom! //

Last time, a guy told me he doesn't like young churches because he feels like they are always focusing on building character instead of focusing on God. At that time, I knew so little about God to answer him back. But now, I have an answer for that particular question.

Why do the churches focus so much on building character/motivational talks?

Well - if you are in the right character and you have the right mindset, you will eventually learn how to focus on God. So many people suffer from low self-confidence and even me, at times. However, we can always learn from churches like these as they can build our character and make us the individual God has created us to be.

Back to Love God Love people// as I said, I'm still struggling. Sometimes, in a cell group - when I try so hard to speak to this individual but I receive such little response and it makes me really tired to keep trying...but it's okay, try harder. :)

Some eggs are harder to break but if you keep trying - you will eventually crack through that hard shell. :)

If you are in a particular cell group long enough, you should learn how to speak to new people and make them feel like they aren't new. I personally really dislike the fact that people who are in cell groups long enough but won't make an effort to talk to the new person. You were the new person before.

// I did it first because someone first love me //

And I learned something so important in #psawakening as well.

"It doesn't matter how much you KNOW about God. What matters is how much you LOVE Him. "

What an eye-opener. I always thought I am not "Christian" enough because I don't know much about God. I guess it's the same for individuals. It doesn't matter how much you know about that person...what is the point of knowing so much information about them but not loving them as much as you know?

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