Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Wonderstruck! Literally.

I actually have the time to drag my lazy fingers and actually type something out today.

My semester just ended and I feel really, really relieved.

I also cannot believe the fact that I'm graduating next year! D: OMG! I feel like an adult already.

Anyways, it's 2 am at the moment and I will be visiting my internship company tomorrow. 11 am. Freak. I dunno why I torture myself like this but nowadays, my sleeping time is pretty messed up. I sleep at 4 am and wake up before 1 pm. Starting to get into the whole designer life routine - we DON'T sleep at night which is really true because all the good ideas come in the middle of the night. No joke. Even before you try to shut your eyes...an idea will suddenly pop up...and you will jolt up from bed and immediately grab a pen/marken pen/anything that can write near you and scribble down notes.

At least that's what I do. Lol.

I might be blogging often as well (maybe hehe!) since I have like a few weeks left before I actually start work. Will be blogging more about that next time.

I'm not very particular about spraying perfume before I go out cause my friends usually tell me I don't have any smell at all so I don't usually apply anything when I go out. Unless it's an important function. But ever since I made a friend - a guy friend - he's damn addicted with perfumes. He sprays perfume all the time. Like seriously.

Somehow, he makes me wanna smell nice too! Haha! So I bought a body shop perfume which costs me only rm 85 (darn expensive loool) I bought the one that smells like strawberry cause I like sweet smelling stuff. In 3 months, I used all of it. I don't really like it cause the smell is not strong and it doesn't last long enough. (Please - maximum time: 1 hour/ smelly places: 15 minutes) Sucks man!

Well - it's eighty five ringgit....

I'm not that picky, really. All I want is a perfume that has a bubblegum smell - sweet, refreshing, light but strong enough..

I tried so many perfumes today until I can't smell anything hahaha and I was so confused with the smell. My friend recommended me to smell coffee and I actually thought he was joking until the shop assistant passed me a small bottle containing coffee beans. O_O

I am so noob in this perfume stuff.

And wow. Finally. I tried Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck and I was really wonderstruck!!

The perfume is so so so so BUBBLEGUM-ISH and it smells so so so good. I'm worried it doesn't last long cause after a while, it smells like vanilla and the smell is kinda weak. It smells sort of powdery though...hmm..

But at first spray, holy toot, that smell is too good to resist. Makes me wanna hug myself lol!

I'm still not sure if I wanna get it cause it's really pricey but for a good perfume that lasts long, I'm gonna get one and make sure I use it for at least ONE YEAR HAHAHAHA!! I am so cheap but yaaaaa....

Gonna ask my mama to purchase this for me. Hehe.

She's my santa claus for this year!


  1. I'm quite obsessed with perfumes too lately! I somehow love it when people or girls walk by and I can smell their perfume :p I'm also too cheap to buy an expensive one so I keep stealing my sister's LOL! But I actually wanna get an Anna Sui's Flight of Fancy hehe!

    1. I know right...it's quite worth it to spend money on an expensive perfume that lasts long and smells good though..oohh! Does it smell nice or it's just the packaging? cuz i'm quite a sucker for pretty packaging hahaha!


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