Sunday, December 16, 2012

Brekkie by me and little bro

I made breakfast! Approximately 5 days or 4 days ago, I can't remember.

But anyways, it's not really considered breakfast timing since I cooked and made all of these around 1 pm maybe, my breakfast is actually lunch but I haven't had any breakfast yet so I considered it breakfast.

Wanted to make a full breakfast set ever since I came back to Brunei but never really found the feeling to actually cook. And I can never wake up before 12 pm unless forced so nyeh..

Since my grandmama has pretty plates and cups, I decided to use her kitchen to make breakfast! My grandma has everything that my house doesn't have. A toaster and um...basically, grandmas have everything supplied for you. :D

Initially, I wanted to make hash potatoes since I have been craving for it for quite some time but I don't have any grater and on that day, I really didn't have the patience to cut them into tiny little cubes since I was quite hungry already so I just sliced them into medium cubes and fried them and they turned out like these:

My grandma said it looks burnt but heck, it does not even taste burnt! Used the most simplest way to cooked it by mixing them with butter and a little oil and salt to taste and yums! They are done!

Best side dish out of the rest! :9

This is my brother's plate.

Oh ya, my brother helped a little as well :P He did most of the stuff I don't wanna do like: cutting, slicing, grabbing plates/utensils for me, throwing away stuff :P

Hey, he volunteered! Haha!

My brother wanted freshly-cut fruits, sausages, scrambled eggs and a cup of cold milk for his meal. See what I meant when I say that my grandma has pretty plates? :3 I love that vintage plate of hers! Preeeeetty~

And this is my breakfast plate. I opted for pan-fried tomatoes - it tasted so good by the way! Sweet, tangy and slightly salty. Yums! Starting to love tomatoes more and more...

Sunny side up - I actually prefer scrambled eggs a little more but I guess I should settle for variety because it looks prettier when it comes to presentation hehe. (Photo-taking, if you get what I mean?) and honey-glazed sausages. Butter and toast. I chose a cup of hot milk tea for my drink of the day. Hehe. I'm a tea lover yo!

Honey-glazed sausages are so good by the way. It's weird when savoury stuff taste a little sweet since savoury stuff are supposed to be salty, spicy and all those stuff that doesn't fall into the sweet category but heck, it gives a nice balance to the sausages. Almost like yin and yang. OH MY GOODNESS. It's just a sausage but it's one heck of a good sausage. :9

Freshly cut apples and oranges as a side-dish.

Toast and butter. Ate one slice only and that's it. Not that it didn't taste nice but I was busy trying to finish the rest of the stuff on my plate. And mannnnnn, after that meal, I never want to eat breakfast again. Until today. When I'm blogging about it. Hurm -_-

The whole breakfast meal from bird-eye's view.  :D

Cooking food is really relaxing and I really love it. Especially when you're cooking breakfast. Weird right?

Anyways, I also dyed my hair recently. Was hesitating between red color and a darker color but chose the darker color in the end coz I have a hunch I will have to re-dye before chinese new year!

I really really liked the color when it was freshly-dyed because it was so so so dark! And I haven't seen my hair this dark - not since prom!! And that was two years ago! Please ignore my pimple. Hahaha.

And after washing it twice...TWICE ONLY T.T

It faded to this....

I don't hate this color. I do love it but I thought it would turn into this colour after like 5 or 6 washes...but this is way too fast! It's green + a mixture of light brown and at the bottom, it's more of a darker green + dark grey.

And this isn't even under the sun! So this is probably my real hair colour under natural sun light. Indoors, it's two shades darker. But le sigh.....

It's gonna be brownish and yellowish and all that horrible faded hair colour after a few washes...and this is supposed to last until chinese new year! :(

And this hair color is way lighter than my previous hair colours -_- Eh lah.

I chose this cause I thought it would be darker but it turned out lighter instead. Nice choice, Lilian. Picking the color that fades easily. HHHH!

And my roots are growing.....0.015 cm if I'm not wrong. And they are gonna look so bad with this color. So, so bad.

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