Friday, December 07, 2012

Airport fashion, anyone?

I will be flying off to Brunei in a few hours (Yep I'm quite eggcited!!)

To be honest, I'm not that excited about going home to Brunei because I'm so used to my life here.

I can do so many things by myself - or with friends - it depends!

Now that I'm going home, I don't get to live my life as I want it to be. But it's a good thing as well cause I'm living quite a unhealthy lifestyle when my parents are not around. My sleeping time is horrible but anyways, let's skip to the main point.

I'm more excited about going to the airport! I normally arrive there quite early and most of the time, I fly alone but heck, I'm not complaining. I get to roam around the airport and look for coffee shops and live the "rich" lifestyle. Lol! And use their free wi-fi! Oh yeah. Check!

Anyways, I randomly googled 'Airport fashion' because I wanna know what celebrities normally wear to airport. To be honest, the people in KL wear quite nice to airports. The young ones that is. Haha. The aunties are quite cool though. Sunnies in the plane. B)

This is simple and casual yet pretty. :) A lil bit on the quirky side as well! 

Hehe loooove the boots! And the jeans. Basically, the whole combo lah! It helps that the model is damn pretty as well. *sulks*

Jessica! Omg, I love how she/her stylist layer the outfits - looks so effortless and nice T.T

My favourite combination of all! I really like the oversized coat and please, I think stripes are the best when it comes to airport fashion cause it screams "I'm trying to look comfortable and stylish" well at least that's what it means to me. Haha! I love her lipstick colour as well! :3

I'm not sure what I will be wearing later but all I know is I'm wearing glasses. Confirm. -_-

I look like an auntie - seeeeeeeriously - when I wear glasses but it's ok, I will wear nicer to strike a balance! Auntie - no problem - just be an auntie who can dress well. Lol lol lol!

Here are some airport outfits that I quickly arranged in Polyvore (yes, I am too free) and these are the ones that I would most likely wear when it comes to the term airport fashion.

Airport #1 (Comfy all the way!)

Airport #1 (Comfy all the way!) by amaryllislolly featuring a mint green backpack

Glasses. Check. Except mine is not as hipster as that. Mine is more librarian-ish. Time for new glasses? :3 

Oversized sweater. Oh my...*hubba hubba* I love sweaters. I wanna collect a lot more!! My love for sweaters are undeniable. So far, I only have like 9 sweaters in my closet. I want MOAR!! One can never have too many sweaters. 

And backpack screams korean! I dunno why but if I'm gonna wear this outfit, I would like to tie my hair into a side braid cause it complements the look nicely - imo. And hello Starbucks! It instantly boosts up any plain outfit. 

Airport #2 (A little more daring..)

Airport #2 (A little more daring..) by amaryllislolly featuring mulberry handbags

Something that I would wear if I'm going overseas or some place much more exciting compared to Brunei (haha no offense Brunei) 

It's so weird to add a salad right!! But I'm currently craving for it and I hope to have some later in the airport! Hahaha! 

Nowadays when I go out, I normally put on bb cream, powder and just glide on red lipstick. I rarely use eyeliner or blusher already :( It's also cause my skin is really terrible now so yeah. Red lipstick instantly makes you look better and brighter without making you look overdone. That's what it does for me lah. I'm not sure about the rest :P 

If I'm wearing something acceptable later, I will post a picture in this blog using the very convenient Blogger App on my phone. Blogger should sponsor me, I have been talking non-stop about this app already leh! Jokes...

Ok, bye! I'm quite sleepy already! I shall try to sleep and then wake up before 4.30 am. Nice

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  1. Nice post. I think big sweaters are popular among Koreans but in Malaysia weather it is not too ideal huh..


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