Thursday, December 20, 2012

A lita-crazy

A year ago, I saw people wearing these on and I thought they were the most hideous pair of shoes ever.

Maybe not until that extend but I really didn't fancy them. I thought they looked really big and bulky and huge and plain unattractive.

But, I'm obsessed over them NOW. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!

What is this?!? Now, I get the hype. Now, I get why people are crazy over them. I didn't like them that much before because they were really, really overrated. People were crazy about them and I was crazy about other stuff like...knee high stockings, if I'm not wrong. And leggings.

But now..I think they look pretty. Hahahaha!! I'm so ashamed to say this. Thank goodness I never wrote a lengthy blog post on why I don't like them.

I just bought a lot of stuff from STYLENANDA so I'm not in a rush to get them. They're pretty pricey as well. They cost around 160-180 US dollars for the basic ones and the limited ones costs more than 200 US dollars! I pretty much like the basic ones compared to the studded or cosmic ones.

Basic ones are easier to match plus, they are FOREVER.

I'm planning to buy them after I get my salary :D I'm gonna take it slow and easy and I hope this obsession last long...I'm quite worried by the end of the month, I will forget about it and move on to another shoe candy.

I actually told myself to save around rm 200 to buy some really cool kicks for myself - something like Converse or some really boyish boots cause I have been dying to get them for quite some time but I think I will consider Jeffrey Campbell's lita for now.

If I do get them, holy tooooot, they will be my most expensive shoes EVER. Imagine if I get them before Chinese New Year! How awesome is that! But my mum will kill me if she knows the price. 200 brunei dollars for a pair of shoes?!? Wait. My brother's basketball shoes cost that much too...hmm...

But for malaysian peeps, it really isn't worth it because it would cost around 500 for those babies! You can travel to Singapore for 2 days with that amount of money! But it really depends on you. 

I'm considering between these...the most basic of the basic. Leather black platform boots.

I think this would be perfect for everyday wear! It can match most of my outfits! The leather adds a nice edgy touch to it.

And then I saw this. Oh my goodness *faints* Leather laced up with clear heels!! I never know I would actually be interested in this! I think it's probably cause the model wears it well.

OH! I bought this pair of cotton pants + knit from STYLENANDA ^_^ I hope I can fit in this size! It's size S and I know I'm quite skinny but recently, I gained quite a lot of weight. -_-

Anyways, that's the only clothing that I purchased from there because I don't think I can find this kind of pants anywhere in KL or Brunei?? Haha! They look like jeans + socks and honestly, this is an easy two in one so I'm just gonna get this and wear it straightaway!

There are a lot of pretty pants in store but most of them are oos :( So I had to settle for this. But still! Better than nothing! :)

Mint! I don't think I will even consider this colour even though it's pretty. Not a big fan of huge colors for something as expensive as this.

Black velvet! I love the soft material of this... be honest, I really liked the leather + leather/clear heel one but which one would I actually WEAR? Lets talk about practical. The clear heeled's fucking gorgeous but damn it, WOULD I wear it?

And it's dangerous if I get the velvet one dirty. Even if I clean it, there would still be spots? I dunno lah, cause I have shoes in that material and they are really hard to manage! Besides, I already have one pair of shoes with that material...I should probably try something new...

I'm not even buying them now so why am I thinking about what kind I should buy or not. Lol. -_-

Just had to let it all out cause I have been googling and tumblr-ing and viewing pictures of them the whole day. :)

And maybe you would ask.."Why not get the inspired version?" NO. NO. NO!!!!!!! I heard the original ones are really comfortable and for that amount of price, they better be. HAHAHA!

But ya, inspired ones are shitty like hell, no offense, cause most of my shoes are inspired ones and some of them are really comfortable and the quality is alright but some of them, grrrrrr - I have one pair of suede mary jane pumps and the quality is a little....lousy. At rm 80...the rm 60 ones are better!

And since these pair of shoes are really high, I don't wanna wear them and feel uncomfortable in them. I'm not a high heels kind of girl and I walk really stupid in them so by getting a comfortable one that is worth that kind of price, I can walk better and not walk like I'm drunk or something.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to get them next year! Yey! :D


  1. I've always adore these lita too, but I dont think they suit me, maybe cause of my height :s

  2. nice!!!! I saw it in instagram too but I don't know where to get it :(

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