Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Colours do make a difference.

So, i'm kinda in my resting mode after doing an assignment which will probably make me even more sleepy and thus, I will crawl onto my bed and sleep like a pig till tomorrow morning. -_-

Hopefully, I won't.

So I was viewing my webcam pictures because I wanted to see how terrible my hair colour looked a few months ago. 2 months ago to be exact. :)

Here's a comparison.

This is my hair colour that I loveD LOVE LOVE LOVE so much and also because it costed me a lot so I better love it. Haha. I dyed this before I went back to Brunei for my 1 month holiday :D It's a first for us design students to have a one month holiday. So blessed and thankful for that!

There are so many other pictures that show my hair colour better but my face looks terrible in those pictures bleh. This is the only acceptable one because you can only see like maybe a small part of my face and since I scrunched my face up, it's horrible already so it's okay. -_-

And HI PIMPLE! My finals were around then which explains the pimples. Oh...

Anyways, I love this hair colour so much because it is a combination of my favourite colours! Brownish-green + red! Oh man, I love the red so much. The hairdresser gave me a combination of red highlights with greenish brown tones. Mmm.

I felt quite cool with this hair. Hahahahaha. Peace. I had a bad fringe day so I clipped my hair up. I regret cutting my fringe though. This hair colour would show up better without bangs.

I know, I know, why am I wearing the same top in most of the pictures? It's because it's my favourite top and it's comfortable. The end. Anyways, so this is how my bangs look like - made me look younger -5 years weeeee and the best part of this picture? The RED highlights at my hair ends. #feelslikedipdyebutnotdipdye B)

And after a month...yuk. My hair turned to this orangey brownish tone. Looks acceptable but compared to the pictures above, nope. But since i'm lazy, I'm okay with this colour. At least...there are no black roots...yet...

TA-DA! Black roots! And I look a lot chubbier compared to the above pictures. This is me at my fattest state. I mean chubby. I gain weight a lot easier now which is probably a good thing and probably not. I gain weight when I'm super stressed but sometimes, I lose weight because i'm super stressed. What is this?!?

I hated my hair colour so much at that time and I wanted to dye my hair colour a darker colour so I wouldn't have to touch up my roots every 3 months and waste money so I just bought a cheap dye from Guardian (it's called Hoyu Bubble Mix or something//French Chocolat) It's on my instagram so if you're interested, you can go see how it looks like or just google it. :)

I'm supposed to do a review on it but I haven't had the time to do so! But I will once I'm and less lazy to blog. Maybe during Deepavali hehehe. Since most of my friends are going back and I'm going to be so sad and bored...nah...

I will most probably entertain myself with something else.

French Chocolat! What do you think? The colour change is not that obvious but it covered up my black roots (YES!) and my hair colour is 3x darker than the colour before that and I'm a happy girl. But yeah, it didn't last's either my red dye is too strong or I'm lousy in dying my hair by myself. Haha. I think it's a combination of both of the reasons :P

And....this is my current hair colour and length. I'm happy that my hair is growing longer and longer! Dunno whether I like it better short or long but I feel a lot more feminine when my hair is longer :)

I feel like dying my hair colour again before I fly back to Brunei on December. YEY! :D

But sometimes, I feel kinda lazy to fly back even though I miss my family. When you get used to living in a certain place, sometimes, it gets a little hard to part with your everyday life. And this is my everyday life already..

So which colour should I stick to? I feel like trying something new but I don't like how my hair colour fades easily.


*cricket* cricket*

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