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Can you believe it?!?

I'm blogging! And nope, it's not a short post! It's a post filled with pictures! I figured that I should update my blog a little and it's a waste to let these pictures sit in my folder so I might as well just blog!

I'm really busy with my assignments lately - I am not kidding. I'm always rushing here and there...well - being busy is good. Although, it's nice to laze around and just lie down on bed and think about - life. :)

Anyways, I went to Penang with my grandmother and my cousin for a company trip! At first, I was reluctant to go because I had to skip 2 days worth of class and I wasn't keen on skipping my classes because I might miss something valuable but OH BOY, am I glad I skipped.

Penang was AWE-2-the-SOME! The place is just lovely and the food - omg, everywhere there were food! I'm definitely going back there sometime ;)

Our accommodation in Penang. Beautiful, beautiful place! Me and my cousin's jaws literally dropped when we first stepped into this room! Too beautiful to be true T_T 

Okay, maybe I just love hotel rooms. BUT this hotel room looks so 5 star in my opinion!! Ok, I am an easily satisfied person :D 

First thing to do when we stepped into our rooms: JUMP ON THE BED!! WEEEE!!

Hahahaha. Okay, it's just something that I personally love to do. *squish* 

HAHAHA. This picture is so funny ; I'm posting that up for entertainment purposes! It's actually a failed shot. Well duh. 

Eyes closed = not ready yet bah! 

I look like I'm enjoying the breeze in a fake sea. Except there's no sea. Just bad timing...and a bad photographer. LOL! Sorry, couz. 

I'M SUPERWOMAN! YEE HA! Oh ya, that name tag I'm wearing is actually for company purposes. Without the name tag, we can't visit the places for free. Hehe. They spelled my name wrong though.

My name was "Hii Rui JOAN" to them. So it was weird when they called "HII RUI JOAAAAANEEE" and I didn't respond because I thought they were calling a girl named Joanne but turns out, it was supposed to be me.

After settling into our hotel rooms and chilling a bit, we went shopping at Gurney Plaza! Too bad we didn't have time to take a little stroll around the area since we were rushing :(

The area around our hotel was really beautiful. Great for romantic walks! But when you're with your cousin and grandmother and her...friends...there's no 'romance' in the walk so might as well just go SHOPPING! :D

I forgot what this place is called actually but all I know is there are a LOOOOOT of food stalls around here. And as you can see from this picture, they are jam-packed with people!  

The awesome food we ate!

From top to bottom (left to right):

1. Oyster omelette!

It was my first time eating this and it was so good! The oysters were fresh and huge and the best part? The oysters were actually mixed with the omelette which in turn makes every bite flavourful. Yums!

2. Fried kuey tiao

Had to queue up for about 20 minutes for this! It was so-so. It feels like the kuey tiao I try in KL though. I prefer the ones in Brunei hehehe :D Somehow, they taste different! At least the prawns were fat and juicy :D There were 5 prawns in total! (Yep! I counted!)

3. Dunno what this is called but it taste really good as well! Love it! Refreshing and not too sweet - just the right combination of flavours!

4. Ikan bakar!

Again, this is just so-so! But the sambal was really good!!

I had really high expectations for the penang fried kuey tiao though! Maybe I didn't try it in the right place! Any recommendations, people? :D

Walked back to our hotel and sighhhhhh. I opened the curtains and this is what I saw. What a breathtaking view. It left me speechless. I purposely made this picture blurrish (hey-ho, not bad photography technique ok :P) to show the city lights! 

Oh ya. Me and my cousin were living in level 34 I think! I don't really remember our floor. Heck, I don't even remember our room number! Well..this was a month and two weeks ago...obviously...with all the assignments I have can I EVER remember the room numbers?

Best part to start your morning?

A BUFFET BREAKFAST! It sure made up for the lack of sleep. My cousin snores really bad so I usually have trouble sleeping but it's okay. Food makes everything better ;)

From top to bottom (left to right):

1. Yum! Muffins!

They look pretty so I took a picture of them. Hahaha. I never did try them though. Not even on the second day.

2. Again. Trying to take an artistic picture.

3. No idea why I took this. I think I was bored.

4. OMG! My favourite station! I just love looking at the chef frying eggs for people and stuff. It's amazing how he created such a perfect sunny-side up! Mine always end up burnt. I have bad frying skills. LOL!

Goodness in a plate. YUM!!! Sunny side-up eggs, pancakes with honey, baked beans, sausages, ham and a glass of orange juice. Perfect breakfast. :)  

We came down around 7 am in the morning (yeshhhh so earlyyyyyy! T_T Even my classes don't start that early!) so it was pretty dark. I just realized Penang's sky gets brighter around 8 am! So odd! In Brunei, the sky gets brighter by 6.30 am - the latest. Hmm...good for heavy sleepers. :P

Cause I have this habit of sleeping back again after I wake up when the sky is dark. So, if it's bright, I will actually wake up and check the time since the light distracts me.

Anyway, I was eating halfway when I saw that the sky was turning into a very beautiful shade of purplish pink and quickly rushed out of the hotel to take a picture of it. Sadly, I was a few minutes late and the sky had turned into a shade of bluish green with a mixture of the colour orange and pink. Oh well. It's still pretty looking! :)

My outfit of the day! Hahaha. Nothing impressive to shout about. Nyeh...just taking pictures for fun before we leave for our destination. 

Took this in Penang's botanical garden. Saw a lot of oldies exercising! Hehehe! Even I'm not that healthy :P 

Pretty pink petal! :)

Make a wish! :D

If you believe in it, it will come true!

Again...I purposely made it blur because I really liked the bokeh effect. When it's clear, the picture just seemed boring. :/ So romantic eh this place. It will be good for a happy music video shoot. :D 

Next stop: Penang Hill! It was such a gorgeous place! Although, it gets really hot after you walk around for a few minutes. Well..I blame myself for wearing unsuitable clothes. :(  
My grandmama and her friends! She's the one at the far right corner :) With the awesome possum flowery shirt! 

Blur picture :( Oh well! This is to show my love for Penang. I seriously fell in love with Penang. :)

Ahhh. Enjoying the breeze. *pause* WHAT BREEZE?!? 

I was actually sweating like a mad woman in this picture. Pictures can be so deceiving...

SO CUTE! Different colours of telescopes! My favourite is of course the....

Wait. Taking a normal picture with this green telescope before...

I pose with the pink one! OMGOSH! Look at my expression. Too happy to see a hot pink telescope. And nope, I did not even use the telescope. The lady in charge must be sick of looking at me posing with the telescopes.

"Y U NO use the telescope? Only know how to take pose with it!!" I bet the lady was thinking about this the whole time. Hahahaha.

I look so creepy and ewww here but my auntie and grandmama look fine so yep :)

Happy grandmama is happy!! :D

BOOOOO!! I am always fascinated with peep-holes! 

Dressed up for the main event of the trip! The award ceremony! My grandmama won two titles! So proud of her and she did it all by herself with no help from any man ;) Superwoman!

Before I dressed up, I had an awesome time soaking in the bathtub reading a book (for my assignment T_T) whilst listening to Glee's Uptown Girl. Life is gooooooood.

Cakes. They were pretty so I took a picture of them :P

We were in charge of giving flowers to my grandmother when she received the badge of recognition - or something along the line like that. The first time we went up - my cousin got a good spot so her face could be seen in the group picture. But my place was snatched by an auntie who wasn't even that close to my grandmother. -_-

I'm the granddaughter yo....I should be in your place..

So the second time we went up, I was smart enough to rush quickly and got a nice position just right beside my grandmother :P I learnt from my mistake!  

All decked in green and looking happy! :D

My cousin and her winning prize of a healthy milk drink. LOL! I was supposed to join the "Stacking cup" game as well but backed out in the last minute because I fear that I will drop all of the cups and in turn made everyone lose the game. I wish I joined though. :( 

Last pic of the day! This is me - being a super busy body and hoping that these two will end up together one day. I heard from my cousin that they are good friends. Both of them are single and available and they always hang out together...with smiles on their faces...

Seriously. Just get together already :P 

Ok! Will blog about part two whenever I'm free! 

Oh ya. 

The aunties in this trip are really slow when it comes to peeing. I am not joking. One auntie takes like 5 minutes in the cubicle and imagine this - 2 cubicles with more than 10 people waiting. I usually have to wait for like 15 minutes even though there are only 2 aunties waiting in line in front of me. 

I take only like, less than 3 minutes to pee? 

Why your pee pee place so small, aunties?? 

OMG! Sorry TMI (too much information) I think I'm too sleepy, that's why. It's 3 am now so I better get going! I still have assignments to do though.

Oh...the life of a design student. Little sleep...but loads of assignments...however, I know that I can DO THIS THING! :D With God's help, nothing is impossible! 


  1. So many nice photos and I love the blur city lights shot and colourful telescopes! Anyways, west msia is actually one hour slower than east so thats why it gets brighter in the morning and darker at night a tad later than brunei and sarawak (:

  2. what hotel is that ar? haha anyway love all the great photos u taken! =D and also glad that u love penang. =D

    1. Gurney hotel if i'm not wrong! :) thanks!! yes, penang is awesome! You're from Penang?

  3. Wow i love your photos. Keep blogging ok! You're gna be so proud of yrself when u look back and see how much memories you captured :))


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