Sunday, February 12, 2012

The history of my hair

A photo spam of my face Deal with it.

Anyways, this will be a quick post cause I'm so lazy to blog a proper post! Will do one eventually!

All of these pictures are taken using my webcam cause it's the quickest way to be vain when you're feeling vain.

But ever since I got an iphone....things have changed. Normally, people like to use the front camera for self portraits (or to check if there's something in your teeth) because odd enough, the front camera is a super keng tool and I still don't know why because it somehow makes your vain pictures not look like the real you!

And because of that, I rather use my phone's camera to take vain shots of myself compared to using a webcam. Hek hek.

My hair was THIS long before I decided to get it cut.

On a side note, my skin is so clear back then! TT_TT WHAT HAPPENED?

Where's my hello kitty tee?? Oh ya. I left it in Brunei. -_-

That was taken in October. Time flies. It's February already!

This was taken in November.

Yep. Say hello to my super short hair. Apparently, people kept on asking me "OMG! WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR???"

There were a lot of negative feedback....and I kept on asking and blaming myself...."why...why...did I cut my hair"

My Brunei friends were very supportive of my hairstyle though :P

I posted this picture cause I think I look like an eskimo here. MERRY CHRISTMAS! This was taken on Christmas itself!

As you can see, my hair color was a dull shade of brownish red and I'm actually quite thankful for that because my black roots wasn't that obvious :P PLUS ONE!

Finalleh. I decided to dye my hair a few days before CNY! And it's pretty cheap as well!

I LOVE THE HAIR COLOR SO MUCHO!! I don't care if you don't love it! As long as I love it, everything's fine! It's funny how I opted for a red + dark purple colour but it turned out to be a mixture of medium brown colour + purplish red at the ends.

IT'S LIKE.....OMBRE DYE!!! *tears of joy*

It turned out to be better than I expected! I love you, hairstylist. I seriously love you. XOXOXOXOS

The girl beside me is none other than my best friend, Michums! No, I did not crop her out -_- She was playing with my phone at that time when I took this picture.

I do not crop people from photos because I think it looks unprofessional and stupid. And that also shows that you think you look too good to be in the same picture with another person. Or either that you are worried that the other person might steal your thunder away.

Well, that's just my opinion.

Ok, back to the topic! It's such a deep shade of purple + red and hair WILL fade...

To this. HAHAH! SORRY for such a horrible picture of me! I look really tired because I just came back from work.

This is my actual hair colour for now.

I really love my current hair colour. Please stay like this forever TT_______TT

I love you, hair...

Happy Valentine's Day, hair...

LOL. I kid.

Please don't get nightmares from my second last picture!!

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  1. Me like your hair colour! :P I think you look good in short hair as well, so don't blame yourself (:


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