Monday, January 09, 2012

Om nom noms

I am seriously so hungry right now. I blame my appetite. I just ate a huge bowl of porridge 4 hours ago and it is SO huge and right after I'm done eating my porridge, I exclaimed out to my friend, "I'm still hungry."

Whadafak is wrong with me?? Appetite, y u no help me save money??

I am patiently waiting for the time to be 7 pm so I can then eat my dinner without feeling bad. If I eat my dinner before 7 pm, I can sure guarantee you I will be hungry by 9 pm. DOUBLE WHADAFAK?!?

I used to be really skinny but recently, I gained weight! Which is a very, very good thing if you ask me. I use to get teased by people because of my skinny frame (and boobs :P) but if you do get teased - no worries!! Because you will gain weight ONE DAY.

I'm in the process of gaining weight *shakes fist*

Not too much weight though, if that's too much to ask for :P

Had Fish Porridge + century egg (om nom nom!!!!! *hearts*) @Porridge Time.

I love love love century egg! Century egg tastes good with almost everything! Especially when you mix it with plain rice. TT_TT

Add a little bit of soy sauce + sesame oil (yums!)

In my case, I added in a loooooooooooooot of soy sauce + sesame oil! LOLOLOL super unhealthy :P

Mix them all together and you get a bowl (or is it claypot something something) of hot-piping and aromatic porridge! YUMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!

I'm quite bad with food reviews LOLOL since I rarely blog about food anymore :( But I do take a lot of pictures of food ^_^

To be honest, I have SO many pictures of food in my camera and it's driving me insane because I never post them up and thus, it's occupying my laptop space + memory card ANDDDDD worst of all, why am I keeping it for myself to see? -_-

I took pictures of it so I could share my love for food to the world!

By the way, I just ate the porridge today and I'm blogging about it on the same day as well. Not bad, huh?

Oh yeahhh I just received my pay *jumps* so I went to do a little shopping ;)

These are the stuff I bought! Tees are for my cousin, dad and little brother! Denim shorts, iphone cover and the lip balm is for myself :)

It feels good to buy things for other people! The sincere smiles they show when they received their presents are just too real and makes one glow with warmth :)

Shit. Please look at the iphone cover. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS PLEASE!!!

Oh ya. I haven't even buy an iphone yet, you know? But I already bought the cover. WHADAFAK is wrong with me?!? HAHAHAHA!!! But I couldn't resist!!

Digi no stock now la TT_TT

Maybelline's lip balm says HAI ^^

Smells sooo good! I just started using it so I'm not sure if it's good or not. But it sure looks pretty!!

A week ago, we had a studio shooting for one of our exercises and here are some shots that I personally like. :)

The model is super tall + fierce!


There's just something about it that makes me smile! Oh wait. It's just their smiles ;)


One last picture!

A picture of me and my future oh-so-cute iphone cover :P (and my bro's galaxy shirt)

Just in case he thinks the galaxy shirt is too gay for him cause it's quite shiny, I will give it to my dad. But if my dad thinks it's too girly....uh...oh well! I will take it then! I think it looks quite nice with high waisted shorts hoho

Hopefully, Digi will have stocks by this week! I really wanna get the phone before cny heheh!

And I will then buy more clothes for my future iphone LOLOLOL geddit??


  1. Love the iphone case so adorable ! :D :D

  2. i think i'll be happy to see u gain more , MORE weight...xP

  3. Why are wearing the shirt that you're buying for someone else? :P HAHA and omg penguin iphone cover, cuteness overloadssssss :3

  4. @Hilda Milda: hehe cause i always wear my brother's shirts :)

  5. The fish porridge looks good! :D Nice blog btw :)

  6. Food looks good here! *tummy grumbles*


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