Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Oh, it's 2012 already?

HAI GUYS! I actually wrote a long blog post before 2012 but I didn't manage to complete it because I was sooo lazy! I blame Running Man!

Seriously, running man is so addictive! I love it! It's so funny and it makes me literally Laugh Out Loud! I even abused my poor walls. I hit it each time I laugh! That's how funny Running Man is!

Have you guys watched it? If you haven't, I would really recommend that you do watch it. It's so gooooooooooood. Who are your favourite characters? ^_^

I love Joong Ki oppa, Kookie~♥ and Gwang Soo oppa!! I kinda like Jae Suk oppa as well. WOO!! Adding an oppa behind makes me feel like a korean wannabe. LOLOLOL!

Anyways, it's 2012 already! I'm not gonna do a "What I did on 2011" and stuff like that because I'm so lazy! Meh. And besides, I'm not really an active blogger as well ever since I started my course.

Oh well!

Outfit post!

Super love the bokeh!! I snapped these two pictures with my 50 mm lens! Really had a hard time choosing between the 50 mm f1.8 and f1.4 but in the end, I got the f1.8 because it's my first lens and I'm still a noob in photography so I'm gonna stick to cheaper lens!

When I'm better in photography, I will then switch to a better lens that costs about....um...5k 4k aiya anything with 4 digits T_T

(I know I have a lot of scars on my legs, please stop reminding me T_T I can clone it but I didn't...because I am lazy :P)

I look so awkward! Haha. It's because there were soooo many people outside and I was shy wa~

Super love this pic of me :P

I look...lost.

Oh well, this is how my face looks like when I see a super pretty girl or a super hot guy :P

Or maybe, it's another way of showing, "Oh..it's 2012 already?"

Which explains the title of my post. ;)


  1. Happy new year Lilian! :D

  2. Happy New Year :D Do blog more if you may, I miss your outfit posts! Btw, is your outfit a one piece? Pretty (:

  3. Happy new year Lily! Miss u much,how's life been?

  4. happy 2012, i hope i am not too late :) hope it brings you more active in the blogosphere again, hehes

    Latest: From buffet to bubble milk tea; Creative JOGOYA!


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