Friday, November 18, 2011


My semester 2 is over! *jumps in glee*

Weeeehoooot! I kinda miss my typography class. Hehe. Especially the police dog lecturer. Hah. I feel so bad for calling him "police dog" lecturer but he really acts and looks like one. I think I mentioned this before. Oops. I have a bad memory D:

Anyways, I will be leaving for Brunei in a week from now! :D Although my final exams end on Monday and I could actually go back on the day itself but nah...

Stupid timetable -_-

But it's ok! I will be accompanying my friend back to her hometown since I have nothing to do anyways :P

Just a random sketch of some pretty model from ANTM.

I haven't completed it though. Hehehe quite lazy to do so...but I shall finish it ASAP.

I plan to digitalize it someday! This is a just a quick painting I did on photoshop in less than 10 minutes but I can't wait to FULLY D.P it! (D.P = Digital painting)

Hair and nose sucks I know :P I dunno how to draw hair! Shall go you-tube it like a boss!!

Baskin Robbin's chocolate chip ice cream *mwa mwa* hmmmmm~~~ :)

So creamy and nom noms!

Huge chunks of chocolate chips... :D

But it's still pricey, for me. :B

And I finalleh bought air freshener for my room! My room doesn't smell, mind you. I just bought it cause it looks super cute! Doesn't it look cute? Tofu air freshener! The brand is a tofu cartoon but it sure doesn't smell like tofu. Ironic much.

Makes my room 10x times comfier!!! And I love how my room smells so good and rosy each time I enter my room. Instant mood lift!

OOTD: A dress + heart shaped tights hoo hoo

My housemate told me that my shoes doesn't go well with my outfit but I love the whole mix match look. Hehe. I dunno why.

My poor sneakers is in terrible condition. I love it sooo much! Can you believe that it costs me only like RM 30+ for these pair of babies? It lasted quite long as well for a pair of cheap shoes. It just looks unappealing for now. :(

I'm considering a pair of new sneakers that can last me reallll long. Maybe Vans or Converse. But heck, they're super pricey...mama will kill if I buy a pair of shoes that costs me 160+!

My new mini bag and vintage dress :3

Am not gonna wear my dress till CNY! People say it doesn't make a difference but for me, it does! The feeling of wearing new clothes during Chinese NEW Year feels liberating!

But I took my mini bag for a stroll already. Hahahaha. I can still buy a new bag for CNY! Wah...I sound so materialistic....hoho...but the bags I buy are cheap anyways. WOO!!!

AND I finalleh bought lipstick! Ok, that sounds so funny. But yeah!! I wanted to buy red lipstick at first but I decided to settle for a hot pink lipstick. Rimmel's shocking pink (220) WAH! I still remember - is really really nice. The colour is so intense and it glides on so easily.

Too bad it's sold I bought Silkygirl's one. Costs me around RM 14.90 after discount :3 What a bargain.

I can't wait to try it! I will do a separate post about it! :)

Ending this post with a typographic poster of Toy Story 3! Hehe.

I did this for my assignment and I must admit, it isn't really one of my best works. I was rushing....T_T

Not good. Last minute work is bad. But I just hope for a mark that satisfies me.

I'm a kiasu. Like my lecturer said, I'm kiasu. Why am I so kiasu?

But being kiasu is a good trait what. No?

If you're not kiasu, you will not try your best in everything. Why not do your best if you can do it? Why settle for average when you can do better than average?


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  1. Lotso the hugging bear! It looks awesome to me (: and that vintage dress, I almost get it the other day during the MOFEW in midvalley but I didn't HEH

  2. Lily!! SO NAIS your drawing and typography poster! :D:D Your post makes me wanna blog again (and buy lipstick haha)! Oh and for BR, try go on Wednesdays bring something pink, can get 2 scoops for RM7.90... which is a bit cheaper I guess? My fave is gold medal ribbon! ^^

  3. cute post!like it!!thanks for your sweet words and hope u'll come visit me more often!<3


  4. The sketch is fabulous, adore it <3

  5. Love your new bag! It looks much like the Chloe bag :-).
    The ice cream looks enticing, haha! And have fun on your trip! :))

  6. tasty... I love love Baskin Robin ice cream :3

  7. aww the tights is super lovely! love it :)


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