Wednesday, November 09, 2011

my heart beats for you

Honestly, my semester is still ongoing but I feel like it's over already!

I secretly wish to have more assignments to keep me busy because lately, i'm a lazy bummer who spends her time watching HK movies laughing like a siao cha bor at 1 am in the morning. JEEZ, I'M SERIOUS.

Actually, I do have assignments but they're reallllly little :/

My typography class is OVER already. Like wtheck? Typography was the most difficult subject for this semester. My typo lecturer is very picky and complicated which is why he reminds me of a police dog. LUL. He even looks like one as well!

Anyways, PHOTO TIME? *cheesy grin*

The view from my room. Nice.

I rarely open up the curtains though. TOO BRIGHT! HAHAHA. Why I like so anti-sun one :(

My college has a Famous Amos store but I have never bought anything from there before. LUL. But anyway, Subway's cookies are reallly sooooo good.

I actually prefer my cookies soft and chewy and Subway's cookies are just right! They're soft and incredibly chewy and soooo sweet. SUWEEEETGASM.

I like double chocolate chip and macadamia nut something something. Sinfully good.

YUMS!! And a peek of my personalized wall. Yep. I personalized it because each time I come back to my hostel, it doesn't feel home at all.

So, i might as well do something to my room to make it more "homely." Hence, the personalized wall. :D

Chicken mushroom soup.

I love listening to music + watching movies whenever I have nothing to do :) Ah, so carefree.

You can't really see it...but I really love braiding my fringe.

It looks more classic compared to a pinned fringe hehe :P

I had a mini photo session with my hunchback teddy (As Michums call it) and here's a short story of me and hunchback teddy.

Hunch back teddy and I.

I have a heart.

Hunchback teddy has a heart as well.

So, we combined our hearts into one - the heart of friendship! MWA MWA!

Ok. So lame lalalalala~

Made scrambled asparagus the other day for dinner! Hehe! Managed to make it look less lousy in terms of presentation. If you're wondering whether it's nice, yes, it does taste nice :D

New color contact lenses :D Bye-bye, pink one! You served me well but you were super dry so it's time to switch to a new one. OH YA!

So...I cut my hair again. HAHAH! It's way shorter than before and I honestly do regret cutting it :( But i'm gonna grow it from now on so yeay! Hopefully, it will grow long enough just in time for Chinese New Year :)

OOTD. :)

I love my varsity jacket so mucho *hearts* I feel like buying more but it's so hard to find a cheap one. Oh well...

Anyone knows where to buy nerdy glasses? Like huge framed ones? I can't seem to find it anywhere :(


  1. aww the varsity jacket is cool! :D

  2. The awesome mustache shop is selling Varsity jacket if you're still finding one (: I love your outfit of the day!

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM!

  4. irene4:06 PM

    hey, can i ask what size is your varsity jacket? thanks :)

  5. Eh just scrolling your blog and noticed the question a the end! Don't know if you're still looking for those huge nerdy glasses but I keep seeing them in Brands Outlet. The big black framed ones with no power right? RM19.90 if not mistaken :)

  6. heyyy! oh my love where did you get your jacket from!? reply to my blog pls so i'll see it! :D thanks love!


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