Monday, September 12, 2011

Good buys *muacks*

I had a great Friday which helped to kickstart all the energy I needed to do all my assignments on the weekdays...

I won't lie...I have soooooo (Do note the multiple o's) many assignments and it's always like this in the middle of a semester Oh well! The busier the better, right? :D

Before you continue reading the next part of the post, PLAY this song to make your day/night a little SMURFIER! HOHO!

Oh man. I thought this song was freaking annoying at first but after listening to it in the movie...i'm starting to find it cute! Just like how I found Nyan Cat annoying when Jia Pin played it in skype.

You have so got to listen to Nyan Cat. It's annoying yet addictive. TROLOLOLOL it's as annoying as my trolololol(s)

(Man..I typed this post out on a Saturday afternoon but I only have the "mood" to continue typing it now...)

Anyways! I'm seriously swarmed with assignments. I am not joking.

I barely have enough time to sleep a good sleep T^T

Designing a font is super duper hard! It requires a lot of patience and time and there are no shortcuts, baby!! Everything about is hard - whether you're doing it traditionally or digitally.

I'm using Mac Lion OS at the moment and it really sucks that I have to downgrade it to Snow Leopard because it doesn't support Font Lab Studio T^T BOOHOO!!

Ok, ima cut the crap and move on to the pictures!

My AWESOME purchases of the day *muacks*

A bowler hat, heart shaped suspender tights *FINALLY* and it's quite affordable as well ;) and...last but not least, a baseball tee! Well, it sort of looks like one.

I have been eyeing on a baseball tee for a long time! It looks good when paired with shorts..but I don't know la! I haven't wear it out yet :P

I like to keep new stuff, especially clothes for a long time in my closet. I let them communicate with my other old clothes so they could make themselves feel more home in my closet. TROLOLOL

I finally get to try this out for dinner! My friends have been telling me how good it is so I decided to try it hehe

Good dinner + a good movie = BLISS

Okay, this looks extremely unattractive but don't judge a food by it's appearance! It seriously taste so nice!!! OH EM GEE!!

Yummy soft delicate "hua hua" tofu + chunks of century egg = EPIC WIN

Oh my goodness. I just love the rich flavor of century eggs.

So good. I still cannot explain the awesomeness of tofu + century egg + the crispy chicken + rice = *melts and then dies from good food*

Yes, people can die from good food. Haven't you watch Yakitate Japan? :P

The examiner died (temporary la) from eating EXCELLENT bread.

Me and my lovely bowler hat. It looks slightly greenish in real life though!


  1. How much was the heart shape suspender tights? (: Can't wait to see you wear that baseball tee, I've always wanted one too but it's so hard to find ):

  2. Nyum! Love Shihlin's fried chicken! Your hat looks nice too!

  3. Hilda: Rm 48 :D Padini has a lot of baseball tees at affordable price! You should check out the men's section though! I bought mine from there.

  4. that shilin dinner looks delicious!

  5. Long time no shopping for me already! Haha! Yes indeed, the busier the better :)

  6. i just eat that yesterday for dinner haha


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