Monday, September 05, 2011

Food, sightseeing & friends

So how did you guys spend your raya holidays?

I didn't go back Brunei this time because I wanted to be independent :D *ehseh* But seriously, it's because I don't want to come back having this heavy hearted feeling that I got from Brunei and because I'm just lazy to pack my stuff and unpack them all over again.

And besides, it's only one week -_-

My aunt was a dear by inviting me over to her house for a few days to shop, eat, and do some sightseeing! :)

Anyways, here are some pictures I took over the week! Mostly random ones though since I might as well just throw all of them in and compile them into one big happy blog post :D

Angry birds!!

This is my nephew's iPad 2 -_-

And he's only like, um, 9? Kids these days...damn enjoy eh! (Why I type so Malaysian style? D:)

But that's what my parents and grandparents said about me. "You kids ah...really very lucky...back in my time..." I really dislike those "Back in my time" lectures mainly because "What's in the past stays in the past!" Am I right?

But then, look at me...hahaha whining about how lucky kids are these days. Oh well. I guess I can't blame my parents for giving me those "Back in my time" lectures.

My aunt normally has this steamboat gathering tradition on weekends and I LALALALALA LAV steamboat *mwa mwa*

Who doesn't?

Generous portions of food + random talks + eating until you can't eat no more = bliss

Adding parsley into the soup base gives the soup a nice rich flavour :)

Yum yum! Plus, it looks more colourful that way!


I really really dislike red wine a lot and I have no idea why people like drinking it O_O

It tastes like vinegar, I swear!

But both of my aunts forced me to drink it that day so I have no choice but to gulp it all down T_T

Somehow, this reminds me of The Smurfs! :D

AHHH~ I love green tea flavoured moon cake *hearts*

Some people don't like the flavour but it tastes seriously good! Especially when there's egg yolk inside hehe! My aunt gave me a chocolate flavoured moon cake as well :O

I haven't tried it though...I think I left it in her house...hmm..oh well..

The cozy room my aunt prepared for me! Ah, I just love rooms like these. Small but full of warm and fuzz.

Pearlie came into my room the next morning and snuggled herself onto my bed sheets. Awww so adorable...I just love this little fluff ball!

Domino's for lunch!

Thin crust tuna pizza + chicken hawaiian + seafood something something

The tuna was soooo good! Especially when it's paired with the thin crust dough. Oh my goodness. Foodgasm, seriously.

My hair grew so much (Hmm, for me it's a lot :P) in just a few months!

My long hair was seriously so messy back then. I love this length on me right now because it's just right. Not too short and not too long, hence, it's not that messy ;)

And I'm wearing my favourite denim jacket! Keke! Super versatile because I can pair it with almost anything in my closet!

You can see a few pimples on my face but i'm not going to edit it out because everyone has pimples! BOOYEA!! Hi-5 anyone? TROLOLOLOLOL

Sushi zanmai for dinner :D

Just look at that huge chunks of sliced salmon whew *sweats* Speaking of salmon...I'm nomming on a salmon wrapped sushi right now...heh heh heh

Good morning! Hair's messy but I'm happy!

My aunt brought me to Melaka for a day trip to try out their chicken rice balls and to do some sightseeing!

I expected the chicken rice balls to be REALLY delish since there was a long queue outside the shop + i heard good reviews about it... turned out to be a huge disappointment T_T

The rice balls were dry and coarse! Plus, the smell of garlic was so strong!

Or maybe it's because I didn't go to the right shop..

Totally not worth the wait man..

Even Brunei's Thien Thien Chicken Rice was better...and I'm craving for it now ^o^

This was nice :) But it's a tad expensive!

I should have added in some eyes + blush for the little mushy egg dessert! How cute would that be..

Hola there Melaka!

It was so crowded that day because I went there on a public holiday -_- Yep...and guess what I wore..

A thick knitted cardigan -_- (I know I'm a genius, TQVM)

I wanted to buy one of these caps so badly (for example: the mickey mouse printed hat) but I don't think I would have the chance to wear it out..

Oh ya! If you are longing to buy fedoras or any bowler hats, you should buy them in Malacca :P

They are selling SUPER cheap like around RM 8(!!!)- RM 15! I bought mine for RM...*coff* 30+

Quality's alright..looks a little farmer-ish but that's what you get for 8 dolllllllarrrs~ la la la la la *Paramore* TROLOLOLOLOL

I wanted to buy an inspired bowler hat there but the quality just looks meh plus it doesn't look good on me so nyeh ~ :P

Strolling around the streets in Malacca heh heh

My aunt brought me to this shabu shabu place for dinner and omg I LUFFFFFF IT! I love anything that resembles buffet = EAT ALL YOU CAN!! Woohoo!!

Perfect for gluttons like me who get hungry after 1 hour + -_-

I swear! It's like I could eat a full meal at 7 pm and then after an hour or so, my stomach starts making weird and funny sounds -_- Like wth. Why must my metabolism be so freaking high? Chill on the digestion please!!

Om nom nom nom tomyam soup base

TROLOLOLOLOL *say it with me*

This is not your average looking sausage okeh! I think my house mate bought cheap sausages that cannot withstand a little sauna basking inside the rice cooker which explains why it inflated to such a huge and peculiar size O_o

Our lunch heh heh...

Pass, I guess? Well..we cook all of these with only a rice cooker, that's not that bad, right, right??

Me and Shyuan!

We (Sorry, correction, me!) went clubbing for the first time and let's just say - the experience was...interesting.

Gonna be busy with assignments...I'm happy for that, I guess :)

I need something to keep me busy from thinking too much!


  1. Finally get to see your new baby! I've been here for 2 years and I still havent get to go to Melaka, pity me :P

  2. i love ur room! i wan a room of my own! :(((

  3. Im drooling looking at the food!! :D

  4. So yummy food :)

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    xoxo Michaela

  5. Galaxy effect is really awesome! :D


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