Saturday, August 06, 2011

Someone like you


Hai Big Grin

When I looked back at my previous posts – the blog post before the blog post after this – hmm. Kind of confusing but yeah, to be exact, I think it’s the post titled “Au revoir.”

My goodness!! I was in Brunei when I typed that post out and I typed it out using my house’s desktop which doesn’t have Windows Live Writer.

By the way, if you’re not using Windows Live Writer, you should.

It’s so much better than Blogger in terms of picture quality, effects, smilies (YAY!) and of course, it’s faster too.

Oh ya, back to the topic. So since my house’s desktop doesn’t have WLW, I have no choice but to use blogger. Blogger tend to make my pictures  look PIXELATED (OMGGGGG and how can some of you be so nice and still say the picture quality is nice when it looks so shitty T_T) so basically, it looks very yuck. And it definitely doesn’t look like it’s taken by a DSLR yech.

Oh ya! Speaking of DSLR, I got my first ever digital camera + DSLR! Tongue

I think I waited for this baby for about 2 years plus! It was worth the wait though! I’m so thankful that I didn’t buy any before I took this course. I wanted to get a semi DSLR instead but my mum’s answer was always no each time I bring up the subject, “cameras”.

The reason she decided to buy me this camera?

Because I’m a bad girl gone good. Serious! Devil(I was quite rebellious when I was younger)

Well, partly, it’s because I need it for my course. Ha der ha.


If you observed carefully – ok. It’s pretty obvious so you don’t have to even observe it. You can see my eye shit ahaha and my mini pimples. And nope, I’m not embarrassed about it. Big Grin

But DO FOCUS on my contact lenses instead! It’s not that obvious because I wasn’t facing the sunlight but I freaking love this color contact lenses. It makes my eyes way bigger and gives my eyes a dolly effect! Heh!

It’s a rose pattern by the way! Next time, I’m gonna post a better close up picture of it.


My curtain’s holder (however you call it) is spoiled so I decided to hand made one so I can lift my curtain up and down with ease without spoiling the huge hole that’s left behind.

I reused my F21 tag and tied a few plastic flowers around it. It’s simple but I love it. Love Struck


Da bed. It’s not exactly “my” bed but it sure is comfy.

You know what I will name this picture? Don’t laugh please.

“A glimmer of hope”

Before you start laughing or making fun of it, do listen to the explanation first wa!

So the messy cover sheets + undone bed represents maybe, your life or something. It’s screwed up. You have no idea what to do. The background is dull and boring. Just then….a ray of sunshine…out of nowhere…in your dark life..

TA DA! And that’s MY glimmer of hope. What’s yours?


I have another “story” for this picture haha but I would like to keep it to myself. What do you think of when you see this picture? Do you start creating a story inside your head? Do share share if you have your own story version of this picture!

This is actually my typography exercise and it was sort of my official first try which I screwed up.

However , the lines were much more prettier on my first try Sad


MY FIRST EVAR galaxy-fied picture! I saw it on Angelkein’s blog and thought it was pretty awesome.

I tried to google for tutorials on how to achieve this kind of effect but most of them are pretty shitty.

They either just type out a huge chunk of words and TA-DA, they expect you to follow the instructions like a good child and TA-DA! You got it.

And the other one was even worst. Posted a picture of her galaxy-fied picture and said “Do facebook me if you want to know how to do it” Happy

Nuh-uh. No way.

So being the “I rather do it myself” kind of person, I tried to examine the pictures a little and came up with my own version of it! And no, I won’t be like the “Do facebook me if you want to know how to do it” TROLOLOLOLOLOL cause no.

It’s quite pixelated though cause I resized the galaxy background TOO much.


I’m sleepy now but I doubt I will be able to sleep cause kekekeke one of my favourite (YES he’s in my LIST of favourite youtubers) youtubers RETWEETED + REPLIED to my tweet! And trust me, it’s a glorious feeling when someone you really admire replies your tweet.

Check him out! The moment I heard his voice, WOAH! I was like – hooked. Mesmerized. And I subscribe to him, followed him both on Tumblr and Twitter and FINALLEH LIKED his facebook fan page. Oh, I can’t help it.

I particularly loved his “Someone like you” cover a lot. It makes me so emotional.

Here’s the link: CLICK CLICK 

And he looks cute too. *MUAHAHAHAHA*

Bonus for you girls hahaha


  1. What camera model are you using now btw? (: But srsly the photos in the au revoir post didnt look pixelated at all from my laptop lol so it was really nice, not shitty okay (: hmm I want a galaxy-fied picture of me too, so niceeeeee.

  2. wow! cool galaxy-fied pictures

  3. thanks for mentioning me! <3

  4. Which camera are you using? Im planning to buy a camera too :D

  5. nice blog~ nice post and nice picture too~

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  7. how much u bought ur 600d? i am planning to get myself one too><

  8. @Domokun In Malaysia, it's cheaper! I bought mine in Brunei for about 1300+ inclusive with the bag and memory card and stuff :) Didn't buy a tripod because my friend told me the free tripod isn't necessary.

  9. you have a very cute blog! :)



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