Friday, August 26, 2011

Fascinated with galaxy

Hai guys!

As you can see, both my blog's banner and sidebar profile picture are galaxy themed. To be honest, I didn't bother about it a lot when I first saw a galaxy picture in Tumblr but lately, "Galaxy" seems to be the "IN" thing on the net - be it on Tumblr or look book, galaxy just makes everyone....fascinated with galaxy!

I too am fascinated with it after I saw that you can mix galaxy backgrounds with PICTURES :D OMGtoocoolplease.

Here are some of my so called "Snapshots" of the week! I took them a few weeks back but only bothered to edit them today. I still have loads of pictures waiting for me to be edited in the folder but I just couldn't be arsed too...there's seriously too much T_T

Until then, ENJOY :D

Laughter is the best pose in every picture! :D

My new laptop :)


  1. So prettttty! (: I'm a noob when it comes to editing photos, no patience as well. Wow, you got yrself a macbook, so nice!

  2. Woots like your galaxy photos! And macbook, I'm envy :D

  3. nice nice nice! galaxy effect!

  4. The pictures you made look really cool with the galaxy on them XD and I agree, laughing in pictures is very sincere looking, and not so akward. Sometimes.

  5. pretty pics, love your blog!

  6. The effects are really nice! U edited em in photobucket?

  7. @Stephanie nope :0) Using photoshop!


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