Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brunei snippets

Sorry peeps.

I'm used to being neat when it comes to writing a blog post (I hope..) by arranging the pictures in order to the dates it happened but since mac doesn't support Windows Live Writer, I'm forced to use Blogger. The amazing blogger that somehow manages to make my pictures look 5 times pixelated and ahhhhhhhhh as much as I really like blogging.

Blogger doesn't make blogging easier. Aw windows live writer T_T

No smileys so you will have to endure with handmade smilies like ":), :D, t-_-t) HAHA. Ok the last one is cool, you have to admit that ;)

But thanks to my super googling skills, I found out a few tricks in Blogger to make the pictures less pixelated. :)

I went for a short two week trip back to my hometown, Brunei, a few weeks ago. And that's when I got my first DSLR :D And being a keen DSLR user, I tend to snap a lot of useless pictures.

Well, it's my first camera so it's forgivable O_O

Here are some snap shots that I took which I personally like a lot!

Maria's a great model. She looks photogenic in every angle. No joke.

And oh yeahhhhh, she hates this picture but I think this picture looks so lovely and makes her look so mysterious. It's like she's hiding something from the world...but we don't know what she's hiding. Deep.


But anyways, another reason why I like this one is because it's the FIRST picture I took using my DSLR. First picture. NOTE: FIRST PICTURE and it already looks *mwamwa* which is why I treat it like my lav.

More piccies of Marchums!

Random shot.


I was like "Flip your hair, Mar!"

And somehow, she managed to flip it successfully and on top of it, she even gave me a sexy expression. :*) I'm proud of you Mar.

Jaywen. :)

Random as well.

Random shots are much more nicer than formal shots in my opinion because it somehow captures your true self when you're not facing the camera. And let's face it, when we face the camera, we don't know how to act or smile properly but behind the camera, everything's natural! :D

Jumbo sized sausages. TROLOLOLOL. That's what the sign said...

@ Empire.

Kudos to my mum for taking this shot. For someone who has zero skills in operating a DSLR, I salute you!!

Michums took this shot :)

I miss that day T_T It was so fun because I get to chill with my beloved family and my best friend at the same time! Ahh...good memories...laughters...and food. Good food.


I think he (I'M SURE HE'S A HE!!) looks so handsome in this shot! Hehe. Plenty of Miss and Mrs Horsies would vote him Mr Most Eligible Horse of the Year!

This is not a really nice shot but I posted this picture because I love Tomyam Udon and california maki! Hoho :D

I miss it T_T Nevermind! I have Sushi Zanmai! Yummmmmyyy!!

My bro took this shot. Nope, not the young one but the older one and I'm really impressed with his photography skills :P Can be a photographer already!

I really love this shot because we really look like we're loving one another's company judging from our mini eyes that indicates we're smiling. And do you know why we're smiling?





at some super duper hot sexy guy in briefs. No joke. And not to mention, he's soaking wet.

Too irresistible ey? No worries. I won't be selfish and of course I would share it with you guys! After all, good things are meant to be shared. Some good things :D

In my case, this is a good thing!!

Say hola to the hot guy. HAHAHAHAAH

Sorry youngest bro T_T

I just happened to scroll through this picture in my camera and thought, "Hey! This picture is actually relevant to the previous picture!" so why not? :P

Had macaroons with my dearest momma for tea time!

Oh yeah, it was my first time eating macaroons! Personally, I find it a little too sweet but it still tastes good anyway.

The sesame filling is so crunchy and it just melts into your mouth. Mmmmm~

My mum's 50 cent bread. She's so cute!

Me: What is this? So plain! How much is it?
Ma: *grins sheepishly* 50 cent!
Me: Serious??
Ma: *taking one bite*'s better than your expensive macaroon anyway!
Me: =_=

A random picture I took in Polo Club at the buffet table.

I find it interesting. :)

My vans (fake of course) wayfarer behind the glass of orange juice :D

Don't smoke or you will end up like this ciggy here ; dead and lifeless.

Pretty looking macaroons! Weeeeeee :D

Mama flipping through the menu....hoping to find a nice and cheap drink :P

I don't really remember the name of this drink...I'm sure it's Magarita but I'm not sure whether Magarita looks like this..

Oh well. I find it so sour yet sweet at the same time! It has a tinge of saltiness added into it as well!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them :D

Back to assignments~ woo.

P/S: You guys should check out Jenny Sun photography blog! Her pictures are so lovely...I would love to hire her to be my wedding photographer in the future :D I love how her pictures can portray a story the moment you look at them. Plus, her natural shots are lovely.


  1. Nice photos! Thumbs up :)

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    walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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