Friday, July 08, 2011

Momole is awesome


I’m aware it means “Good morning” in Japan but hey, look at it this way – it means OH! HAI! YO! Long time no blog, bloggie!


Small note: My hair is growing so fast now! And my hair colour is starting to fade to brown…at first, I feel really sad but now, I’m like chill. HAHA. I don’t usually give a damn about my eye bags but I do notice they’re getting a little thicker…sigh. Been sleeping late these few weeks since I’m usually rushing for my assignments..(but I’m not complaining except for Mal.studies)

Yes, I haven’t been blogging for agessssssssss well, to me it seemed like ages. I have been really really really busy because a lot of assignments are thrown to us at one go and we’re expected to finish them within this period of time and to be honest, I think I'm more hardworking compared to the time when I’m in high school which is a great thing I suppose Big Grin

I procrastinate less and I even make lots of to-do-lists! No joke. And I follow them – strictly. Maybe not all the time…there are days when you’re just plain lazy and you can’t help it…but most of the time, I swear, I follow them! Hehe. Except for the ones where I write “Study Malaysian studies”

OMG!! Have I mentioned how much I dislike it? It’s so boring and I have no idea why we study that for Waiting

See! Instead of studying malaysian studies like a good girl’s supposed to, I’m blogging. I can’t help it. Malaysian studies is THAT unlikeable.

Anyways, life’s been pretty normal. Lots of things happened, I got frustrated, sad, happy, excited – a mixture of feelings…

Overall, it’s a great experience!

And oh. I just turned eighteen. Happy

Aish. Even though I’m not the oldest in my course, I already feel quite old…but then again, feeling old really depends on your feeling. If you feel old at heart of course you will feel old yourself. But, sorry, number does matter to me Tongue

Why ah? I’m extremely jealous of those peeps who look damn mature but is actually young in number. CHEAT ONE!

Some random pictures I took…


I am the No.2 Hercules. Wait. Hercules never existed. I am THE Hercules. Yeah. Me gusta Cool

No la. There was a hole already hehe so I just slid my fist inside and took a picture with it. How can anyone believe that a skinny girl like me could leave such a huge impact on the wall? 


An outfit photo. I’m getting so boring in terms of layering and stuff. The only way I jazz up my outfits is by wearing socks. Cause I always feel awesome whenever I wear socks with my shoes. And also cause no one in college does that Day dreaming

But in other countries, I’m sure there’s lots of girls who do that..


FUYOH! Jump shot!! YES! I actually jumped from the building above and landed like that. HOHO!!! Like a boss.

See how addicted I am to tumblr? Instead of blogging, I tumblr. I swear, Tumblr is sooooooo awesome. All we do is reblog but you have no idea how fun “reblogging” is. Nerd

Speaking of jump shots, here’s some jump shots we took in the beach during our course trip last week!


Ehem *coughs* *coughs* I took this megamazingtastic picture. Love Struck

Of course the model is good as well but then, you need a good photographer to capture such an AWESOME picture hehehe!! Okay la..I’m gonna stop self-praising myself at the moment..


Love this picture!

Of course I must credit the person’s camera. Thanks to…*drum rolls*


Mr Nic!! ^_^V

I can’t wait to post this pic in facebook. He’s gonna kill me, I just know it but it’s such a waste if I don’t post it, isn’t it? I mean just look at it. He looks like a cute little xiao mei mei or a little poodle dog waiting for it’s owner to come home.

*Cough* Excuse me while I go to the corner and laugh my ass off.

 Rolling on the floor

Alright, some pictures I took using my new phone app, Momole :)

The picture’s quality isn’t that great but I love the vintage effect it gives to pictures so I tend to overuse it these days.

Say HI to random pictures! They aren’t in order and I’m lazy to arrange them according to their dates so yeahhhh enjoy :D 


For my idea journal. Got inspired by a picture on Tumblr and decided to use it on my idea journal! We, designers, must not be afraid to COPYCAT! HAHAHA! Awesome quote ;)


Wah. This picture looks so much better on my phone and now that it’s huge like ass, it looks damn hideous. But I’m still posting it for the sake of typing something more Tongue

On the bus listening to music and chilling~


HEPI! I spent last month’s personal expenses on MAKE-UP! WOOOO! Look! I bought a shitload of stuff from SASA! I don’t really know my brands well and since my skin isn’t that sensitive, I just bought whatever the saleslady recommended me.

She’s so polite and talkative. Hehe. I bought a Hydrabase (to ensure your make-up is lasting), a loose powder (about the same as hydra but it makes your face less oily and I usually apply if after I apply my eyeliner, mascara, blusher and stuff like an after make-up powder) a new mascara and…etc

And the bill was oh-so-pretty. 200 ringgit on make-up itself. Damn. But since it’s make-up, it’s ok to splurge a bit. But clothes ah…Time out


I cannot emphasize on how much I love Snogurt’s waffles. So sinfully delicious and addictive. The hot piping waffles mixed with the salty butter + chocolate sauce. Omg. Love. It’s the bomb.


Yoghurt in Berry flavour Love Struck


Lick it. Lap it.


Sigh. The guys were sleeping in the drawing room before our fundamental class starts. This was the day we were supposed to sit for our malaysian studies mid term but the teacher canceled it. *fumes* And I studied till 3 am for THAT!! *roll eyes*


Me and Ji Youn.


Y teacher torture me like this T_T I studied till 3 am, you know??


An A2  portrait painting of myself :)


Wanted to add this in my Idea journal but I don’t want to just add it in like this. I want to do something to it…what can I make out of sea-shells? A design I presume? But what kind? A shoe? Too plain..

Rethink rethink rethink…


Cupcake. :)


Had this Salmon thingy for lunch in Pepper Lunch with Shyuan just the other day. It tasted alright but Shyuan’s dish tasted heavenly. I should have opted for extra cheese instead of an egg Sad


My handwriting is the “nicer” one. Spot it!


Another one of my shopping buys (for the month of July) *giggle*

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Struck 

It somehow resembles ballet shoes…well, the design of the store itself is related to ballet anyway!

But ah, after I wore it out, I feel like it’s not that special looking to me anymore…maybe cause I wore it which is why I find it less new…thus less appealing to me already..

It’s bad of me to think this way..


One of my favourite restaurants in my college is Zhia’s Kitchen because the food there is so yummeh looking + tasty!

This was…fried seafood kuey tiao…damn, looking at the picture makes me crave for it!


Yong Chow Fried Rice :D

This was alright! It tastes a little bland but….after I add in the super chili sauce..


It tasted SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!! I could just sneakily bring back this sauce to my hostel hehe and eat it just like that. Yeah. Me gusta!


One of my tones drawing which I’m quite satisfied with :) Except for the tin I drew (left) because it looks a bit rushed…and I admit, I was rushing when I was drawing it *sobs*


Super love this photo la! Looks so vintage hehe cause of the colours and the borders around it Love Struck


Yep. This IS my lunch. I may be skinny but I eat a lot Batting Eyelashes


Spot my drawing on the “Hall of Fame?” HAHAHAHAAHAH

My lecturer calls it  Da “Hall of Fame”. I’m like “Woah. Are we like celebrities in terms of drawing now?” HAHA :P


Had to archive ALL our fundamental drawing works and pass it to our lecturer. Try and spot mine! Just find my name and you will know which pile is mine! Hoho!

We even had a individual talking session with the lecturer itself. I was so nervous that I don’t even dare to look at my lecturer in the eye.

So awkward  waaa hahaha but thank goodness, he was being nice and all and asked me to continue drawing :)


Ok, peace out.

I have to SERIOUSLY study my malaysian studies now cause my malaysian studies exam is this coming Tuesday and after that?

Oh well.

Let’s just say, SEM BREAK?????????????

OH YES BABY!!! I can’t wait to go back Brunei and EAT HOME-COOKED FOOD! *jumps like a happy fool*


  1. Your jumpshot from that building looks lookbook-ish, I like :D and nice new layoutttt. How did you do yr header?

  2. i'm interested in the Snogurt!

  3. Helo! Lily!x) Nice to see u enjoy yr life tht much...hehe!

  4. Enjoy ur sweet youth :D


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