Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As you can see from my title, weeeeeeee, HOLIDAZE!! Big Grin

Technically, tomorrow is supposed to be our first day of the semester break but because of our filming schedule we had no choice but to extend the due date till 14th!

I can’t wait to see the final product of our creative thinking movie project!

death-artist1 Our poster! ^^

Oh ya, do check out our official trailer at *HERE! CLICK CLICK!* Yep, it’s a class project Happy

No more Malaysian studies (provided I pass it!!) I swear, for the first time, I had no idea how to answer at least like 50% of the questions on the paper O_O and the weirdest thing is, I studied for it!! I really did *sobs* Okay, I was lazy last night and started studying at 12 am buttttttttt I still did wa!! *wails*

I would really kill myself if I failed my malaysian studies test! I really don’t want to sit for it again..plus it would be embarrassing…

Anyways, I will be going back to Brunei in  3 days v^____^v

Woot!! And when it’s time to come back, I’m going to be HOMESICK again! No doubt, aish~


I'm thinking whether I should cut my hair shorter or retain it….

Sometimes, I do miss long hair, I admit it. I can do a bun-bun hairstyle, braid it and all but I can’t do the same for this. I can braid it but it doesn’t look at good as it looks on long hair. I also miss the feeling of combing my long hair and flipping it..

But then, a lot of people have told me that I look better in short hair (Well, it’s your own thoughts that count..)

I’m indefinitely trimming my fringe! I don’t like side fringe..plus I look so messy in it and I can’t pin my hair to the side like those kawaii girls cause I look so fuggggggggly when I do so and when I pin my hair up, it looks hideous as well cause I just do. So I guess the solution is to….trim my fringe!


I like how my hair looks from the side! I love the asymmetrical shape of it hehe and I also like how it curls in!

Ok la ok la, since I have long hair like since Form 1, I might as well keep it short for a few years hehe

And good thing is, my hair grows SUPPPPPPPPPPER fast when it’s short. Maybe cause I don’t have split ends anymore..that’s why but I love it that way! Please hair, stay this way, ok? Praying


All these stuff you see are for my idea journal which is due for submission on Thursday! Yep, including the the black coloured board!

We’re supposed to have 50 pages but I only have like - 30+ pages at the moment I dont know

Random snippets from Momole coming up!

Yes, I have abandoned the phone camera and decided to use the low quality Momole instead. It’s like trading Kevjumba for my mum.

Kevjumba is PERFECT – just like my phone camera but my mum is more important because she can do so many things for me – give me money, cook for me, etc just like Momole giving me so many choices with it’s photo effects..but ah, Kevjumba is just perfect. He won’t cook for me. He won’t give me $$$$$$$ so yeah my mum wins – hands down.

See! Clear explanation? Batting Eyelashes


I-dunno-what-the-name-of-this-dish-is-called-but-it-taste-awesome @Sushi Zanmai

I ALWAYS ALWAAAAAAAAAAAYS order this whenever I dine in at Sushi Zanmai. The cheese + the salty soya sauce is just toooooooooooo good to be true. I love food man.

O ya I do this all the time ; don’t pick your desired dish in the sushi conveyer belt the moment you see it…wait for the next one…and wait until you see the one that looks HUGE enough then quickly take it before someone else does.

HAHAHA I do that all the freaking time. Do you guys do that?


Chicken curry katsu don. Nice. Happy



@ Forever 21

This month’s shopping expenses…….are…Skull Well. You get the drill.


Sweet sour chicken @Ohana

Don’t really like it because of the garlic. WILL YOU LOOK AT THOSE TINY EVIL ARMY OF GARLIC? EWWWWWW. I didn’t know they will put so much Crying


Practiced drawing an eye again.

I loooooooveee drawing eyes, there’s just something about eyes that makes me love drawing them Love Struck

Anyway, in case you don’t know what it is, the little lines in the iris itself is the reflection of the eyelashes ya not some lines I added in for fun. HAHA.

Reference pic from google!


Tried to fix the eye a bit. Can you see the difference?

If you’re sensitive enough, I’m sure you can spot the difference easily Batting Eyelashes


Tried to do a vintage cover for my idea journal which I end up not using…

It looks fine at first but after I added in the leaves and all, it looked so horrible and amateurish looking so I decided to make a new one..again Phbbbttt

I spent two hours doing it again T_T


I’m not gonna show you the final product of this because it looks really horrible to be shown so I’m going to show you the “okay-kind of ugly instead"


@Old Town

Their ximut milk tea is so nice!! I usually don’t order drinks when I’m eating because I usually bring a bottle of water with me and because I’m kiamsap (cheap) like that.

Well, water is freeeeeee Tongue


Ordered the usual dish ^_^v

I was bored this afternoon after visiting a few sites so I decided to draw!

Drawing takes up a lot of time and I really like it because when I draw, I feel like I’m in a different world or as corny as it sounds because I don’t think about anything when I draw ; I focus on the drawing itself and time just passes really quick when I draw hehe ^_^


Lines and shapes help me a lot when I draw Happy 

AND TONES AS WELL. FREAK. I love tones. Without tones, your piece of art work will HAVE NO LIFE!!! Okay, maybe it will have a life. A boring life indeed ~


Don’t be so harsh on me ahh Nailbiting

In other words, I prefer constructive criticisms so if you’re an artist yourself, yes, feel free to correct my mistakes Batting Eyelashes

Wait, let me give myself criticisms instead hehe

The eye brow. Yes. I know it looks soooooo bad T_T And the mouth. I was trying to draw the half opened mouth, you know – the one where models do it to make themselves look sexy but  instead, she looks like she’s in pain or something =_=

I would love to complain about the eye also but other than that, I’m satisfied.

Cause….T______T *emo moment*

Last time…I couldn’t even draw a freaking straight line. I couldn’t even draw portraits and now I could at least draw a decent one. *pats self at the back*

My mum asked me to draw her when I’m back in Brunei. O_______O

This one….must consider first eh..



Can you guess who this person is? Please eh, do guess.

If you can’t guess who this is…then this drawing would be a PHAILED one. Skull

Hint: She’s an actress. HAHA.

And yes, I do like her. ^^ If not, why would I waste 2 hours of my precious time just to draw her?


  1. I guess she's Natalie Portman?

  2. Nice poster....
    Wow...i like sushi...especially sushi zanmai! haha..I also the name..just know eat eat eat only..:p


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