Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buy me these and I will give you a huge bear hug!

Hai world Big Grin

I’m bored. And when I’m bored, I blog. So that’s why this post exist. Anyway, the reason why I’m bored is because I’m a boring person myself and look at me, I do nothing to change that fact.

Oh wells, there’s always Tumblr Day dreaming


Well, I like Twitter too.

I get pissy when people say Twitter or Tumblr is boring, like HELLO *slaps that person* you’re missing out on something great, do you know that? O_O

Oh ya, since I’m bored, I look at sites with lots and lots of nice clothes. What a torture. I self torture myself that way.

I’m currently in love with these pretty looking things ;

1) Baseball jacket


Topshop’s baseball jacket. *heart pain*

I will never ever forget the day when I nearly had you….Not talking

No thanks to the buyer who insisted on buying you. *roll eyes*

This is my number 1 “MUST HAVE” item on my shopping list. I want them so badly T_______T

Come to momma~

2) Combat boots

combat boots

I really want them. I know that it looks hideous to some of you people but damn it, that’s what I thought too when I was younger. I thought they were the most hideous pair of footwear other than crocs and flipflops.

Sorry to crocs lover or any flip flops lover.

But I hate it when people pair a nice outfit with FLIP FLOPS no matter how good it looks or whatsoever.

I wear my flip flops to the beach. If not. Toilet. Yep. Smug

Maybe to the nearest kedai runcit as well.

Will do a separate post about this soon! ^_^v

3) Vintage round sunnies

round vintage sunnies 

When I was primary, i wore glasses that are as round as these. As perfect and as round as a circle. And I hated them because they made me look so AH-MA D:

But now..I find them so vintage looking! Of course, I prefer my sunnies round but not my glasses, thank you very much. *gasp*

I gasped at the thought of that hahaha


Looks cool on her. Heheheh.

Bear hug, anyone? Big Hug

I’m officially in love. With clothes, shoes and accessories, that is. ^_^


  1. love that sunglasses,dam cute.

  2. love the boots! cool :)

  3. I love the glasses :)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  4. Nice stuff!

  5. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. i like the baseball jacketttt><


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