Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Au revoir

Whee!! I finally found the time to blog!

I'm currently in Brunei now hehe :D

Brunei, the place where I get to snuggle in my comfy bed, bully my little brothers, disturb my mum every second, eat home cooked food (Although it isn't the best food, it's still home-cooked and because of that, I love it :)) and beeeeeeeest of all, it's a place where I call home. *hearts*

Okay, okay, I'm gonna stop flooding this whole post with emotional thoughts and move on to something less emotional?

Anyways, a lot have happened ever since I came back to Brunei for my 2 weeks semester break! I bought something which I have been wanting to buy for almost 2 years plus and I'm glad I waited for it because it was worth the wait after all.

I will explain more with PIKTURES in the next post when I'm back in my hostel :)

Mama wants me to cut my hair as she thinks it's so messy and horrible T_T

Any suggestions?

If not, I think I'm going to resort to the same ol hairstyle and fringe. Just trim it and hello straight bangs - which I'm really bored of...and because it's so hard to maintain.

But I still love my hair colour. :)

Side note: Love my shoes and red socks ♥

Had a mini photo shoot outside my house in the afternoon as I wanted to snap some outfit photos to test my new camera's quality.

Excuse mua if the photos aren't good or some sort cause I wasn't the photographer that day, it was my dear brother who's only 9 years old so yeah hehe but not bad for a 9 year old since he's quite short so the photos he took came out blurry and slanted but oh well~

He was screaming in agony because apparently, the place where we shot was quite hot and swarmed with MOSQUITOES!

I can withstand the pain but my little brother can't -_- He kept on whining which was really annoying so I asked him to simply take a few hence the random photos.

I personally dislike this photo because of my hideeeeeeeous face but I like the quality because it is THE (note: THE) only extra clear photo in the whole batch. 


Blurrrrrr but I still like the photo. :D

Eh lah..blame my bro's skinny hands. Trust me, they are really skinny.

I'm trying to edit the photos to give it a vintage feel by adjusting the exposure, colour balance and contrast as well but it isn't as vintage as I want it to be :(

I tried to observe a few vintage photos and I realized a lot of them tend to be soft in terms of colours and quality. I noticed there is a lot of noise in vintage photos and that is one thing I would really love to exclude out from my photos because dudeeeeeeee, it just makes the pictures look pixelated!

Time to experiment more till I'm satisfied with my edited photos!

I just love home cooked food although it's simple.

Leaving Brunei in...3 days ~ hence the title. :)


  1. I guess the new stuff that you've bought recently is a dslr? :D Btw, yr hair looks just nice so dont cut it. Nice photos btw! :DD

  2. hey lilian!=D! very nice picture quality, try using photoshop or photoeditor to blur out the background, leaving yourself sharp and if you want the vintage feeling you could try changing the colour tone/ colour reduction. hope this helps! =D!

  3. Thanks for the info, Pei wee! :D Definitely gonna try that out the next time I edit my photos!

  4. You look so lovely in that skirt ^^
    Nice outfit
    Bisous from France


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