Saturday, June 11, 2011


Instead of doing my assignments like a good girl would do, I fiddled with Polyvore. =_=

But hey, it's fun!! I'm actually not very keen on shopping at the moment since I don't know why...I'm more keen on making my life less boring.

Somehow, my life has become very dull! And you know why it's dull?

Let me tell you why.


Yes. My life is dull because of me.

There's no one to blame but me. I have a choice to spice up my life but I didn't so there you have it, a dull life.

Anyways, to make my life less dull, I played with Polyvore. Don't call me dull T_T

Polyvore is fun what!

Casual sweet

The first Polyvore I made.

This is something I would definitely wear! Actually I would wear them all. Duh, if not, why would I styled it the way I like right?

I have no idea why I chose to include the geeky spectacles and that floppy hat. But I guess it's because I like it. And of course, not forgetting the win win combination: SHOES + SOCKS! Mmmmmm =D

And you know what kind of bag is that? I just checked the site and it costs about I don't know 3 K =O LE GASP!

Alexander Wang brand again! No wonder....

Why would I choose such an expensive looking bag T_T 

Boho grunge

I personally love this look a lot because I really adore long maxi skirts paired with slouchy cropped tops. I know, it should be more proportioned like - If you wear a slouchy top, you should pair it with tight jeans, bandage yada yada oh shut the hell up.

Fashion has no damn rules. 

But I still hate shoulder pads. Maybe one day I will like it. We shall seeeeeee. After all, I used to dislike boyfriend shirts, doc martens and all...hahaha!! Priceless. And now, I want them. The doc martens only. AND COMBAT BOOTS *drools*

SEE! I can have combat boots in the above pic. Hmmmmm. And I adore the nail polish. Looks so hot hahaha. As well as the red lipstick. OMG! I can imagine someone wearing this look. *wonky-eyed* 

And ohhh the leopard printed clutch *nods head* I love mixing different prints in outfits =D

I remember wearing my moo moo socks + flower prints all in one outfit. 

People say it doesn't match but I still don't care *shakes booty* 

You okay mistarrrrr?

Hmmm. The third one. Nothing much to say about this cause I remembered seeing someone dressed like this in Lookbook. I must have copied her style. =_=

No, she inspired me.

Do you noticed how people love to use the word "inspire" when it basically just means "COPY COPY" but in a nicer way?

I was surfing the net googling some graphic design stuff and I stumbled across this website with great quotes about creativity. Makes a lot of sense.

Every designers’ dirty little secret is that they copy other designer’s work. They see work they like, and they imitate it. Rather cheekily, they call this inspiration.
~Aaron Russell

Or to put this into a slightly similar phrase…
“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”
~Albert Einstein

Quite true hmm..

Oh ya, so which Polyvore set do you prefer? Hehe? Share share =D

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