Saturday, June 18, 2011

O yellow!! Sock it at cha!



*flashes awkward smile* 

So anyways, that picture was taken when I broke my old spectacles – literally “old” because it was 2 and half year long and it’s old-fashioned. I look like a nerd when I wear it.

Butttttt, I also look like a nerd when I wear the thick black framed glasses above. Sad

O well~

Lately, I have been using this phone app called “Momole” at lot! The name is so cute! The icon is cute as well. It’s in a form of an owl! Momole! I pronounce it as MOH-MOH-LEY and I have a feeling it’s wrong but it sounds cuter when it’s wrong.

It’s so easy to use and although the quality of the pictures are quite…awful, it’s good for quick shots and I love the effects you can pick right after you take a picture! Vintage, retro, selective colours! Mmmm! Quick and easy, me like! Love Struck

I posted some of the pictures in My twitter acc before but for those who haven’t seen it – here you go! I love snapping the food pictures best. It’s fun to show off the food you’re eating. Hee hee


Sinful piping hot nuggets paired with winning sauce! Such a great combination.


OO!! You can see my reflection in the glass if you observed hard enough!

@Sushi Zen for dinner with course mates


California Maki! Love Struck


Forgot the name of this dish – ipoh hor fun or something like that >_<

I have a bad memory so excuse me!

@Old Town’s White Coffee


Mc Donald’s choco top is L.O.V.E

L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see. V is very, very extraordinary. E is even more than anyone that you adore can.

Yeah, for an ice cream, it’s definitely worth it! At least you know an ice cream will never break your heart. Except when it melts. Angry


Oh pure white fluffiness!! NOM NOM NOM!!


Penang Char Kuey Tiao nomsssssssss!! So frigging delicious. It tastes even better when you mix it with the runny egg yolk! Ooo *craving for more* Blushing

A few days ago, our lecturer asked us to come to Gardens for an outdoor drawing session.

Well, it’s an awesome day, I guess? =_=

Cause I got scolded by a security guard. And I fought back with him. Woo BD


Drawing reflection and surroundings the whole day from 2 to 7 pm with a “few” breaks in between Smug

And guess what? I didn’t spend any money on clothes or shoes this month and it’s considered an accomplishment to me! Hehe! I get lured easily by nice clothes/shoes! It’s like they’re calling me to quickly grab them home and make them mine 0=D

Now that I think about it…do people name their shoes? That would be seriously weird. O_O

It would go something like this..

Girl: Ooo! I want to wear you today, Cherry *points to red wedges or flats* I want you to feel my toes and the warmth of my feet!

Ew. Hahaha. Okay, that was just a thought.


All smiles Big Grin

Why does my face look extra shiny here?!? Phbbbttt 

More food pictures because…

I can.

And this is my blog.

And and…they look much more nicer compared to the ones I took above.

But, I still like my Momole because it makes my pictures look vintage and it’s also an ok sign for the “it’s ok to have crappy pictures because it’s MOMOLE! and no one will care” so there!


Oh runny egg yolk, Y U SO YUMMY!!

This is what I call a pocketful of sunshine!



OOTD: Outfit of the day


As you can see…

just be awesome when you're sad

I lalalala love my yellow frilly socks so much that I pair them with almost anything! Since it’s quite plain – well, honestly, not really – I wouldn’t call yellow socks with frills “plain” but yeah, compared to my other socks, it’s quite plain so it’s easy to match!

Look at me. I used the same bag in both of the pictures above. I only have one bag with me at the moment. *sad*

I need to have more bags! But then again, I have too many bags in Brunei so I don’t feel like buying one. I do want a vintage looking bag though. Easy to match Love Struck

I’m gonna hunt for cheap looking bags SOON!!

No, I’m gonna name the name of the clothes, the place where I bought them unless I’m on lookbook because…most of them are kapalachang brand. 

Kapalachang meaning = “Random” is a nice term and “Shit” is the bad term but I shall be nice to myself and use the nice term instead. Angel


I just adore my frilly socks. I can look at them the whole day and never get bored of it.

On another note, in this picture, I’m pointing to the Louis Vuitton store which has a door man who opens the door for customers. I wanted to pretend to be a customer just so I can experience the feeling of someone opening a door for me.

HAHAHA! But nyeh, Shyuan said it would be too embarassing so we didn’t go in the store.

Next time. Next time, I shall dress up like a rich tai tai and walk in the store with my chin held up high and I will speak in the most sexiest British accent and cat-walk to the cashier and exclaim out, “I. want. to. buy. waitforit…..EVERYTHING IN THIS STORE.” And observe the cashier’s face expression.

Then, I would chuckle lightly and say, “Just kidding.”

Oooo imagine if I actually did that. I bet I would get killed. Hahaha. By the door man.

We’re required to make a movie for our creative thinking final project and by looking at the pictures below, you might have a hunch of what kind of movie we’re going to do. I’m excited to look at the final product. Big Grin

It’s going to be a lot of hard work for the director and assistant director *salutes* cause they have to plan everything by themselves. (Well, mostly)

I’m the story writer but I feel like I didn’t do much D= Oh well, I have got to be diligent and help with the writing of the dialogue instead =D


I wanted to have a fake moustache drawn onto my face which is why the director made me a policeman! Due to time restrictions, I didn’t have a moustache like I planned to. Boohoo! T_T


Shyuan made these CID cards. HAHAHA!! “Mint Lee”’s picture is DAMN priceless.

Such a sexy pose for a sexy detective.


  1. Did you cut your hair? It looks shorter now and cuterrrrrr :D I like how you match your outfits, a tad lookbook-ish!

  2. Haha thanks! Nope! Maybe it's because of the way I blow dry my hair hence making it look more poofy than usual =P

  3. lots of om nom nom food XD

  4. Lot of yummy food :))

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