Friday, June 10, 2011

I’m a red head and I call myself Strawberry because I like it.


I love my title. Totally not shy at all and so arrogant but I like it.


How are you amigos? \(─‿‿─)/

Have been very very busy these few weeks since my first semester is going to end in about a few weeks’ time. To be exact, a month. Waiting

But it sounds a lot faster when I typed in “A few weeks’ time”, noh?

Anyways, the real reason why I didn’t blog is because

A) I’m just too lazy to do so

Honestly, I’m not THAT busy till I don’t even have any time to rest but I just couldn’t be arsed to open Windows Live Writer and blog a huge chunk of paragraph stating my life at the moment so yeah.


B) Hello assignments! You are so sexy. I’d definitely do you. I mean – I’m forced to actually DO you. And if I do you well, I get good grades.

That didn’t sound wrong at all. Devil

Oh yeah!! Corresponding to my title, I have short + red hair now. With one strip of green highlight.

You might be thinking, “OH EW! Green hair? Like ew.”

That’s okay because it was exactly what I was thinking about when the hairdresser suggested the colour to me. I’m like GREEN AND RED? Are you like friggin serious?

I’m worried it might turn out looking….wrong. If you get what I mean. I don’t want to be mean so I’m just going to hope that you know exactly what I mean by that. Big Grin



If you still don’t know it by now, I have short hair now. It’s not exactly short – it’s more like the okay kind of short. Like bob length.

It wasn’t hard for me to tell the hairdresser to cut it all off because I was sad that day…something personal happened, SO I decided to get a whole hair makeover!

After the whole hair makeover, it felt like a huge burden was lifted from me as weird as it sounds but really! Cutting your hair short actually makes problems go away – temporarily!

The best thing about having short hair is the way PEOPLE react to it. I swear people react really funny when they saw my short hair.

Especially my friends back in Brunei.

Me: *walks in the room*


So funny lah.

And then, the same thing happened here as well.

Girls: *SCREAMS* OMG!! When did you cut your hair??

And the common phrase they said to me was - “ARE YOU WEARING A WIG?”

HAHAHAHA OH come on. I know it’s perfect but you don’t have to praise me like that *sarcasm* Dancing


Anyways, this is my current hair now. It grew a bit longer and I am extremely upset about this.

I really really love my short hair because SHORT HAIR IS AWESOMEZ!!!!

Here are my top 5 on why having short hair is awesome.

1) It dries faster

Like really, it dries a lot faster and good thing is, you can sleep earlier! v^_^v

2) A lot easier to manage compared to long hair

I don’t do any fancy schmancy hairstyles with this hair because this length gives me really limited options but I’m fine with that! I mean, hey, I blow dry, I comb and I step out of the house! WOOHOO!!

3) It either makes you look younger or mature

I hope I look younger with this hair Batting Eyelashes

4) It changes your life!

Well, sort of.

Ever since I have short hair, it feels like I dare to do anything I didn’t dare to do back then.

When I had long hair, I didn’t want to cut my hair short because I’m so worried it will take a long time to grow and all but then – HAIR WILL GROW.

So why not?

And I did it and I feel so WIN!

Now I’m constantly encouraging people who have super long hair (up till their butts) to cut their hair shorter! SO LONG FOR WHAT! =_=

Long can. That is, if you plan to act in a horror movie! Oh yeah! WIN!

5) You feel unique

Well I do feel unique because a lot of people around me have super long and straight hair and somehow, I feel like it makes me different. Different from everyone else around me who have long and straight hair! Hek hek hek.

The girls here have awesome hair. Mohawk, buzz cut – you name it. They have it. So awesome man! I love girls in short hair now. So so so hot. I don’t mean myself la, I’m talking about those girls with super short hair – something like a boy’s hair cut but it looks on them.


I changed to a single room and I am happy about it! HEHE! Like my WAFUPAFU wallpaper? After using that yellow spongebob squarepants wallpaper for about 6 months, I changed to a pinkish one to match my laptop’s colour!

You should definitely check out WAFUPAFU’s site at AkiraCEO!! Trust me, it’s a good site. And I know it when I see one!


Our 2D design project titled “DREAMS”

Do you feel it? I have a whole paragraph explaining on the whole concept of this picture but I’m too lazy to type it here so if you’re curious, feel free to ask me! PERSONALLY. MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! *Mandark’s laugh*


My reference book for my English essaaaaaaaayy which is such a bummer. I no like citing or referencing.


Me and my half bitten Krispy Kreme doughnut!

A few days ago, I had this really weird dream about Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts. I dreamt that I was in Krispy Kreme’s small booth choosing the doughnuts I wanted to eat. I chose some kind of strawberry + chocolate glazed doughnut and JUST AS I WAS about to sink my teeth into it….I woke up.

And that’s how my craving for Krispy Kreme doughnuts began!

I finally get to try it out today! Not bad! I love it! v^_^v

And if you are a miser like me, don’ time.

Eat it immediately!!

I didn’t do the latter like I’m supposed to soooo…I continued drawing till Shyuan told me that my Krispy Kreme doughnut was visited by a bunch of ants. (╯3╰)

NAWWWWWWW!! So, sadly, I had to throw it away.

It costed me RM 5.85 cents inclusive of tax you know! So sim tiah. *sobs*

I kept on exclaiming “MY KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT” in a sad tone in fundamental drawing class yesterday. It hurts man.


Moving on to a happier topic, I bought MORE SOCKS! WHEEE!!

I lalalalala love socks and I mentioned that a lot in this blog already hehe!

This time, I bought my socks from SOXworld! They have so many cute socks in there! You can opt for kiddy ones or frilly ones like mine above! Oh, I totally love the frilly ones. So girly! ^o^ *squeals*

I can’t wait to wear em’ out!

Socks + shoes  = WIN WIN combination! Love Struck


For yesterday’s fundamental drawing class, we went outside the drawing room and drew the university’s corridors instead of being stuck in the class for 5 hours straight. Or maybe even more than that. I’m serious. Our lecturer is so….hardworking. At wits end

I think we’re on the topic called Perspective or something. Hmm. I’m not sure. I just draw as my eyes “C” it.

I feel so lame but yeah, you get what I mean.

Time to sleep! NITES!

Gonna blog more when I feel like it! Angel


  1. I like yr hair but it seems that the red colour is brighter on the right side. Nice socks btw (:

  2. from front view is not really obvious (I mean the color) heh :)

  3. Hmmm... not bad la.. quite unique the color..but cant see it from far..xP

  4. nice red colour.. hawt hawt..

  5. wah ur hair color~ awesome


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