Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I’m a Gleek. Are you?

Short post. Heh. Veryyyyyyy busy with assignments and college stuff.

I don’t understand why people dislike Glee. It’s so inspiring. And I’m not just talking about the songs. So what if they don’t sound as good as the original? I don’t think they intend to sound as original as the original anyway. Don’t be hatin’.

I will blog about this more in the future! It’s 12 am now and I’m really sleepy. Nites! Big Grin


  1. I actually think that some of the songs that sang are actually better than the original songs cause they sang it mostly in acapella style, lovin' it! But I find it kinda boring sometimes when they are singing songs that I don't know :P I think I can call myself a partial gleek too, I'm done w/ season 2 alrdy teehee

  2. I'm busy too and no time to update my blog ;( All the best ya girl ♥


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