Sunday, May 01, 2011

Socks + shoes ♥

I’m blogging on a weekend! Which probably means…I’m free from assignments!

HAH! I wish. I have loads and loads of assignments but it’s just I’m more relaxed compared to yesterday. Whoa.

1) Mr Charles music

Well it isn’t an assignment but it’s an exercise and we were asked to create our own music.

Status: DONE!! Big Grin

I downloaded some music software hehe the trial version (because I’m cheapo like that) which lasts about 7 days. My music is about 28 seconds long which is way too short because Mr Charles wants the music to be about 1 minute long but it’s okay right? Please tell me it’s okay!!

Never mind. You’re not Mr Charles anyway so whatever you say is not okay T_T 

*Prays hard hard that it’s okay* Praying

2) Mr Charles mind map about six thinking hats

Damn. This is by far the hardest mind map I have ever done and I only did like 1 HAHAHA ok so fail~

But thank goodness it’s group work so it’s easier and harder in a sense. Easier because we get to share a lot of ideas + working in groups is easier since one person does this and the other person and vice versa = work gets done faster

Status: Not completed. Halfway??

3) Mr Sean’s 2d assignment

His assignments are always the hardest man!! You’re required to think so much and he’s always so picky boo hoo

Status: So not complete Crying(Haven’t even think of an idea ALSO OH EM GEE!!)

And fundamental drawing…oh well.

I was so right. In my previous blog post, I state that assignments are always thrown to us around the end of the week and yes, it is A FACT. A right fact.

No assignments for a day or two – let you enjoy a little bit and then *POOF* “Hello baybee~~” said the assignments, in a cheeky way.

Anyway… this is gonna be a short post since I still have a few drawings to do…so I shall make it simple and sweet instead of typing loads of useless stuff!

260420111768 Outfit of the day

YEY!! I always wanted to wear my shoes with SOCKS ever since I saw loads of lookbookers wearing it on Lookbook and I finally did!!

My rubi shoes mmmmm Love Struck

But, I got so many weird stares when I wore this outfit to college. It’s okay if you stare but don’t continue to stare when you see me looking at you!!

Then again, girls just love scrutinizing one another’s clothing. But hey hey hey!! Be happy if I look at you from top to bottom because it means you caught my attention v^_^v

I usually stop and look at someone from top to bottom if she wears something special. Like the other day, I saw this girl who wore a biker jacket with a tutu skirt underneath!! Of course I couldn’t resist staring at it because it looks so unique!

And she smiled back at me aww so nice. 

260420111774 Had lunch at Grub Bistro.

Shyuan’s Pineapple tea drink which tastes so su-weeeeeeet Tongue 


Lala love this picture hmmm 

260420111789260420111780Would you believe this huge bowl of porridge with generous portions of century egg + salted egg + shredded chicken costs only RM 5.50??

It was a tad salty for me though! But still, bearable. Smug


OM NOM NOMZ time!! EE!! My nose “had” this huge brown patch which looks like a pimple but it isn’t T_T

I was actually pinching out my black heads in the toilet and I’m quite harsh when it comes to pinching so I tore the skin out a little…which resulted in this.

Does that sound disgusting? I hope not. Hehe.


This was actually a candid picture! I was showing Mei Shyan how to pose with her bowl of half-full porridge!

I was supposed to pose with a happy face whilst Mei Shyan’s supposed to show a sad face because she couldn’t finish her bowl of porridge whilst I did but then again, now that I observe it a little more, it’s better if we switched roles.

Me: Noooo T_T I finish eating my porridge

Mei Shyan: Serves you right! See, I still have so much left Batting Eyelashes 


Whee!! Hai. ^_~v

More outfit of the day pictures because I personally like my outfit on that day. It’s okay if you don’t like it, I don’t expect you to like it anyways! As long as I like it, nothing matters. Dancing


But I do find it quite black-looking! And of course, hello, where are the accessories? But, I’m not an accessory person so nyeh~

How I wish I have cute printed socks to match it with! I need cute printed socks NOW!!!


Meet the photographer who took my outfit of the day pictures, ALIEN!!

See, I so nice. Did not photoshop the brown scab on my nose so you can laugh at it if you want to because….I support 100% au naturel! Just kidding. I couldn’t be arsed to do it. Yawn


O NO!! Pink hunchback bear bear is nomming my sleeve!!! Surprise  


I drew fake pink tattoos for Alien and Azra in class! 

Now I really wish I could tattoo my name on my wrist. Hehe. How cool would that be?


Look. I can have fake tattoo Devil I’m a baaaaaaaaaaaad girl.

Ok la, this one I admit I did retouch the brown scab on my nose because this is like a zoom in version of my face! No way am I letting you observe that brown scab!!


Azra has two tattoos. One is a drawn on one by moi and the other is a real (JK LA!) one by….moi also.

I think I can consider becoming a tattoo artist since I love doodling people’s wrists. =_=


Azra Cool


@ Ohana

Pretty colourful lights!!  

260420111845 Ice

260420111839 Azra’s fettuccine carbonara


Peace out people!!! Peace Sign


  1. OMG I love yr top! So colourful, wait or is it a dress? :P You can sign up for a account now too!

  2. @Hilda Milda hehe, it's actually a tunic because it's too short to be considered as a dress for me. I have a lookbook account already =P *thick-skinned*

  3. Cute! Love ur outfit :)

  4. Omg your course sounds really fun albeit tiring and draining. I did contour drawing too in art class the other day :P

  5. @Chuen Thanks!!

    @vampirephoenix2211 Yes!! It's super fun and interesting but it gets really frustrating when you can't think of any good ideas and usually, good ideas take a looooot of work! But the end process is always worth it! Post some contour drawings on your blog ^_^

  6. I really love ur top,how cute! :D well,i still prefer my previous hair style :'/

  7. Your top is so cute! Love it! :)


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