Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moo-moo or leopard printed socks?

Today is the 10th of May. In approximately 3 days, I will be flying off to BRUNEI!!!!!!!!! Dancing*squeals like a fan girl*

I am beyond ecstatic. It feels so good to be able to go back to a familiar place meeting familiar people, sleeping on my comfy bed (not that the hostel’s one isn’t comfy, in fact, it’s REALLY comfy!!), doing the usual things and of course, staying with my darling family!

It sucks that our semester break is only 1 week but oh well, it’s better than nothing!

Currently, I have two assignments but the other assignment is due in two weeks hehe and the other one is due tomorrow and honestly, speaking, I’m done but not EXACTLY done. Just have to mount it on a cartridge paper and I’m done for the day nightHappy

Life’s been good so far. Lots of assignments, challenging ones of course…and grades. So far, so good. But I aim to do BETTER!! v^_^v

Just the other day, I had gastric pain for the first damn time! By pain, I mean really really painful kind of painful that you can’t do anything at all except just lie on the bed waiting for the pain to go away but deep down inside, you know it’s never going to go away and you can’t help but eat pills to make that pain fade away!

That kind of pain Crying 

I ever had gastric pain but it wasn’t really that painful – just that my stomach had this “gurl gurl gurl” sound and it was painful a little. I am CERTAIN it wasn’t stomachache or cramps. Aw come on, I didn’t even have my monthly visit that time. =_=

HOW CAN PEOPLE TOLERATE GASTRIC PAIN?? To me, it’s worst than menstrual cramps – not that I have any severe cramps before but YEAH!! So bloody painful that I want to cry even by just typing it T_T

Starving myself is not good..chey, want to save money =_=

I rather waste money than save money for pain. No thank you, sirree!


Part of my idea journal for my creative thinking module.

Nyehhh, not a good observational drawing but it was a quick sketch! This is entered in my “Things I love ♥” section!

I honestly cannot wear those wedges above! It’s so bloody painful to walk in it nor stand in it huhu!! I’m serious. It would be such a waste to not wear it… At wits end

I’m thinking of selling it though. Anyone interested? Blushing(Only worn it like once =_=)

If no one’s interested, never mind, I shall give it to my mum or something. Or keep it for myself and wear it on special occasions. =_=


My shopping hauls! Love Struck 

Diva earrings <3 oh em gee, so love <3 Topshop stockings!! Honestly, Topshop’s stuff are DAAAYYYM nice but they’re so expensive! Well, at least for me I guess. For one tee, it already costs about 100+ rm…omg so heartbreaking la T_T

But at least I can afford their socks! And there was a 20 percent discount wee wee!! Drooling

And cream blusher. Oh man. Cream blusher is freaking awesome. It lasts longer than powder blusher and is so nice to use. The cream just blends in to your skin real easily. Mmmm. Awesome.

Eyeliner brush! I lost mine a few months ago. Guess what I have been using to draw my eyeliner. You wouldn’t believe it. An eyebrow pencil. Yep, I dipped my eyebrow pencil into the eyeliner gel to draw my eyeliner.

Such an innovative idea right? *sarcasm* Hee hee

And the rest are grocery stuff – there is no need to show those stuff out unless some of you have never seen a Dynamo before. HAHA. So yep ~

I love my Topshop socks so much that I wore it the next day straight!! So heppppppppi!!!

I love wearing new stuff and I love the socks + shoes fashion trend. Ahhh makes me so happy to be wearing something other people don’t wear!!

100520112176 Ohayo~ hehe Big Hug

100520112185My outfit of the day!

Nah, the outfit is damn plain so let’s skip the outfit but let’s look at the socks plzzzzz Love Struck

I wanted to pair it with my Rubi clogs because I love looking tall AND being tall but nah, it didn’t really match my outfit so I wore my oxford flats instead!

Oh just love those socks.

I bet most of my course mates are so annoyed with me today hehe! I kept on saying “Oh I just love my socks eeeee!!” Yes, I even made the “eee” sound. So bimbotic right? I can’t help it T_T

New things make me happy!


I don’t know to call them moo moo socks or leopard socks cause they look like a mixture of both! But truth is, they are leopard printed socks. Man, the first time I lay my eyes on these beautiful babies, I know that I NEED TO HAVE THEM. I’m destined to own these pair of socks.

If you have the same one, no, please don’t tell me. In my books, sharing is not caring. When it comes to fashion, that is. HAHAHA!! Angel


While waiting for classes to start, me and Alien went to the library to do our contour drawings! And hahaha, we were like drawing people secretly. I had to discreetly draw a couple of people and some of them do notice so I had to be careful *detective mode*

But overall, it was sooooo fun! Hope to do it again ^_^


Me and Alien! I’m so nice. I look so horrible in this picture but I still post it up because Alien looks nice here ^_^

She curled her hair temporarily on that day! Hehe!


Me and my cross earrings! Anyways, I have a cross earring on my left ear and on the other ear, I have a heart earring.

It means “I love Jesus” I’m serious! Hehe. Big Grin

Kk, got to do my assignment now! I’m too lazy ~~~~ I need more assignments to keep me going “UUUUUUUGHHH”

Won’t be going online much once I’m back in B.B (Beautiful Brunei) Love Struck


  1. Anonymous1:36 AM

    not being rude but, maybe you should try shaving ur legs? i think i saw hairs on it from the closeup, seeing as you wear shorts n stuff, to top the look, you wouldnt want to have people staring at hairy legs. u dont haveto accept this comment but i just thought it would help! :)

  2. Topshop stuffs are really expensive but super cheap overseas T__T

  3. Anonymous: Thanks for your concern but nyehh I know I have hairy legs X_X I won't try to shave it but maybe I will try waxing it one day! ;)

    Hilda Milda: EXPENSIVE but super nice lo!!!

  4. Anonymous8:04 PM

    u can get waxing strips in walmart or something (:

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    where did u get those cross earrings?! I've been looking for those exact ones!


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