Saturday, May 14, 2011

I’m coming home!!!

Is it me or what? I have never been THIS excited to go back to Brunei and reunite with my family once again! T_T

Dramatic much. Tongue

I still find it sad that we ONLY have 1 week break! Good things always have to end. *sobs*

But like Khai said, “Don’t think about it first la” So I shall not. I shall think about the happy things and..of course, assignments!

Even though there’s a one week break for our semester, there’s still lots of assignments..and they’re mainly group projects. Ah. And once I’m back, it’s going to be rush, rush, RUSH all the time because thanks to me, I slow down the group so we have to rush just in time before the due date.

And rushing usually results in bad temper + bad creativity – both in layout and ideas!

Hopefully, this whole thing will eventually be okay! We thought of the idea for our creative thinking project which is to create a time-lapse video combining our self-made songs and making a story out of it. Mr Charles’s assignment are usually complicated but fun!

I know Mei Shyan likes 2D design a lot however, I have to admit, it is fun but damn, is it hard!! Out of all the subjects, I think I like fundamental drawing and creative thinking more. Hehe!

2D design is crucial for graphic and multimedia designers At wits end

Well…neatness must be improved yes? I shall FORCE myself to be NEAT! I’m naturally a very messy person and you can definitely know I am one just by observing my works.

Well, Mei Shyan said my neatness improved quite a lot compared to my first work so YEY? Applause

010520111947 - Copy 

Part of the tidbits of our mind-map Big Grin

Initially, I wanted to do a 3D form mind-map – one that’s complicated yet simple HAHA yes. Such a complicated statement =_=

But because of time restrictions, (we only had 3 days T_T and transport problems as well) we stick to paper form but still, I wanted a 3D kind of effect so we tried to make the icons stand out MORE than the words by sticking a cardboard behind the icons.

And did you know why we used Aliens to represent the green hat? (Creative hat)

Have you ever seen an Alien before?

If you said yes, go away.

If you said no, *DING DING DING*, yes, that’s right.

Just like our ideas, YOU have never seen them before! They’re out of the world ideas! Devil

White hat represents facts. And we used a ghost to represent that because….ghost wanders around and gathers information. HAHAHA!

Very silly yet it makes sense! Credits to darling Alien! Everything is UFO-orientated. Seriously.

Our latest project has something to do with UFO as well. *shakes head*

020520111962 - CopyOur topic.

I saw the Foundation design students projects and OMG, I was seriously dumbfounded. They are so friggin talented!!

3D mind-maps, seriously…le sigh T_T

I feel like such a loser compared to them!!

And not to forget, they were doing the same topic as us again T_T

But…we did try our very best!! So kudos to me and my group members Big Grin

(Excuse: Maybe the foundation kids have more time) JKJK *in denial*

020520111975 - Copy 

This is not our final outcome but visually, it’s completed Peace Sign

Mr Charles dislike seeing us fold our mahjong papers so he asked us to be creative with the way we bring our mind-maps. Azra suggested a puzzle form so in the end, we sliced the papers into different parts and each of us brought one or two piece to school and in the end, we combined the puzzle pieces in front of Mr Charles ^^

It was a reaaaaaaally tiring but fun project! Every major projects are stressful Worried


Me and Azra. Take 1: Small smiling eyes


Me and Azra Take 2: WOOSH!! Huge eyes Batting Eyelashes 

Azra felt sleepy that day hence the sleepy-eyed look in pictures!


I loved Azra’s outfit that day! However, Dhev thinks it’s “LALA”

I’m not exactly sure what Lala means but from what I heard, I think it’s termed as people who do not dress well or something.

Aw come on, Azra is so not a lala! She’s always good with the layering of her outfits! I totally love it! Makes her stand out so much than the others!

Well, Dhev said to me “You are ALWAYS LALANot talking

Wah….ouch. *pouts*


Azra said I look so unhappy here! Actually, I’m not. I’m thinking of which pose to do for my outfit pichas!

You see! My un-smiling face looks so damn unfriendly. Raised EyebrowLike I’m about to murder someone. Interesting.


Dreaming about….

My mama!! Love Struck 


Gosh! I just love socks + shoes trend! I can never get sick of it! 

Another pair of socks from Topshop Love Struck

Furry socks, anyone???


Totally love this top for it’s little peephole behind! And my socks as well. Wheeee~

So funny to do outfit posts! Cause I have to state out every little detail in my outfit. But I shall make it short and simple. ^^



Me and Azra! Photographed by Monsiour Lee Cool


One last picture of my deliciously smexy socks! And a little peep of Azra’s awesomely hot booties!!

Have a great week ahead of you, peeps!

I know I’m going to have a great week! ^^


  1. Have a safe trip and enjoy yr one week hol back in Brunei (:

  2. wow~ nice design...not bad not bad.. u got the talent...! haha! keep it up lily! next time design me a dress! xD


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