Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Happy =)


Hi world. Starting today’s short post with a huge vain picture of myself!

And I’m smiling with teeth!! Surprise

It’s pretty rare to see a picture of me smiling with teeth unless I’m taking pictures with friends! Vain shots? Rare chance! It’s either a candid one or perhaps it was a this smile => Big Grin

Yeah, that’s nooooooooormal of me since I love taking pictures with stupid poses! Muahahaha!! But then, today I feel happy. Happy because…

1) Went and cut my fringe again ^_^ Bangy. Hehehehe. I just adore bangs. Don’t ask why…

I just think I look better with a fringe compared to not having a fringe.

Does it look the same?? T_T Shyuan said it looks the same! BOOHOO!

2) I bought lotsa new stuff! And went grocery shopping with Shyuan as well!

I’m gonna call her Shyuan-shyuan from now on because she’s so nice today (Note: Today, other days, she’s unlike-able) MWAHAHAHA!!

No la, she’s nice everyday. She accompanied me to go grocery-shopping, visited the clinic with me, helped me carry a few of my groceries home because I was LITERALLY struggling to carry all those heavy stuff >_< and also, we went to cut our hair together!

And she likes to stop me from eating sea food and would scold me if I disobey her Crying

OH YA!! She’s also the one who FORCED me to buy a cleanser because she was utterly shocked that I use NO cleanser. HAHA…so I did…

Here’s a picture of my new stuff! Weee~ I love new things!


From left to right: Calamine lotion, Ryokucha (Green-tea) and my new facial cleanser!

My first ever facial cleanser! Omg…17 years of being a girl and I have not used a cleanser before =_= I’m sure that was what Shyuan thought of when I told her that I did not use a cleanser.

Had no idea why I bought Ryokucha which is odd since I did not even plan to buy green tea, only fruit juice. Shyuan has pretty nice skin so she likes to use that on me.

Me: Should I buy fruit juice or not??

Shyuan: I drink fruit juice everyday one, OH-KAY! You see my skin..

When she tempts me with her skin, how can I say NO? The only reason I don’t like using facial cleanser is because I seen a lot of people using it but still…the skin condition appears the same! But then, the doctor told me, it has something to do with the food you eat.

Oh ya, I went to visit the doc today because I have SEVERE itchiness. But severe, I mean really severe. My whole leg looks bruised. If you don’t know me, you would think someone must have badly abused my leg but it isn’t that way. It’s full of scars now T___________T

My mum forced me to go la…so I had no choice but to obey her.

Even though my legs look hideous now, I still die die want to wear shorts! I can’t help it! My long jeans look like ah-ma’s and I don’t have skinny jeans. Boohooo…so I have no choice because most of my tops/tunics look better with shorts!

To sum this whole post up, basically, I just feel happy. That’s why I’m blogging about it. I could tweet about it but nah, I don’t want to fill up people’s page with my whole chunk of tweets! That’s why I blog.

My blog is where I tell (whoever’s reading this) my happenings when I can’t sum it all up in 140 words. Day dreaming

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  1. Bangs makes me look really round, like a ball lol adore people who look so good with bangs, like YOU! :D


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