Friday, April 15, 2011


Look!! I finally have some time to BLOG! Weet! I left my blog unattended for nearly a month already. I reckon this is the longest time ever since Form 3 that I left my blog to rot for that long!

Even during O levels, I was quite active in the blogging world.

A lot of things has happened in this one month and I will slowly blog about them one by one :)

I can’t say I’m busy with assignments because that is the fact and I am in fact faced with quite a lot of assignments but on the other hand, I quite like them because after all, I chose this  path myself so I shall tell myself to whine less and just do it.

Why complain if I know things are gonna end up this way?

OH! In case some of you don’t know, I’m currently studying in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus taking Diploma in Multimedia! (I’m so homesick T_T Shall elaborate on this more next time) It’s a 2.5 year course and some of you wonder…”Why not take Form 6 since it’s only 2 years?” But I don’t want to study something that’s not related to the thing I want to study so nah…

I rather stress over assignments than stressing over something…like *ew* Add math? Which is considered normal math for all those poor people in Form 5 who didn’t took Add Math. I feel your pain. I was once like you as well so don’t feel left out. ;)

I have so much things to say that I shall talk about them in future blog posts. But I really want to talk about my course. I get a lot of negative feedback when I tell people the course I’m studying. It bugs me, really.

Is it such a low-life course? Is it a course that only losers who did not do well in Form 5 take? I took such a long time to finally tell myself, “This is it.” This is the course I want to take.

But each time I’m sure about it, some bloody obstacle comes in the way and present this one millionth dollar question. “Why this…toot toot toot course? Why not…?” Why compare multimedia designers to engineers?

Like what my teacher said, An engineer build machines. Someone has got to design the engine to make it user-friendly and more attractive. That’s when a designer come into place.” Looking down on designers? Seriously? Everything you use and wear and even sit on are made by designers.

But then…why say so much? Talk less and work more. I’m going to do, just that.

And my mama told me so many times…she wished I took an Accounting course (her dream course) or something that sounds nicer like a doctor or an engineer. Ah, I’m just not good in both of those so why bother..

Anyways! As I stated earlier :P My college life started!!!

Say hello to assignments, new lecturers and new friends! They make college life more exciting!

So far, the hardest subject for me…has got to be, fundamental drawing. Dude, that thing is….HARD. Even drawing a box requires patience and so much “look and see”. But it’s fun :D

Get to explore and learn new things!

Shyuan brought her Mac Book pro to Creative thinking class today hehe and we *coff* I fiddled around with it and was basically like, “Come come! Take picture with me!” ^_^ to almost everyone HAHAHAHA

Shit, I am such a cam whore.

Even Nicholas said I might as well just carry the laptop around school and call random strangers to take pictures with me -___-


Me and Mei Shyan!

Seriously, she looks like someone I saw in the past…but I just can’t recall who! She thinks I look like someone she knows as well. What a coincidence.

OH EM GEE! Someone is “brutally” stuck between us! Le gasp! :O


Oh Em Gee.


Rawrr. We can haz dinoSAWR teeth.


HAHAHAHA!! Miss *Fatima* Azra –_-

Seriously. She’s so manja and always acts cute in front of me. Makes me wanna push her head to the side ^_^ *evil*

I have more pictures but I have a few assignments to do…so I shall post them up next week, maybe :P If I’m hardworking enough. College assignments come first and blogging, second. At the moment. *winks*

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  1. Good luck & all the best, future designer (: Hope you're adapting well here in west msia!


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