Sunday, April 24, 2011

@Garden lifestyle store and cafe

Aloha!! Since Taylor’s has a free shuttle bus to Sunway Pyramid (Such a YAY), me and my course mates usually hop on to the bus whenever there’s a four hour break in between classes.

Yep, the break is THAT long. But it’s good for people who feel sleepy after the class and wants to go snooze at the library or someone’s (mine) hostel room =_= for example, Miss Shyuan aka Jay Chou lover aka Tae Yang lover aka the one who calls me “Sampat” all the time aka the one who loves to pick at me.

She finds it SHOCKING that I don’t use a cleanser to wash my face. Yes, I don’t, I admit. Not worthy

And that is why her new mission is to bring me to one of the pharmacy stores and to literally force me to buy a cleanser. I shall do that for her sake cause I’m nice like that. Peace Sign

Okay, back to the topic, ever since I started classes, I have been spending so much money on food Phbbbttt

I can even have up to 2 lunches in one go! No joke man…I dread counting my total expenses for the month tomorrow. Please don’t be too shocking! *begs*

Anyways, my mission in Taylor’s is to try ALL the cafes and restaurants and food court (been there done that) available in the campus itself! Okay, strike that out. I don’t intend to try ALL the cafes, I don’t intend to try Star bucks at all.

I’m sorry if you’re a Starbucks lover but I have never ever had a Starbucks coffee before because basically, I’m not a coffee person so nyyyehh plus it’s expensive and also, it’s a 5 star hangout for smokers. =_=

Each time I pass by Starbucks, I’m bound to find someone smoking away with pleasure, either by themselves or with a huge gang of smokers.

I won’t dilly dally on the issue of smokers but I still want to state how much I dislike smokers. That pungent smell. Ugh.

Anyways ^_^

I wanted to blog and post pictures about my hostel room but I’m so lazy to do so! I haven’t even taken pictures of my hostel room or whatsoever even though I have been living here for almost a month!

The room is small but the bed itself is very, very comfy. I got used to sleeping here after a day or two!

Plus, it helps that I have such a soft pillow and mmm nice-smelling thick blanket my grandma packed for me Love Struck

Maybe, just maybe I will do that one day when I run out of things to blog hehe!

140420111475The natural lighting from my hostel room’s window is FAB for vain shots like these!

It also makes me fairer which I loike very much!

And I am just so utterly fascinated with the sunsets and sunrise time difference in West Malaysia! In Brunei, the sky usually becomes dark around early 6 pm or late 6 pm and in W.M, the sky usually becomes dark around 7+ or 8 pm! Which is fantabulous.

But there’s also a disadvantage because if the sun sets later, it also wakes up later. So usually when I wake up sleepy eyed and moody around 6 or 7 in the morning, the sky is still so blue looking which makes it even harder for me to wake up >.<

In Brunei, please, the sun is an early bird as the sky usually turns bright around 6 which is good….in a way…for students, I guess? 

I like mornings better because it’s more happier looking ^_^

140420111477 Bun bun hairstyle for the day Smug


Had lunch @ Garden lifestyle store and cafe in Sunway Pyramid with my course mates (ok, calling them course mates sound so formal looking Striaght Face)


It had such a pretty interior decor that makes the whole environment so dreamy and romantic looking! I wanted to take a picture with the SHINY GLITTERING SILVER (love love!) grand piano but there were so many people that I decided…to take it on another day.

I am such a pathetic and shy person. Loser


Our new shoes! Me and Alien bought it together at the same store hehe!

Meet my el cheapo RM 15 Rubi shoes Love Struckand Alien’s red striped flip flops on the right! I can’t wait to pair it with socks oh yez!!!

I have 2 new shoes already and I’m aiming for more and of course, CHEAP ones muaHAHAHAHAhahaha!! Aiya, I’m not a person who loves branded stuff and I’m not embarrassed to say I love cheap stuff!

I don’t really care about quality as long as it’s wearable and cheap.

Seriously? Why buy something so expensive when there are much more cheaper ones out there! ^_^ Of course, the F21 shoes is acceptable la (trying to deny it T_T)


While waiting for the food to arrive….I can’t help it! I was THAT bored! Besides, the flowers were pretty so it was worth a shot BlushingIt is placed on the table for a reason, YES?


Me and Alien who’s still so shy-shy…heh heh and OH! You can check out a small part of the SHINY GLIMMERING SILVER GLITTERED grand piano behind us! Although you can’t really see the beauty of that piano Sad

What to do? I am after all using a camera phone to take pictures which is really embarrassing to use since everyone’s into DSLR these days!

I can’t wait to own one Cool


Face that clearly states, “RAWR! DIG IN TIME!” Big Grin

We all ordered the Set Lunch which consists of a Soup of the Day, a drink, an appetizer and a main course! Price wise, it is definitely pricy to me because I’m still a student who’s not working and OMGZ the service charge is SCARRRRRRY! Skull 

But anyhow, it’s quite filling (Hey, trust me, I’m a big eater okay) so it’s definitely worth a try!

140420111489 Appetizer – Caesar salad

Mmmm, I don’t usually like eating salads but this salad was scrumptious! Hmmmm, just looking at it makes me crave for more! The crispness + the tanginess of the salad + mayo just perks up my appetite for the next dish!


Soup of the day – I have nooooo idea what’s the name of this soup since I’m bad with food names – not like you don’t know that Worried

But okeh, verdict time! I usually don’t like creamy soups because they usually have this weird sour taste that makes me wanna puke it all out but surprisingly, this one tasted very nice ^_^

And I slurped it all up…happily! Hehe! 

140420111492 Meet Mei Shyan - the super petite but cute girl who don’t look her age!

You should look at her when she’s holding her huge A2 sized portfolio bag! I usually carry it with one hand but she uses two of her hands to carry! Super cute la Love Struck

140420111497 Ice Lemon Tea which tastes splendid as well! Okay, I admit, ANYTHING taste happy as long as I’m happy.

Likewise, happy food makes me a happy girl ^_^

The I-D-K what you call that but that um..rose stirrer?? is SO BLOODY PRETTY!!!

140420111498 That. I cannot resist.




With.It. Day dreaming

You know how guys or girls love to sort of bite a rose stalk to look “sexy” Oh, PLEASE, that is old fashioned already. Biting a plastic rose stalk is the “IN” way now! Plus, it also contributes to the environment ^_^

Plastic rose stalks = don’t die at ALL = keep it forever in your room


Real rose stalks = die = throw it away recklessly or either throw it in the bin which eventually ends up in the dumpster

Such a sad life Sigh

140420111511 Pretty looking menu

140420111512 Mei Shyan’s yummy looking “Grilled Barramundi” (Thank goodness I took a picture of the menu so I can go and look for the name of the dish hek hek) which smells MMMMhmmmm~


My Spaghetti Marinara which tastes so so so good!!

To be honest, after eating the whole dish and not leaving a single morsel, I still feel HUNGREHHH!! *growls like a mad woman*

I can’t help it! I’m a growing girl with a huge appetite! 

 140420111518Huge plate but small portions…how I wish it was the opposite TongueJust kidding. The size was just alright but of course, me being the greedy me would love if it was the size of two plates!

140420111520 Alien’s Turkey & Pineapple Sandwich

Alien’s appetite is so puny! And this is why it’s puny, observe ah...

The before..


Closer inspection of the sandwich ^_^

140420111523 And this is the AFTER.

See-reeeeiously??? Rolling Eyes

Only a few bites and Alien felt full already. Man, that girl has an appetite of a mini bug. Thank goodness she doesn’t read my blog or she will say, “Eyer, ni zhen soi ah!/你真坏” Ngek ngek ngek!!

140420111529 On the Taylor’s bus! When there’s time to kill, CAM WHORE! Weeeet!!

Ugly faces for the win!

140420111530 Azra Big Grin

140420111533 At Fundamental drawing class!

It’s one of the classes which I find challenging and tiring as well…because we normally spend about 5 hours or so in the drawing studio! But heck, I love learning new things especially things that I love learning about ^_^

150420111540 I love buns Love Struck

And oh! A sneak peek of my mickey mouse bed sheets which I lala love!!


My poor cute little sponge that looks a little disfigured ~ boo hoo!

Initially, I bought this from Daiso for my mum but she was reluctant to use such a cute sponge so I decided to pack it into the bag so I can use it for washing my plates in the hostel ^_^

It still looks cute, yes?? See it’s smiling for you so you better think it’s cute!!

170420111584 My first Creative Thinking assignment : Mind-maps about yourself!

We were asked to create a “Snapshots of your life” which is basically a “About me” mind-map! This assignment took me DAYS!!

It was really, really tiring as we were asked to draw on a mahjong paper which is SO huge that it takes up like half of the dining table!


The end of the penciled process..

Am gonna post pictures of the end of the whole process in another blog post! I video called with my mum via MSN a while ago whilst blogging and she complained that my art works look like drawings my little brother usually do! Please mum.

Talk to the hand

You no understand art.

I’m off to do my 2D assignment which is something to do with pop art and Gesalt(??) and also, my personality. Everything is about…myself, myself, myself. It’s about TIME!

Just kidding. I dunno why I typed that out but aneeweyz, have a good Sunday ^_^

As usual, you can view this ALBUM for more pics!


  1. You don't use a facial cleanser yet your face is so smooth *envy* and and you look cute in bun :D Btw, the store you guys bought the same shoes is Cotton On! One of my favourite place to shop heh The Gardens in Sunway seems to serve better food than the one I went, meh :/

  2. yummy yummy food :P and likey your bun-bun hairstyle ;P

  3. The last time I went to Garden I vomited because of the oyster shots :( I think it's because of alcohol.

    You are photogenic, look good in every photos!


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