Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Assignments galore!!

I’m just joking. I don’t really have that much assignments. But I wouldn’t call my course care-free because truth is, we don’t get much assignments on the first two days of the week which is Monday and Tuesday but we get LOTS of assignments after those two days because…

They’re mostly lectures on the first few days and then *POOF* ASSIGNMENTS BABEH! Hee hee

It’s like the lecturers have this evil scheme - “Talk talk for the first few days…and GIVE them no mercy on weekdays!! BWAHAHAHA”

But like I said, I don’t mind doing the assignments because I love them!

They’re really thrilling to think about…and Sad*sobs* Mr Sean said my presentation was too long for my latest assignment.

So, I’m not going to mope around my bed, feeling sad that I made a mistake for my 3rd 2D assignment so I’m going to jot down my weakness which is to “Cut down on my presentation time and give a direct message.” and improve it for the next presentation!

Sheesh! I’m too long-winded and odd thing is, WHY do I still feel shy when I do a presentation?? I really, really need to brush up on my presentation skills. Worried


My 2nd 2D assignment, “Closure” which was rather easy and less complicated compared to Miss Chee’s assignment, “Mind Map of yourself”

I don’t really want to list out the details of my 2D assignment since most of you won’t get it anyway so just have a look at it will do.

Does my expression look like the man above? Please tell me it does!

But hey, when I went to print that man’s picture at the printer shop, the boss lady asked me, “Why do you want to print a picture of such an ugly man?”

On second thought, no, please don’t tell me I look like that man. TQVM! Big Grin

I just realized I blog quite a lot these days! And they’re usually on weekdays or Sundays because that’s when I’m usually assignment-free or “Assignment is due in 1 week so let me blog first then continue to do my assignment” kind of thing.

And Sundays are the best (usually) cause that’s when I’m done with Mr Sean’s assignment! Man…he is really a very, very picky lecturer despite his cool fashion style. He said that a designer must be critical but I feel really, really bad to insult other people’s art work or to even make a bad comment about it.

That’s something I need to improve on. But, honestly, I don’t like the fact that we have to be picky because once we are picky about this, we will be picky about that and for our whole lives, we will always be picky about something and we will never ever be satisfied.

Oh my goodness. Why am I thinking so far? Time out

180420111593 Azra and her closure 2D assignment! Looks very…”Shrek-ish” indeed. And check out Shyuan at the background doing the most awesome head turn of the day.

*Flips* Oh, I’m sexy.

180420111594Bell and her final work! Personally, I really like Bell’s one a lot because I like the arrangement, plus the colours look very pretty and the model as well! Duh. Hehe!

And oh….I totally love observing what Bell wears each day to college! She usually have a habit of wearing baggy long oversized shirts but with a different pattern each day! It could be lace today, or maybe transparent or even words…interesting! Smug

180420111595 Us and our projects!

Side note, my fringe looks so nice that day one! Usually, it looks…awful and oily cause it clumps to one side and that’s all. Phbbbttt

And this is how my mind-map looks after all the colouring and painting and stuff ^_^

190420111603 We all feel so satisfied after finishing the mind map assignment because honestly, it was ONE difficult and tiring assignment …*whew*

Lots of sweat and blood (JK!!!) involved yo! Don’t play play!

190420111606 Mei Shyan’s kiyutte mind-map of herself!

190420111608 A vain snippet of me (on the mind-map itself) that attracted Miss Chee which led her on to question me about my hairstyle. =_=

She kept on saying “WOAH! It’s so straight! Like those dolls” Hey! Do I really look that different with my bangs?

I can’t wait to cut it again! Just looking at my side fringe makes me very…very…uneasy. I just feel so plain with that fringe! In Sibu, I feel common with that fringe because OMG, everywhere you go in Sibu, you’re bound to find a girl with a “DIE-STRAIGHT” hair (You know, those kind of hair that is like…super super straight that it looks too straight to be even called straight, yeah that kind of straight hair! Worried) AND A STRAIGHT-CUT fringe.

I am not joking. That’s why I feel so un-special when I see someone with that hairstyle. Oddly enough, in Taylor’s, I find so liiiiiiiiiittttttle people with that kind of fringe!

Oh yeah, I am so gonna cut it when I come back to Brunei *Can’t wait!!!*

190420111610 Azra trying to mimic my pose (yep, the one where the brown arrow is pointing at)

Fail or success? You judge!

190420111616 Nic’s 1000 watt smile + his mind-map!

Oh ya, his Chinese name is called Nicholas Yuen Jia Cheng right and he told me it’s very, very easy to write his Chinese name.

You know what it is?

O + X

Yeah. Yuen Jia Cheng.

Omg lame much!!! Talk to the hand


Titanic” – Nicholas

Yep. Definitely a topic. That sums up everything you see in this picture.

And check out that lazy bum Shyuan snoozing away in class…tsk tsk! Consequences of playing with your laptop till 1 AM in the morning when you have an 8 AM class on the next day. Day dreaming

190420111622 Mei Shyan



190420111625 Her boyfriend. Awwwwww Love Struck


Intermission! My face. Double peace! v^_^V

Oh man..just realized this peace isn’t a good peace! Sorry if any of you feel offended. I don’t mean it that way…seriously.


Mei Shyan’s only 152 cm!

I really like petite people! They are super cute! Most of my course mates are petite so I really like touching their heads and patting it! They’re mostly a head shorter than me so I usually have to tilt my head a little to talk to them! Hehe! Super cute!


This is why I like Nicholas. He’s so willing to do the “Puffer-fish” pose with us girls! Awww BlushingWithout complaining.

Well, he did grunted a little but he didn’t complain THAT much!


Us, our mind maps and Miss Chee doing the DOUBLE PEACE pose v^_^v

Sadly, Miss Chee’s not teaching us Creative Thinking anymore SadEven though she laugh at her own jokes which is sometimes not funny…and quite a fail, she’s still an interesting teacher – in a way.

At least she makes an effort to make the class less quiet. The class is DEFINITELY less quiet now. In fact, it’s quite noisy. =_=

The first week was like “SILENCE” each time I enter the class. Everyone usually seats by themselves or far away from the board – I seriously have NO idea why. But look at us now! We crowd at one space and talk like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s funny how things changed in such a short period of time!


A small portion of my “Mind-map”!

Just in case you are wondering, those little yellow cards you see are actually “fake polaroids” if you get what I meant hehe

190420111641 A tiny portion of Alien’s mind map!

Have you checked out her mind-map? IT’S LIKE A DICTIONARY. I’m serious. Full of words eh-ve-li-way!! I get dizzy just by looking at it. Hypnotized

You know what? Alien is STILL so shy with me whilst I am totally not shy with her at all. It’s like I can ramble on and on and on and she will just sit there like a good girl listening to every single word I say. ( Truth is - in her mind, she’s like : SHUT UP LILIAN! Nah, jokes. She wouldn’t dare, would she? Devil)

She is so shy to use my laptop when she’s in my hostel and basically, she’s STILL very shy. I have no idea why.

But hey, I love shy people cause when they’re shy, I don’t feel that shy anymore! *wink*

Oh ya! That super duper cute picture above…

I find that sooooooooooo kawaii so I decided to mimic it..


Looks like “Ouch, mummy I got a toothache”

Sorry lo, I don’t have such a long and V shaped mouth and I definitely don’t have shiny shiny eyes!

200420111683 Like I said before, taking vain shots in my hostel room = Peace Sign

And oh! I curled my hair for fun that day! ^_^ But they were very very minimal curls – more to waves actually!

And it was also Miss Shyuan’s 18th birthday!

You know what? I didn’t know in Malaysia, you’re supposed to state your “YEAR age” (Like for example, if you’re born in 1993 and this year is 2011, subtract it and that’s your age) not your “REAL-after-bday age” (For example, I’m born in 2nd July and after 2nd July, I will be 18 so I’m still considered 17 Peace Sign) which is pretty odd and something new to me!

Cause when I tell people my age, this is the response they give.

Person: How old are you?

Me: Seventeen.

Person: OMG! So young! Did you skip a grade or something? (Wah, sound so smart)

Me: Ohh…my birthday hasn’t reached yet..

Person: Oh, cheh!

Then, Shyuan told me - in Malaysia, they don’t care about the “REAL after bday age” instead, they value the “YEAR age” MORE! Ugh! Such a big no-no! Why do you want to get older so fast?

My birthday was last July only Phbbbttt

Imagine this: If your birthday was on 31st December and a new year comes, OH EM GEE!! You add on another year in one day’s time! AWESOME.

Well, it’s sad if you’re reaching the big three-o and if you want to follow Malaysia style - “Oh hey, I’m 29 years old on 31st December!”

Spoiler person: And you will be 30 years old after the new year! Congrats! *Person gives a very devilish look*

I would shove a real fish into that person’s filthy mouth. Oh yeah. I will.


Since it was Shyuan’s birthday and she had a Wong Kok discount card, we headed on to Wong Kok Char Teng to get a free HUMONGOUS teh-tarik!! Why does it look so small in this picture Sad

I was the “drink-server” for the day because BOO!!! They all didn’t know how to fill the glasses without spilling! I’m the pro. *puts on shades* Just kidding. I was one because I offered to be one.

I really like Wong Kok because the portions they serve are JUST NICE for a big eater like me! Just one plate and I’m full. Super awesome!!

Because USUALLY, when I’m not satisfied or full yet, I head on to…

210420111701 SNOGURT!!! Love Struck

I love Snogurt so much that I even liked it on Facebook and I don’t usually like pages so be honoured, Snogurt and give me a five percent discount or something!

I ALWAYS order Snogurt English Waffle Set because….it’s worth it.

1 cup of tea or coffee of your choice.. 


Two pieces of hot piping + crispy English waffle served with butter and Maple syrup or chocolate syrup (If you’re lucky, they will serve you chocolate syrup which taste 10 times better)


And not forgetting, the main ACTRESS (Cause I support females like that!), Miss Snoggy in Dewy Melon!!

Out of ALL the flavours, DEWY MELON still remains a personal favourite of mine! Hmmmm~

Since it’s a “Take yourself” kind of thing, I make sure that I take a lot so it’s worth the price!! Angel 

You can even fake an “accidental” like what Mei Shyan did except it wasn’t accidental, it was real. She didn’t know how to stop the machine from overfilling her cup  so in the end, her cup was overflowing with fresh yummy yoghurt and the best part, it still remains the same price!

Sigh. I wished I did that.

But, fake it at your own risk okay! ^_^

There may be consequences…*coff*

210420111704And it’s ALL FOR RM 6.90 only!!


See, I’m doing free advertising for them again…hai hai hai..Snogurt oh give me at least 2 percent discount even though I’m not a famous blogger who has 1000 views, in fact, I just realized that I don’t really care how many views I get per day already! Lazy to check also hehe)

In case you didn’t realize, a lot of these pictures were taken on this one particular day and some on another day and the same goes for the rest…which explains, the different outfits.


Fundamental drawing was fun that day because we get to walk around and draw contours of different objects and people instead of doing the usual….drawing and spending hours sitting on a chair and drawing contours or boxes or lines till our shoulders hurt!

But I was quite lazy that day. I wasn’t as hard working as the rest hehe cause I was busy observing people walking around the campus. Especially observing girls with nice SHOES!! Drooling

And also…I was busy taking pictures around the campus!

210420111717 The environment of my college is so pretty! It would be such a waste if I did not pictures of it or me with it. Either way, it’s the same!

Wah! Look at me, I’m so strong that I’m able to pull that “thing” apart Dancing


Oh my goodness. This is such a hideous picture of me but WILL you look at Azra swinging my poor hunchback pink bear T_T

And she looks like she’s drunk here! HAHAHAHA!! And I look like…aiya. The word “Aiya” explains everything.


Me and Azra Happy


I love this shot! Look at the surroundings! Pretttttty!!

A lot of people complain that the water is very green-ish and disgusting looking but personally, I find it pretty. Azra thinks there are crocodiles inside. =_=


Shyuan is so….

I fight with her every single time we talk. It’s like fighting is the only way we can communicate with one another. In this picture, it’s so obvious that I’m annoyed with her =_=

Each time I want to take a vain shot, she purposely comes into the picture and disrupts the whole peacefulness of an individual picture of moi!! Phbbbttt


Aw, such a happy picture of Mei Shyan that is 100 percent natural! No fake smiles whatsoever!


And this is me with really messy hair because the wind was really strong that day and also, I was wearing this thick wooly knit outer jacket which made me sweat heaps and yeah, I was wearing it because I don’t have a cardigan T_T

Yes, I don’t own a cardigan. Loser

Anyways, I just logged onto my BB7 which is like an online classroom between you and your lecturers and I see my assignments already….so yes, I assume I will be busy these few days so ta-ta!

Oh ya! I really like blogging about short posts like this (Wait…it isn’t really considered short, is it?) But since I have uploaded most of the photos here – wait, not ALL since I will be uploading ALL in Facebook so go check it out in Facebook instead.

And I just realized, they’re mostly about my daily life and I like that!

I used to find posts about daily life boring but now, I don’t! I have no idea why…oh well, this is a blog, after all, yeah?

So, cheers to daily short posts like this! Peace Sign


  1. This is not a short post okay, compared to mine at least HAHA but still I enjoy reading it (: Anyway, I think the assignments is really cool.

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  3. Ur assignments seemed so fun! :D


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