Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is the day I have been waiting for *eyes light up*

The day where I hold the *invisible* key of FREEDOM!!!

Yes people.

(I sound like I just came out from prison -_-)

This is the reason why I'm stuck so long in Sibu (2 months altogether) and not being able to return to good ol' Brunei where people are nice enough to let you cross the roads even though there are no zebra crossings, politely gesturing you to cross the roads and being patient to pedestrians...AND OH! Let's not forget, the good ol' car signals. ^_^

In Sibu - quoted by my cousin "Having a zebra crossing is like having no zebra crossing." True that! And thereby, I quote this - "Having a signal light is like having no signal light" to describe certain drivers in Sibu.

Like WTF, even in exams, they don't give us L license holders PITY! That's why I'm about to quote this as well - "Having a L plate is like having no L plate"

They even honked me *sobs* *sobs*

But, I shall fret no more...because

I haz passed my driving test!! *jumps with joy*

(Evil: I still remember which kind of cars honked me, I'm coming for you evil wait MUA HA HA HA)

I am the world's happiest girl at this moment. I could not sleep last night because I kept on thinking about the test and worrying that I will fail it instantly - not on the road but on the driving circuit as well. This is how "negative" I am.

But after praying to God to ask Him to guide me, I feel much, much better. :) terrible nightmare became a reality.

I had to drive a proton saga to park, do a three-point turn and the hill and I'm like, "WTFFFFFFFFF" O______O

Everyone's dream test car has got to be a small and short kancil because it's small and short. Just like that. Everyone's nightmare test car...well, mine actually = a long and not slim proton saga T_T

I'm alright with the slope, it's the parking and three point turn that I'm most worried about! Dropping poles are so not cool. But thank goodness, I passed the parking and the three point turn *tears of joy*

When I passed all three - I'm happy but not for long. There's still the road test. *cough* Did I mention how bad I am on the road? Oh yes, I did. In my previous posts...I presume.

Three things I'm most worried about:

1) Not passing
1b) Not passing (oops double haha it was on purpose *snickers*)

2) Stalling

Stalling is embarrassing plus it takes up a lot of time as well!

Thank goooooooodness I did not stall T_T

3) Getting a scary tester

Hmmm. Well, he wasn't very nice but he wasn't very strict either. He didn't say much but he was really nice to tell me that my handbrake wasn't pushed down.

YES PEEPOL, stupid me forgot to BLOODY engage my handbrake in place!! My goodness. This could actually result in a "FAIL" if my tester was strict. But I am still really thankful.

Too thankful, indeed.

And guess what??? I nearly bumped into a cyclist man!! Well, didn't really bump - more like "nearly"? See what I mean by sucky steering skills?

Well, this wasn't much of a problem but I think he finds my driving very slow because I was driving 40 km/hour most of the time...heh heh's better to be safe than sorry right??

And while I was switching gears, I accidentally switched off the radio HAHAHAHAHA shit. I wonder how he felt that time.

The situation was like: *soft music* ~ *silent*
This is my test mark.

When I first saw it, I was like "FOURTEEN? Shit man...I failed" whilst walking to a driving instructor...then I saw the "Lulus" being ticked...

I LOVE YOU TESTER!! I really do!! Even though I'm so shitty in the road, he's still willing to pass me. T__________T

It seriously looks like a "14" doesn't it? eye sight fooled me..

A "16" is a "just passed" mark but whatever, even though it's the lowest mark out of 20 (full marks), I'm still fine with it. :D

I don't intend to be a super 20 driver or whatsoever.

My mission is completed.

My to-do-list is done.

I am happy. :*) Very happy.

I'm ready for university now. YES I AM!!!! *cheers*

My black roots are hideous. -_- But I'm starting to love my hair color! With each hair-wash, the colour fades and slowly turns into a "golden blonde-ish" colour!

It was reddish brown last time :(

I am so damn tempted to dye my hair again but I shall refrain from doing so.

After spending so much on driving lessons and so.....I better save up..

Black roots, you shall diminish when I get enough money to do so *evil laughter*

*floats off to La La land*


  1. Congratulations for passing the test Lilian! ;) i wish i had freedom..

  2. Weee!! Lilian can drive di.. Did u bribe.. nyeh nyeh!

  3. congrate :) that time when i passed my car test i am freaking happy too..wans't easy to pass .. for me la :D

  4. @Cassy Thank q Cassy....freedom as in getting your own license? me, it ain't easy :X

    Melvino: HAHAHA of course not :P If I could, I would have bribed him to give me a 20/20 ahahaha!

    Catherine Ang: HI-5! Same here, that test wasn't easy man! Nervousness makes everything hard T_T

  5. the truth is that no matter how good or how bad you drive, they will give you either 16 or 17 as long as you can drive.

  6. Congratulation :)

  7. Congrats Lilian!! In Singapore, we just need to get below 20 marks to pass. Welcome to the driving world! It won't be too pleasant at times, but on the whole, it was a wonderful experience!

  8. Wow.Congrate.!! Hahaha..About your is funneh..

  9. Congratulations! :D

  10. Gratz!!!
    Counting down my freedom....
    8 more months to go :D


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