Friday, March 04, 2011

New skin with my FACE on it version 2!

"You're gonna seat for your Pra-Ujian on Friday, ok?" My instructor blabbered out that sentence whilst I was driving on the road. I immediately turned to him and replied brashly, "What? When??"

I knew deep inside that I heard the word "Friday" but I was just too stubborn to believe I'm really going to be seating for a driving test - that soon.

I had no confidence in myself, I felt like I'm going to fail this pra-ujian and will be forced to fork out 65 dollars just to re-sit the test. And it isn't even the real JPJ test yet.

But, I am so thankful to pass my pra-ujian and will be taking the real test this Thursday. All I can say is, "Finally."

I heard that the JPJ officials are super strict and will inspect each and every of your mistakes and will not hesitate to cancel a few marks here and there D:

I'm super worried for the road test! And the parking and the slope and the three point turn, basically, EVERYTHING. T_T

As long as I'm not done with my driving test, I will never ever feel secure and happy.

Honestly, I am a little bit happy because I passed my pra-ujian driving test but I am not happy about my marks D:

1) My gear
2) My signal
3) I nearly got "cheek-kissed" by another car on the road if you get what I mean :P

Yeap, I'm pretty sure I lost my marks because of that..

But in the real test, you can only lose 4 bloody marks! Not more than that or you F-A-I-L.

Fail is such a nasty word...

Anyway, moving on to a happier topic! I just changed my layout...hehe again!

I find the previous one really messy and hideous - now that I look at it...

Moving on to a new one ^_^

It's quite a simple skin and it didn't take me long to edit it and stuff and honestly, I get really lazy to think up of cool skins or complicated ones :P

Shall stick to a three column skin for now! I think it's my first time using a three-column skin! I always avoid using it because each time I edit a skin and make it three-columned, it looks plain weird. So for the first time, I decided to give this three column thingy a try!

Hope it's pleasant to your eyes :)

And say hello to another my face + doodled body of mine :P I dunno how to draw roses so I simply doodled them like that hoping they would look like roses...hehe!

Nothing much to say about this skin but hehe, I would love to introduce you to this new thing...

A reply option! Can I hear a YAYYYYYYYYYYY?

I don't really reply to people's comments unless it's in a form of a question :B But, I shall change and reply to everyone's comments for now since I have a reply option! Easy-peasy! Initially, I wanted to doodle a "Reply" picture but then, it looks "messy" so I decided to stick to a simple text one.

Thanks to Spiceupyourblog, I learned how to implement this code into my layout ^_^

I hope you like my latest skin and adios, I'm off to watch "Kimi Ni Todoke" B)

I've been an anime freak these days and I love it. Anime guys are seriously the definition of H-O-T. Too bad they aren't real.


  1. Don't be scared deary! Gambateh yea! =D

  2. I love yr new layout, more tidy! :D Loving the header too, the flower looks so pretty.

    All the best for test!

  3. @~Snowman~ Thank you Xue Ren Tan :D I will gambateh!

  4. @Hilda Milda™ I know...hahaha the previous one was so messy D: Definitely prefer this one...for the time being!

  5. You will do just right! All the best =D


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