Monday, March 07, 2011

Food for thought......NOT!

For the time being, I have completed two out of three things in my To-do-list! Not the driving license part *HAH* I wish...

Well, I'm gonna make it happen instead of a "I wish..." :)

I bought a new phone! It's nothing special cause it's actually quite an old phone but nevertheless, I still love it because it's awesome! The music is great, the photos taken aren't as clear as a digital camera but it's still acceptable in terms of camera phones and the best part, it has a QWERTY keypad! Rocks socks ;)

I absolutely detest typing on touch screen phones because I personally find time-consuming but with a QWERTY keypad, I can type much faster! ^_^

In case you're wondering what kind of phone I bought - it's a Nokia C6-00! Touch screen + qwerty keypad = best of both worlds babeh!!

And below are photos taken using my new phone heh heh heh

Purty raindrops...

I love waking up early in the morning! The weather's just nice and my appetite's always good around that time!

Me, my Love and Ivy

Guess who's my love? The packet of green tea :D

She's gonna kill me when she sees this picture BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

This is such a rare picture of her! She did that expression because she saw me doing this expression each time I take pictures of myself with weird stuff :P

You should pose like this more :P Suits you veliiiiii much!

Lo and behold, FOOD PICTURES! Food pictures are a yes-yes *rubs tummy*

Craving for some jelly? No prob, this will definitely suffice your jelly cravings.












OH EM GEE!!! Did you just get trick or did YOU just get trick by mua and yours truly??


Oh yes you did. You just won yourself a smack on your forehead or wherever body parts you wish to smack yourself at.

If you did not fall for that!! You're a party-pooper :( No fun!

Don't they look so real? I almost got tricked by my cousin as well!

Even my tee got tricked! Check out it's "Horny for food" face!

This is too cute! It's a "pretend" chocolate milk shake, I presume...hehe but it's actually just a plastic cup with a brown coloured towel placed inside it! Cute much :D

OH! The green straw is real.....well duh!

Ivy's "Not in the mood" face + a strawberry towel sponged cake.

She's unhappy because.....she just found out that the sponge cake is actually a towel cake.
Man, if this porridge was real, I would have gobble it up this instant :D Looks yummy, don't you think so?

I have no idea what this job was to take pictures of anything or everything that resembles food while Ivy's job is to find anything or everything that resembles food :P

Good teamwork eh!
MMMMM~ yummy vermicelli food + tofu + chinese sausages?/luncheon meat? + vegetables

Too bad they're fake....

Yummy wantan soup

Looking at wantans make me crave for some prawn wantans or the homemade wantans my auntie used to make for me when my grandma was overseas :(                                    Now, doesn't this look so real? It's a white chocolate eraser! SUPER CUTE LA! HEHE :D

Not. HAHAHA, that's the real deal. And it costed me RM 19.90 T_________T

Initially, I planned to buy a RM 5.90 chocolate packet but because of my itchy hands that long to open up every packet I see, I had no choice but to buy the 19.90 one because WHY ON EARTH OUT OF EVERYTHING I had to open up the 19.90 packet.........*sobs uncontrollably*

This is what I call a genuine bittersweet feeling. Each time I eat that packet of chocolate, I feel the chocolate's sweetness + my bitterness from losing RM 19.90 :(

Ending this post with a picture of my favourite niece, Eileen! I lalalalala love her cause she's super adorable *kisses*

And again, I'm off to watch Kimi Ni Todoke + nom on that 19.90 packet of chocolate. (Sorry but I just had to highlight the 19.90 part)


  1. Omg! I almost got a c6 too! It's a good phone but I didn't get it cause it's not pink. Hahaha! Your niece has really big round eyes! :3

  2. The pictures are really clear (: Congrats on getting a new phone and hell yeah the food looks so real, I'm so hungry right now. Oh no.

  3. @Michee Yep, they're really round and nice <3 Makes her look so adowable, if you're considering a pink phone, you should go look for sony vivaz pink edition - it's a nice shade of pink :D

  4. @Hilda Milda™ Thank q! HAHA *feeds hilda with a towel*(my version of sponge cake)

  5. The picture quality is acceptable :)

  6. OMG they look so delish! so evil if buy for ppl on diet lols....ur nice looks so innocent ^^

  7. that's quite some colourful food

  8. that jelly shocked me !! :O

  9. RM19.90 ! but the chocolate are nice D8 *just forget the money lets eat chocolate* XD

  10. I love the japanese fake food. I've always found those fascinating. O_O


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