Monday, March 14, 2011

Bye Sibu....for now :*)

After staying in Sibu for more than a month, I'm back in my "other" hometown, Miri.

I miss my Sibu grandmother so much now T_T I miss her cooking and I miss her nagging me to get off my laptop when I spend way too much time hogging the laptop!

And I definitely miss her saying bad stuff about my driving instructor + telling me "police jokes" *inside joke*

And I miss my little cute cousins Eileen and Edwin as well! And not to forget my not-so-little but still cute cousins, Ivy and Vera! Are you guys reading this now?

I miss torturing Vera and she would always call me, "Sot ah ni" which basically means, "crazy ah you" in English. Ivy is less fun because she never responds to me when I call her T3T, so ignored.

I'm staying in Miri for a couple of days before returning to Brunei~ wheeeee~ although I'm a bit reluctant to leave Sibu, I'm glad to say hello to my Brunei room *tears of joy* and my closet! Did you know how much I miss my closet??

All the clothes in my luggage is boring already! I can even memorize how they look like and can even doodle all of them if you want but even if you want it, I shall not so it's pretty much useless to even state that.

Gonna get new frames for my spectacles tomorrow or some other day! Excited. :D

I'm so scared to check my degree! What if it increased by 100+ or 200?? -__-'''

Anyways, "Fresh" pictures taken in Sibu a few days back hehe

It's fresh for a reason.

Initially, I went to the salon with an open heart and mind - wanting to cut my hair "bob length" and straight-cut bangs - the usual....and I DID!

Congratulate me please! It's not easy for someone like me and even though, "Hair does grow", it's still difficult to convince someone with long hair to cut short hair. Trust me, I tried it on someone with long hair before. Mainly, my cousin.

I reprimanded her to cut her split ends for days and she still said the same thing, "But I grow until so long already!"


No use.

Well, it works on me :D

And I did get it bobby-cut. Woots!

I love salon-freshed hair. My hair feels like a new born baby - soft and light, just the way I love it.

And what happens to it tomorrow?

It grows up overnight - to a teenager. Rebellious and stubborn. Yep, that's my hair.

HAH. Just kidding.

I bet I did not even manage to trick any of you guys who's reading this *sob*

I suck in trying to fake short hair bah! I'm sorry.

When the hairstylist asked me, "Short or long?" I desperately wanted to say a firm, "Short." But what came out of my mouth was different. T_T I said, "Long."

So he did his magic and trimmed my hair - gave it a "V" shape on the top part of my hair and did a "U" shape at the bottom layer of my hair. It's hard to explain but I like it anyways :D

My Sibu grandmama promised to treat me to some Mc Donalds or KFC if I passed my driving license and I did and made her proud weeet!

Anyways, instead of Mc Donalds, we went Qin Shan Food Place or something since it's cheaper and the portions are just right enough for us greedy people! By greedy people, I meant - the whole bunch of us ranging from my little cute cousin to my older cousins to my aunt to my grandmama.

Yep - that many.

Mc Donald's puny portions will never satisfy us. Plus, it will burn a hole in my grandmama's wallet.

Me and Ivy

Super low quality pic I know! You can even see how pixelated is it! My phone camera takes really awful night shots without flash so do bear with it :D

A must order whenever you go to Qin Shan!

Shui Guo Ping! I forgot what it's called in English but I shall translate it for you, "Ice Fruits" hmmmm, sounds better in Chinese.

To disgust you, I'm gonna add this description, "Ice smothered with hot piping chili sauce" Sound/look yummy or not? :D

When you dig in...

This is an example of - "True beauty lies deep within" Looks unattractive outside but totally beautiful inside. :)

But in reality, it tastes nothing like chili sauce!! Lots of fruits + yummy agar + milk + ice = 5 star!

We ordered the usual:

Dunno the name of this dish but it tastes really really GOOD and cheap as well.
The vegetable + meat filling :D

So yummeh! I'm craving for it now! But since I'm at home, I can only ogle at it. Shall cook instant noodles for myself later :(

Salad sotong! So crunchy and flavourful!

I'm quite bad at doing food reviews because all I type is "Cheap" "Yummy" and "Good" so I'm quite a fail in food blogging.

But, I self-proclaimed that I'm quite good at writing anime reviews! Anyone wants to hear about my anime reviews? *cricket cricket*

I reckon this is the best dish of the night - Sambal sotong. The sauce is just superb.

Just one bite is enough to make you exclaim out, "Oto-san." which means "Papa"

HAHAAHA ok la, that is a bit exaggerated so I'm gonna say it in a less exaggerated form. It tastes ICHIBAN!! 一番!!!

So boring *pouts*

Just look at that huge and fleshy squids *squeals with delight*

Ikan bakar with sambal sauce + two fat and juicy limes

Sauce is awesome. Fish is not as awesome as the sauce.
But, I'm not a very picky person so I just gobbled it up like a good girl :D

At least it's fresh! I swear, fresh fish is REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLY so good. I just realized how good my father is at buying fresh fish. I think he has a habit of buying fresh fish. Somehow, he always comes home with a happy look on his face whenever he manages to buy a fresh fish.

Like a happy housewife :D

It's time to torture Edwin B)

Me: OMG! Edwin is "eating" my cheek!
Edwin: Om nom nom

Me: *tries to kiss Edwin*
Edwin: WTF! This jie jie is trying to steal my first kiss! I'm saving it for my first love :(

Poor Edwin is like a kissing slave. AHAHAHA.

We kept on forcing him to kiss us on the cheeks till he got fed up and decided to ignore us :(

The next morning which was my second last day in Sibu...I sound like I'm never coming back to Sibu - well, I am. But yeah, just to properly illustrate my point...heh heh

What if later some of you go, "Eh, why suddenly got night picture then morning again! Magic!!!" :O

My dirty fake "Paul Frank" shoes and my cousin's purple bow sandals :D

I have a phobia of painting my toe nails. I dunno why, I just don't like to show my toes to people which is why I usually buy shoes that covers my toes. I also have a habit of staring at people's toes which is ironic since I don't like to show people my toes.

I like to see if their toe nails have any black stuff in it or green HAHAHA (moss?) I'm sick like that. So, take good care of your toe nails if you see me :P I'm a good toe nail observer.

At night, me and Vera walked from her house to Delta Mall to grab some nom nom since we *coff* I was starving! Planned to eat some cheap nom but settled for this supposed to be extraordinary coffee shop, "Red Carrot" which oddly, did not have anything "Carrot-y" on their menu.

The "Tick and Go" menu

Totally easy :D And great for people who dunno how to pronounce certain dish names. Like me *coff*

I didn't know how to pronounce "Carbonara" last time, so embarrassing T_T
Reaching you :D (Kimi ni Todoke) Lame illustration but you get the point~

My cousin told me that the drinks here are very expensive and special in terms of the pricing and after much consideration, I decided to order the cheapest "special" drink they have in the menu. And it costed me RM 3.80 only.

In Malaysia, the number matters.

Vera's drink

Looks like lemon peng decorated with a cute pink spoon :D

Although mine is cheaper, it looks more attractive compared to Vera's naked looking drink.

Both drinks are a huge disappointment. They both tasted like cream soda, seriously.

Except that Vera's tasted like cream soda + some sort of sour thingy and mine tasted like cream soda + bits of jelly + longan.

And guess what's the name of this drink.

Rainbow drink. Hmm, I see. *scornful laughter*

I feel cheated. T_____T

Vera's Penang Fried Kuey Tiaw @ RM 5.50

Vera said it's ridiculously expensive. If you convert this to Brunei dollars, it will only costs her BND 2+ and it's ridiculously cheap if you think the Brunei way.

But then again, in Malaysia, the number matters a lot.

My tomato sauce kuey tiaw - the appearance looks nice but meh, it tasted like crap. Seriously. It's so oily and I specifically told the waitress NOT to add garlic because I am allergic to garlic.

Well, it's a lie but waitresses are so stubborn! Even if you tell them you are allergic to garlic, they still love omitting it from the order form! I'm actually helping them to save a little cash you know? Garlics are very expensive in Malaysia!

I was so tempted to order the Sarawak Laksa but I chose this instead. Bad mistake.

Did I mention how tasty Sarawak Laksa is? It's the BOMB. I loooooooooooooooove it!!

So did I like Red Carrot?

A smiley face exclaims out "YES I LOVE IT!" And...a

Sad face states a blatant NO.

And I'd have to go with the no.

It was a waste of money T______T

And oh!! Right after we're done with dinner, we walked to Delta Mall and they were having an anime DVD sale!! Imagine my happiness! I saw quite a few DVDs I wanted like - Fruits basket, Clannad since I can't find them on Youtube dunno why :(

But they were closing T_T So the next day, with high hopes, I went back to the very same place and spent 30 minutes searching and tried to withstand the annoying pushers patiently...but no avail.

I couldn't find ANY anime I wanted.

Such a fail. *sob*

But I got a fashion magazine instead. :) And it's in Chinese.

Ho. Ho. Ho.


  1. It's so nice that you're so close to yr grandmum. I lost both my grandmums at an earlier age ): At one point, I really thought that you cute yr hair! What a suspense LOL

  2. omggggeee your lil cousin Edwin is SO CUTE! *pinch pinch pinch!*

  3. ur ikan bakar so tempting>< i stole all my little cousins' first kiss aso.muahaha dun care XP

  4. NICEEEE posstt!!! i likey likey! enjoy yr photos! hehe!


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