Monday, February 21, 2011

What is your dream?

I'm a little lazy to write a "meaningful" post so I'm just gonna blabber anything that comes into my mind.

Anyway, what is your dream?

That's a question I love asking people about and wondering....what their dreams are. To me, dreams are intimate and very precious. It's like my heart - in a way.

I keep it safely inside of me and hoping I would accomplish it one day.

It really doesn't matter what you dreams are as long as you actually HAVE a dream. Having a dream is so beautiful. I envy people who actually HAVE dreams.

"I wanna be the world's richest man" Well that's a dream as well.

"I wanna have SUPERPOWERS and save the world from evil" Thoughtful but maybe a little unrealistic but it sure never hurts to believe, eh? You never might achieve a superpower someday...

Sadly, I still do not know what my dreams are. I might have a lot of dreams...or just one dream.

Isn't it amazing to see someone knowing what their dreams are and they work hard for it - no matter what it takes?

That makes that someone so special.

Speaking of achieving and stuff, I would be really happy if I quickly finish up my driving lessons and take my driving test and finally a bloody P license because driving is not as easy as it seems, to me la...T_T

Cause my hands are weak so I can't control the steering well enough....I might end up driving into a river...seriously.

My bad steering and the instructor = obstacles I have to overcome *Le sigh*

Stuff I'm currently very interested at:

These are Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Fur Pink *ooooh* The colour is so adorable-looking and just screams "GIRLY"!!!

I saw this pair of babies in Lookbook a few months ago but I wasn't attracted to them - yet.

The more I see them, the more I find them attractive. Odd huh?

Kurt Geiger Ediva platform shoes

Don't worry, I'm not brand conscious :P (I'm a kiam-sap person)

I just like typing the names out - makes them sound more "rich" and "alive"

A shoes without a brand name is like a human without a name! No one wants to be called "that person" or "this person" for their lifetime! Same goes for shoes :P

"That shoes" or "this shoes" Nuh-uh!

These shoes are pretty looking but the heels.....are so lengthy. Did I mention how UGLY I walk whenever I wear high heels? I rarely wear high heels so whenever I wear them out, I would wobble like an inexperienced trapeze artist standing on his/her trapeze. No joke.

That's how bad I walking whenever I wear heels.

And I also walk in snail speed. Even a turtle can outrun me. Or maybe not. If I run whilst wobbling, I'm sure I could actually outrun a turtle :D

Thigh high socks are so bloody sexy ; I would love to own them heheheh

I started loving thigh high socks when I saw Ohsofickle wearing pictures la.

Her dressing sense is really good, it's edgy yet sexy but not slutty ; I usually visit her blog just to drool at the way she dresses.

Picture above credits to FashionToast

And ohhhh!! I found this awesome Tumblr blog which draws really good stuff! Her illustration is simply breathtaking and makes me awe with jealousy :(

Her fashion sense is simply amazing as well ♥

She uses a lot of same pieces but still manages to come up with various beautiful outfits!

Two of my favourites ; thigh high socks and a puffy skirt

♥ ♥ ♥
I love love love love this look so much!! It's soooooooooooooo cute!!

I lalalalala love this!!

Basically, I love them all. You should check out her site! Really worth a visit :)

Click on her "What I wore" labels to check out more of them...they're lovely!

These are all saved under a folder "Fashion Inspirations" Love love! ^_^

One of my favourite lookbookers in Lookbook has got to be Jessica Tran(click on her site to check out her awesome looks)

Her style is SO different yet quirky that it makes her, her!!

A few of my favourite looks of her ;

That blazer of hers is simply amazing!

One thing I like about her is, she doesn't shop in all those expensive stores or own expensive shoes or clothings - most of her clothes are from thrift stores so YAY :D

Fashion need not be expensive :D

I noticed that accessories play an important role in outfits........but sadly to say, I don't like wearing necklaces and bracelets and rings and all........

Accessories to me are like..."armpit hairs" (Sorry I have to use such a vulgar example) I like to hide and try to minimize them as possible.

My grandmama's closet is the BOMB. Since she flew to China for a week, (leaving me alone and lonely most of them time T______T) I get to....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAA dig in her closet and find some love-leh clothings and wear them (for fun) and play with them!


P/S: I helped to edit my cousin's skin + doodled her header last night! She's so fussy :P The rest are all blogger's property except for the background and the header! Do check out her blog @ HERE


  1. Gosh! I love Jessica Tran, I used to 'stalk' her tumblr too! How I wish I can wear clothes like hers too, simply gorgeous :D

  2. OOO! I love your fashion blog post! GORGEOUS!


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