Monday, February 14, 2011

Smile forever and ever!

HOLA!!! Are my pictures big or what??

I'm sure you noticed that my pictures gained "weight" sideways quite a bit, ey? The low quality pictures would explain it.

All this while I have been using the OLD blogger editor instead of the new one because personally, I find it very laggy and slow and I like my pictures to be less manageable, i.e load fast.

But they load alright, so far! ^_^

Anyways, I still have loads of pictures to post up ; they're mostly pictures from my Puchong Trip and I feel kinda lazy to blog about them cause I took so many T_T

Do you want me to blog about them? ^_^

Feedback is nice, TQVM!

And oooooh, I FINALLY got my L driving license!! I've waited for almost a month and finally, it's out, it's out!

Fingers crossed that I can finish my lessons fast and take the driving test and finally, HELLO THERE MY P LICENSE *beams*

I'm not really eager about my driving lessons because all I wanna do is, go back to Brunei and watch Astro and pig out in my lovely bed while watching anime the WHOLE day. AH. Life =)

But I'm doing this, for the sake of my mother because she forced me to learn driving....

The things I'd for her....

I went jogging with my cousins yesterday. =P

I HONESTLY feel healthy after the 2 hour jog. Wait!! I didn't mean to say "jog", I meant to say, "forcing-myself-kind-of-jog" cause that's exactly what I did for the past 1 and a half hour yesterday.

The first 30 minutes of the walk - I feel fully energetic and passed by lots of red-faced/pale faced/Aku tidak boleh tahan faced people and smiled cheekily inside because I still feel FINE.

Then slowly, I feel my energy being drained out - with each step I took, I could feel my body begging for mercy asking me to stop taking another step but NO, I had no choice was a one way route. T_T

It feels like VIC-TO-RY after I completed the route!! =*) I thought it would never end. I thank my cousin, Ivy for putting up with my whines and laziness.

Whines - because I was whining throughout the route saying stuff like, "OHHHHH, I feel like dying", "I cannot take it anymore" "Why isn't there a person who's willing to carry me" "Eh, I give you $100 to piggyback me"

I now feel the pain of all those people who passed by me earlier on. Even the old folks can walk faster than me and still look fresh.....and what does this prove?

Lilian has a very very low stamina. In other words, I'm weak.

AND LAZINESS. How can I ever forget this?

Poor cousin, I literally pulled her hoodie whilst she walked and take note that I'm walking slower and she's faster so basically, I tend to choke her most of the time ^_^

My aunt's (mother side) walk-in closet! So nice.

I also want!! *raises hand up*

Imagine walking in to a closet full of lovely clothes, wonderful accessories, hats, TIIIIIIIIIGHTTTTTS, ah. It feels like........*shimmering eyes* PARADISE.

My first driving lesson starts tomorrow! *nervous* I hope my instructor would be very kind and nice and smiles all the time and have a good sense of humour.



  1. Why you blog so often wan Lily??!? Make me feel like shit T____T
    Anyway, good luck on your driving lesson!! I'm sure it'll be fun :D

  2. @Quenn of Babble: HEHE, Cause i'm bored bah =P Thank you!! I hope it will be fun as well!

  3. GORGEOUS! You are getting prettier and prettier!! <33


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