Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selangor Trip: Part 1

I'm in a pretty good mood today because

A) Surprisingly, my driving instructor didn't scold me today and yesterday afternoon! He was scolding me the whole time 2 days before which really makes my mood drop to zero :(

I suspect....he WON TOTO!! Or not...

But I don't think his niceness would last...I'm pretty sure it would revert back to his normal-grumpy self. Ah, sad.

B) Most probably, I'm gonna go and collect my new phone today! If the colour I want is available, that is.

If not, I will wait :D I don't mind waiting.

C) My aunt bought me laksa for lunch!


D) No driving lesson this afternoon!

I have driving lessons 2 hours a day - one in the morning and another in the afternoon and I detest it partly because A) My instructor is always nagging about my mistakes and B) I hate hearing him nagging so I do not look forward to it.

But surprisingly he stopped nagging *refer back to A*

Did you notice a change in my layout? ^_^

If you noticed, congrats! You have a sharp eye ;) If you don't, well, I changed the font's title and date! I think the new Blogger fonts are super cute and so quirky!

And blogger templates are FINALLY much more nicer! Blogger sure did update itself tremendously this time :D

For better quality pictures, I will use LARGER pictures cause I now find them much more nicer compared to medium sized ones.

And I edited them as well! :D Influenced by STELLA!

I thought the pictures looked REALLY huge D: And they still look huge to me. To me, Flickr's photo size is the best actually but it's really annoying to copy and paste the pictures one by one so yep, I decided to be loyal to Blogger.

Blogger photo sizes are really weird ; The small ones are really puny, the medium sized ones are considered small to me and the big ones are REALLY too big :(

I hope editing makes them smaller by an inch or so!

I'm finally blogging about my Puchong Trip which happened a few weeks ago (3 weeks to be exact)

At my aunt's car admiring my newly bought oxfords!

They're supposed to be my CNY shoes and are meant to be wore on CNY itself but I couldn't resist the temptation so I wore it! :D

Hello KL airport!

Since I flew to KL alone and my grandparents haven't arrive yet, I wandered off to do some sight-seeing in the airport itself. Lots of foodie restaurants but I was too kiam-sap to try them out. Save money B)

The passersby in the airport dress REALLY nice! They look like they just came out of a fashion magazine, seriously.


It looked so much whiter back then! Now it looks pee-coloured. :( No thanks to the dust!!

Unpacked my stuff! :D

My luggage looks so puny and small right? :P And it stinks too!!

Dunno why it had a fishy-kind of smell - you know...the kind of smell that comes out when your clothes aren't dry enough? P-U.

I had to lug it around with me all the time, including inside the airplane. When I brought it down from the compartment, MAN!! It stunk so bad that the person in front of me ACTUALLY used his jacket to shield the smell from entering his nostrils!

Embarrassing much T_T

Did nothing much on the first day actually.

All I did was surf the net and watch some anime (Sugar Sugar Rune and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama) the whole afternoon..

However, I visited my other aunt's house (I call her Ah Bee auntie) at night to see her doggies!! They are extremely adorable!


The white one's Pearly and the black one is Tong Tong! Man, I sound so racist...but they're equally cute anyway!

TONGUE! As you can see, Pearly is super hyper active compared to Tong Tong ; she's more serious and is a little shy at first....(Tongx2 looks like she has some white mustache sticking out of her nose :P)

My aunt taught them to do HI-5/HI-10 tricks! With a special treat as a reward of course...

One of the decorations in my aunt's house. I think it looks freaky D:

The next morning, Ah Bee auntie brought me to go....SHOPPING!! Every girl's favourite past time!

I can't believe there was a point where I hated shopping! That was when I was in Primary 6 ok! Humans change as they grow! :D

We went to IOI mall which is apparently a newly opened mall in Selangor! Ah...sadly I didn't get to visit Genting Highlands or any famous KL malls since the main reason I came to East Malaysia was to visit my university....

Oh well! There's always next time so I'm looking forward to that! :D

Like the kitty patterned pillow?? I rest my head on it every night in Selangor :P

There's a story behind this picture! Take a closer look at my eyes..

No, I am not telling you to admire them (there's nothing much to admire anyway) Did you notice the colour difference in my pupils? Apparently, my brown colour contacts were being a bitch to me that day :(

I only managed to put one of the lenses into my eye ; the other one was really...."naughty". (If you get what I mean) It kept on going up no matter how many times I put it in!!

It hurts when I wear it and I dunno why there's a dirty mark that could not be washed with the solution no matter how many times I wash it! It's so frustrating. To think that I still have to use it for another 2 months plus ticks me off!

I don't even wear it now :*(

Since I have no spare clear contacts (People, clear contacts are THE BOMB, keep them in case of emergency) and I REALLLLLLY did not wanna wear spectacles out so I took the risk and wore one of my colour contacts out....and as for my other eye, I left it as it is.

So basically, I was half blind. Thank goodness my contacts were brown in colour, if not I would look those people with two different coloured eyes (Heterochromia) which is pretty cool now that I think about it B)

Mama told me it's cause my contacts were too soft! But all contact lenses are SOFT what!!!

I still wanna try colour contacts :( Google says it's cause my lens are not the correct base curve or something but HOW! I wanna try those eye-enlarging contacts as well~

Look of the day!

I thought my hair looked weird like that so I braided them sideways :D

My polka dotted fedora *hearts* My mum scolded me for buying it last time because she claimed that I wouldn't dare wear it out...but HO! HO! I did!! *feelings of accomplishment*

Something cute and pinky to share with you guys...

SO pink and cute that I just had to take a picture WITH it! It's a cafe by the way and it's not your ordinary looking cafe's a MAID CAFE!

So cool! Too bad I didn't get to visit it since my aunt suggested we have lunch at another place. The waitresses were dressed in a Lolita Maid costumes in PIIIIIIIIIIINKKKK!

The interior is very pretty looking as well! They had fences and some green stuff decorated on them (I assume it's GRASS) Oh! There are waiters as well except their outfits aren't as cute as the waitresses! The boss must be a man-hater. *snickers*

Joking~ joking~

We had lunch at Nando's :D

It's my first time dining in there!

The menu.

I aim to try out EVERY Peri flavour available in Nando's heh heh

I love Chili now. I used to like Tomato better than Chili but as I grow older, my taste buds changed so I always opt for Chili instead of Tomato. Chili has this tinge of sweetness + spiciness which really entices my taste buds! Just typing about it makes me hungry for chili now T_T

I was captivated by these squared glass bottles of sauce! I know sakai :P

I'm literally like a tourist. I like to snap pictures of anything that interests me. The situation goes like this:

Me: *spotted a quirky looking shop* OOOO!!


Me: *saw a nice statue outside a store*


Me: *Toilet bowls sure look different here*


HAHAHA. Okay, the last one was SO not real. I just simply made it up :P

My glass of Ice Lemon Tea priced @RM 5.90

It's quite pricey actually..

But it's refillable! I asked for refills 3 times *snickers* Now I don't find it that expensive anymore!

I love how African-ish this place looks

Mushroom soup as an appetizer!

I tend to dislike anything that tastes too milky or creamy - in my case, it's mushroom soup so I didn't dare try this out.

To me, creamy mushroom soup tastes really nice at first but then slowly, the taste gets a little overpowering and eventually, disgusting. But that's just me la..

Some sort of salad!

I'm not a big fan of greens and beans so I skipped this out as well!

I don't really remember the name of this dish BUT I think it's Peri-Peri Platter if I'm not wrong!

The name sounds so catchy hehe that it's almost like a song! This dish is full of meat, just the way I love it ;)

And to think I wanted to become a vegetarian. Such a failure T_T

This was yummy but a little too spicy for me.
The sausages were SO GOOD that we ordered another bowl! A smoky flavour + honey glazed sausages = PERFECT!
Sausages dipped with Nando's Peri Peri sauce = OUTSTANDING

The sauce was ohhhhhhhhh-so-good! The tomato sauce had just the right hint of sweetness - not too overpowering like other bottled tomato sauce. I'm not a huge fan of sweet stuff as you can see :3

I like my tomato sauce sweet but not too overpowering - with a tinge of saltiness. Yums!

Full length mirrors in public toilets are awesome.

I really wanted to try out the sushi in West Malaysia so Ah Bee auntie brought me to Sakae Sushi! She loves Japanese food as well so it's a win-win situation for both of us. :D

Sounds like Sakai Sushi for Sakai people like yours truly *coff*

Two words: SO GREEN.

I just realized that the mascot for Sakae sushi is a FROG! How adorable is that!! :D

The moment I stepped in, I see GREEN FROGS everywhere! In the menu, on the small TV and...even the wallpaper for the sushi train is a froggy themed wallpaper as well!

But, nothing can compare to this...


Check out the little frog menus sticking out of the seats! So adorable looking. :D

Red plates @5.90

I forgot what this was called but it sure did taste good ;)

I was a little skeptical to try this out because of the egg (Tamago) skin but I tried it anyways...

And I'm glad I did because it's so delicious! :D I can't even taste the sweetness of the egg, which is odd since the egg is supposed to taste sweet..

Traffic jams call for camera vain moments!

WOAH! So many "holes" on my chin...Ha Ha Ha

We had steamboat for dinner!! :D I'm super excited about dinner because I haven't had steamboat for YEARS!! Yes, years! The last steamboat I had before this was 2 years back if I'm not wrong..

I love love love love steamboat for it's huge variety of food plus it's always so filling and if you're not full - get yourself another bowl! It's as simple as that :)

Plus, it's great for family dinners! Families chit chatter around during steamboat dinners and help one another fill up bowls and giggle over mistakes - well, that's what happened during dinner :D

Preparing the table for a huge feast heh heh heh

This picture was meant for my mum actually because my mum and my aunts like to tease one another and in my aunt's case, she wanted to show this picture to my mum to brag about the dinner we were having - steamboat. :B

This soy sauce has such a quirky taste! It puckers up my taste buds and makes me crave for MORE!!

I dip it with almost EVERYTHING. Soft tofu + this soy sauce = Suang max
All my favourite food in a bowl of goodness! ♥

After dinner, we played cards (Blackjack) I kept on losing T_T Luck's just not on my side that day. But I managed to help my grandma win a profit of $1!

I know, $1 only?? Better than nothing :P


  1. I thought you went with yr parents! :D I didn't realise the diff in yr colour of pupils until you mentioned heh I super love yr polka dot fedora hat btw.

  2. Hello Lilian! Welcome to selangor the land of pork intestines and great bah kut teh.. come back soon ya!

  3. I LIKE YOUR BAG! So cute ;D


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