Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our self proclaimed photo-shoot

Connection's good today so I finally managed to upload Day 1 of my Chinese New Year pictures! :D

My Chu-yi (Day 1) was uneventful because all I did was stay at home :( Nevertheless, me and my cousin took lots of pictures....of ourselves.

A summary of what I did in Chu-yi:

1) Had the customary yummy mee sua with boiled EGG for breakfast!

I didn't take a picture of it since everyone started eating already and it would be rude if I told everyone to stop eating just to let me take a picture of the dishes.

2) Stuffed myself with lots of junkies

It's like a never-ending routine! I eat junk food like crazy but just to stay on the safe side, I drank lots of water :D

3) Received ang paos from my relatives!

I collected a total of Rm 300+ this year ^_^

Before CNY, I went to the salon to accompany my cousin to cut her fringe since she wanted a straight fringe. *coff* (Influenced by me)

And then.....I was tempted to dye.my.hair.AGAIN.

My cousin after her fringe transformation! I think she looks cuter and younger with it :3

In case you were wondering, she had a looooooong side fringe last time. Not that it was boring but hey, new change for a new year :D

This is the colour that is more accurate to my real life hair colour. Not the exact colour but something like this.


Completely not what I asked for because I chose a golden brown colour but oh well....what to do if I have extremely black and *coff* healthy *coff* hair?? -_-

I want to bleach my hair so the hair colour I want would be more accurate but I'm worried it will spoil my ends and damage my scalp as well!

I plan to do that.........someday *snickers* when my hair is in a more healthy state!

My new sneakers!

I still prefer my old mickey mouse sneakers though! They look more unique and is white in colour so they match MOST of my clothes but my grandma just had to throw it away because they stink :(

My outfit for Chu-yi!

A yellow sun-dress that is neither short nor long! This dress is actually my aunt's one and I asked permission from her to give it to me since I love how yellow-ish and sunny it is :D

My aunt is WAY shorter than me - like a head shorter which explains the length of the so-called maxi dress.

I wanted to wear my white inspired cheong sam Michee and Maria bought for my birthday but I didn't because my grandma from my father's side is a bit more old-fashioned and she wouldn't like it if I wear something so tight T_T

I had braids for that day :D

And no......make-up :(

Since me and my cousin were REALLY bored at home, we *coff* I decided to held a mini amateur photo shoot outside the house ^_^

Most of the pictures here are taken by my cousin, Emily so kudos to her! She'd make a great photographer one day!

Unintentional pose.

My cousin has this habit of snapping here and there without asking whether I'm ready or not so most of the photos end up looking like crap. -_-

AND OH!! The big fluffy teddy *hugs* :3

I sleep with it EVERY night during my stay in Sibu because it's so big and fluffy like a pillow!! It's so nice to hug! It's like hugging a huge pink cotton candy! Wait....I never did hug a cotton candy before, did I? (But it never hurts to imagine) ^_^

Teddy don't feel good today...

I see three things in this picture.

1) Attempting to jump but too slow so face ends up looking....O_o

2) Teddy is looking like he's sucking something from this angle..

3) Excuse the undies if you saw them....they were... sun-basking :D

That's why my cousin will make a good photographer some day....She takes GOOD bad shots.

Swinging time :D

Yep, I wore my purple stripey pants underneath my yellow dress so just in case I swing up high and my dress follows, the only thing people could see would be my purple stripey pants :D

Works good *thumbs up*

My cousin looked like she got shot from behind in this picture :P

And died happily. BWAHAHAHA!!!


If you're happy and you know it, SHOW your feet! :D

Shitting in the middle of the road is something that you shouldn't be doing when you're 17.

But jumping in the middle of the road when you're 17 is something you SHOULD try doing!! :D


Another unintentional pose.

High shots are necessary for both of us! :D

Heh heh heh, I find this picture so ridiculously funny :P

Dunno how it turned out looking like this...

See? That's why I love jump shots! My face always ends up looking spastic!!

I love this! :D

My cousin looking like a cheerleader with her "getting ready to jump anytime" pose!


And lastly, this has got to be my favourite picture of the day because..


Move aside Bruce Lee or Jet Li ; whatever Lees or Lis, I am the new star in the world of Kung-fu people.

My poor cousin is my hair-model. All those hair tutorials I learned in You-tube ; I practiced it on her hair because her hair is less-layered and more longer compared to mine.

I tried to use a hair-dryer to make my cousin's hair curly and it ACTUALLY works!! :D

But lots of heat is involved so your hair might be spoiled at the end of this curling-with-a-hair-dryer process. Also, it takes a shit load of time so nahhhh.

Lousy method of mine.

Aiya, I blame my brother for losing my hair straightener because HAIR STRAIGHTENER is THE BOMB. Thanks to Bubzbeauty, I learned a lot of new methods to curl my hair with a hair straightener but if I don't even have a darn hair straightener, how do I bloody curl my hair? T_T

It was so lasting again! I used it since Form 1 and it still works well!!! Got to love cheap and GOOD products.

Ivy with her CNY nailllllsssss~

Ending with a red photo of my cousin, Vera!

I finally managed to take a nice shot of her smiling! I hope she likes this picture and use it as her facebook profile picture! HAHAHAH!!

Bubbye!! I shall blog about Chu-er (Day-2) sometime this week!


  1. I like yr dress and braids, look so sweet (: Nice shots btw, especially those taken with unintentional pose hee

  2. OMG I LOOOOOVEE YOUR JUMP SHOTS ON THE ROAD LILY!!!! Especially the first one!! You look so carefree :D Too bad I suck at jumpshots. Last time I jump till legs pain and still not a single good shot T__T And hahahahha shit the bear nomming your pao is DAMN FUNNY XD

  3. Love the shots lilian..Simple yet they have a big impact.

  4. I quite like those pictures taken. Especially the picture of your paul frank sneakers, I don't know why. What camera do you use??


  5. Me likey jump shots too! XD I want that big phat teddy!


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