Thursday, February 24, 2011

My new kawaii hello kitty wallet!

Right before my mama went back to Brunei, she gave me an imaginary "To-do-list" for me to complete whilst I'm in Sibu.

My (more like my mum's) to-do-list:

1) Get my driver's license

Status: Currently ongoing

I still SUCK in driving outside the driving school, I swear I can kill both the instructor and me if I were to drive by myself without my instructor's help in steering. Did I mention how bad I am in steering? Even driving automatic cars don't help if your steering suck T_T

I have weak and bony hands, that's why....

Sometimes, being skinny doesn't really help *hums*

2) Fix my phone's USB port

Man, my mum has been nagging about this FOR MONTHS! I spoiled my USB port a few months back - December to be exact - I placed my phone on the floor with my USB wire connected to my USB port and silly me stepped on the USB wire without realizing it even though I heard a "CLACK" sound. That's how my USB port died.

RIP USB port.

Status: Mission Impossible

The person who fixed my phone said, "It's impossible, sorry but your phone's dead for sure." HAHAHAHA!! Just kidding la...he only said "Cannot fix already."

So short and uncool T_T

I guess it's a good thing that it's un-fix-able which means, HELLO NEW PHONE!! I shall update on this later cause I'm not sure which phone I'm gonna get.

I want the Sony Vivaz in Ruby Red (really badly) at first but the online reviews about Sony Vivaz is really upsetting to read.

For an 8.1 megapixel camera, the camera shots are REALLY bad. I checked them up online and was horrified to see how awful the photo quality was!

So, I can bid adieu to Sony Vivaz although the appearance is really really smexy....but I'm sorry, a good camera is very important to me since my mama is unwilling to buy me a new camera *sob* *sob*

Another choice was LG KM900 Arena which take awesome shots, surprisingly! and OH!'s.too.expensive.

She even wants me to take her old phone in exchange for me new one! Like, NEVER man.

I don't want her second hand phone. Soli mum but your "My old phone - the internet very laggy" excuse is not gonna work on me! *fumes*

3) Get a new wallet

My old wallet is perfectly fine except it's mini-sized so my mum asked me to buy a new and bigger one.


BOOYAH! Finally, I completed at least 1 out of 3 of my to-do-list!

The first one is of course the most important one of all....I really NEED to get that done man! It's a priority and a NEED, not a want.


Meet my new wallet that is the guardian of my important things (*COFF* My IC and my money and my discount cards of course :P)

First thing that comes into your mind? "HELLO KITTY"!!!! :D

Cause that's what came into my mind when I first laid eyes on this baby!

At first, I wanted a classy looking wallet with a bow attached onto the center of the wallet, just like my cousin's but I couldn't find one that looks as nice as hers :(

Thank goodness I spotted this baby before I headed back to the car...hehehe!!

It costs me RM 12....oh well...I guess it's considered cheap already if you convert it back to Brunei dollars ^_^

Pasar malams are the best place to BARGAIN!! But honestly, I'm not that good at bargaining so I just took whatever price she gave me. It was initially RM 13 but I politely asked, "Lau pan niang, ke yi "cheap" yi dian mah?" which basically means, "Boss, can you make it cheaper a bit?"

And so, she gave me $1 off! Better than nothing!

Me and my new wallet!

So my plan to get a classier looking wallet FAILED! I'm still a little girl at heart 0:)

Hello Kitty is classy as well, noh??
And hello, old wallet!

My mama bought this for me from Taiwan a few years ago and AT FIRST, I find it ridiculously kiddy looking but because it was my mum who bought it, I used it.

I get really sentimental when it comes to things that are bought from my parents or siblings. I don't like to throw them away as much and I like to keep them safe and sound.

I remembered when I was a little kid and my mum bought me a pretty blue-ish Barbie watch for my birthday! I wore it with me at all times. But 2 days after I wore it, I spoiled it :(

Actually, it wasn't me who spoiled it, it was a girl (Up till now, I still remember who spoiled it) she accidentally threw my watch onto the floor and when my mum came to pick me up, I blabbered the whole story to her whilst sobbing.

MAN! Am I freak or what!!

My new HK wallet in comparison to my old one.

My old one is SOOOO small compared to my new one!

But, mini is adorable :)

I detached the flower deco from my old Post pet wallet and attached it onto my new HK wallet!

Some new stuff needs old stuff to retain it's specialness - in my case, it's my wallet's specialness.

If you get what I mean..

I know looks quite worn out and there are lots of black patchy stuff on it...nevertheless, I still love it.

This picture tells me my fringe needs a cutting!!

I'm too lazy to cut by myself (and basically, it always ends up looking like shit if you were to cut it by yourself)

I'm planning to get a full hair cut sometime in March :D I am SO TEMPTED to cut my hair shorter but I was planning to keep it longer as well....

Decisions, decisions...maybe I shall let the hairdresser decide for me! Oh yes, I think I shall.

Or maybe, I could just pin my hair like this :P

Middle parting!! HAR-DE-HAR.

And did I mention how much I love my grandma's oh-so-vintage top? It's so soft and comfy and *hearts* It's over-sized as well, which gives me more reasons to love it!


  1. Hello Kitty wallet and it's only for RM12, great purchase! :D I'm still looking for a wallet too but I can't too old to own a HK wallet sobs

  2. your Hello Kitty wallet is so cute! My mom always prefers me to use long wallets so as to not fold the money. LOL

  3. i liek your ring btw!

  4. Hilda Milda: Hello Kitty knows no boundaries!! Who cares? :D

    Michee: HAHAHA good one good one, is it cause of pantang ka?

    kuromeowiie: Tq tq ^_^

  5. I need a new wallet too!
    Mine's literally rotting away *cries*

  6. ur wallet is soo cute><

  7. Liked ur hello kitty wallet much!
    Such a great purchase! ;)


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