Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bunny CNY Day 2,3 and 4!

Day 2 and Day 3 are up! =D

I've been really lazy and uninspired to blog these days since all I've been doing is watch Anime on Youtube, VeohTV and any sites which has free anime to watch.

I honestly do feel like an anime freak lover now.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I love watching anime =D It's funny, the chibi is so cute and the animation is quirky which really makes me love anime!

I even cry watching anime sometimes T_T

The latest one I watched is Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy) which really brings back lots of childhood memories since it depicts the story of two best friends and the things they'd for each other.

Really sweet =)

I love the female protagonist really much because she's always smiling and is optimistic about everything that happens around her. She's willing to do almost anything for her friends and even though she's not as smart or powerful as her friends, she has one very important value - she tries her very best and gives her all to everything.

She whines but realizes that it's useless to whine so she does something about it. What a personality. It's hard to find someone like her cause let's face it, REALITY is reality -__-

I'm so interested with Japanese words nowadays heh heh heh ; watching lots of anime really teaches you lots of new Jap words!

I only remember the easy ones though. Fail. =(

Anyways =D

Since it's Chu-Er, most of the shops in Sibu were closed so we have nothing much to do....

Except, to catch a movie and so we did!

Me, my bro and Emily watched 'The Green Hornet', I don't really have much to talk about it but all I can say is, it's alright =)

I'd rate it 6 out of 10 ; it isn't much of a "WOW" movie - it's more of a movie that entertains you.

My happy cousin who's wearing the flower headband I gave her =D

I adore her top so much! Too bad she can't wear it on its own because she's SO tall! She's taller than me already =O

She has her mama genes, good for her =)

This is my brother, who loves complaining to my mum about the moles he have

I feel like a soldier with this pose!! *peace*

Eating a KFC burger and sipping on cool cola makes my cousin very happy =D

Seeing my cousin happy makes me happy as well!

However, I am not happy because I saw someone in Sibu wearing the exact same top I wore in this picture! Well, I shouldn't be so selfish and be grateful that I only saw it today and not on that day itself when I had this top on...

That would be.......really embarrassing.

I absolutely love this picture even though half my mouth is MIA ♥

My bro strutting with style ; just like an Ah Long B)

My bro's KFC chicken rice dish which tasted so YUMMEH!! =D

The chicken was so OH-so-crispy and spicy! MMMhhhm. Looking at this picture makes me feel like eating it again!

What I wore on that day ; my cousin said my clothes are all weird looking =( So mean leh......

Wait. It's all on how you think. I shall rephrase her comment. "Your dressing sense very weird leh." *

*Microsoft Word HELP

Weird = Bizarre = Fantastic = Extraordinary!!!

If you don't believe me, you can try it on Microsoft Word by yourself =P Remember to right click first and then click on synonyms!

So the next time someone gives me a not-so-nice comment, I shall rephrase the comment and change it to my own liking =D

I look like I sprained my ankle/in pain right? HAHAHA but it was a failed jump shot picture hence...the face expression.

I lalala love my oxfords! ♥

They match ALMOST everything. I wanna try and wear them with knee length socks in the future =)

Did you see my white furry bag? It looks so white last time and now, it a mild yellow colour. Bleh, so unappealing. Thanks to the furry material =(

Bro looks like a bull charging towards me -_- Maybe I should have doodled in some horns and a long furry tail to begin with! =D

Enjoying the cool breeze =)

Sugar Bun has cute CNY paintings outside their main window!

We love high shots =D

And....more jump shots...heh heh heh....

It does feel odd to jump non-stop while taking jump public. People can think we're weird but hey, we're happy like that! =D

My cousin's punch-the-sky pose

I had so much fun that day because whilst waiting for my dad to fetch us home, me and Emily were both observing people who walked by and we were both looking for anime-lookalikes because that time, I was hopelessly obsessed with Pierre from Sugar Sugar Rune and OB-VIOUS-LY, there was none that look like Pierre-sama.

HAHAHAHAHA. OMG. I seriously feel like slapping myself now. When I get obsessed with something, I get REALLY obsessed.

But my obsession fades...

And they rarely last.

My I'm-HI5-ing-the-sky pose

Us, with the huge Green Hornet poster

Half of my ang-paos =D I haven't spend them yet though....

Urm, now that I look at it....this dish looks really unappealing =(

But it tasted LIKE.....SUGOIIIIIIII (wow =P)

It's crab by the way =P I had the whole dish to myself ; lucky or not?? *beams*

Third day of CNY - by then, most of the shops are open already.

I didn't take much that day because I was feeling really lazy.......and besides, there's not much to take as well.

I didn't take pictures on Chu-4 and so on because my cousin went back to Brunei already. Man, CNY is so much more funner when she's around.

She listens to a lot of my emotional talks =)


My cousin's Blueberry Pearl drink on the left and my Corn Pearl drink on the right

Tapao-ed some sushi back home =D

My camera likes the guy behind us because it chose to focus on him rather than us =(

I am the Pearlz Monster....

I shoot Pearls so be-pearlz-ware =D

What I wore on that day! I absolutely love my top!! The arms part are a bit transparent but I LOVE it that way! =D

And in case you are wondering, nope, it's not a whole outfit....

I adore the skirt =D My mum likes it as well!

I took LOTS of high shots because my oblivious cousin wasn't looking at the camera at most of the pictures....but I reckon this is the BEST shot of both of us =D

My cousin looks so adorable in this picture! =D Not that she isn't cute, in fact - she's always cute, it's just that she looks even cuter in this picture!

Rude things that you are allowed to do: Take a picture of your own reflection on someone's car mirror! (Provided that no one's in the car)

Imagine the humiliation if there's ACTUALLY someone in the car D=

Breeeeeeeeze~ =D

Okay, so I DID take some pictures on Chu-4 - food pictures, that is.

Since me and my aunt love eating sushi and the fact that her husband doesn't like eating sushi or anything raw, she treated me to some sushi at Sushi Tie =D (My parents dislike sushi as sad because sushi is awesome)

And.......I love blogging about food!!

Plates of sushi ; Ebi tempura maki is the best out of the whole lot!

EEEEEE!! My aunt loves this salad but I don't D=

So much's enough to make you look like Santa Claus once you're done eating this dish!

My aunt's bento lunch set

My bento lunch set ; Tori Katsu Don if I'm not wrong.

The whole dish was so tasty, especially the tofu which is soft and fluffy (seriously!!) on the inside =D

Lookie the round orange! Even Sushi Tie is in a CNY mood!

Ending this picture post with a vain photo of me =)

Hope you guys had a lovely Chinese New Year like I did =) (Technically, CNY is not over yet but....nah, I feel like the CNY mood's gone already)


  1. I love yr skirt too! :D How I wish my CNY mood is over too, then I won't be so heavy hearted to leave Bintulu sighh

  2. OMG I lovveeee your floral slash back top and cream bow skirt!! And your hair colour looks so nice now! ^^ Still dunno when I will have the courage to dye mine D:

  3. I love your clothing! SO GORGEOUS! Especially the floral top and the cream skirt!! <333


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