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恭喜发财,万事如意,主里蒙恩! ♥

OMG!!!!! *hyperventilates* I

Okay, first things first,


恭喜发财,万事如意,主里蒙恩! ♥

I'm a bit late for this but oh well, better late than never!

I've always wanted to blog since last week but never got the chance to mainly because A) I'm lazy and B) My connection's sucky which explains why my photos never load and thus = no blog post.

A picture IS a thousand words and without pictures, I don't feel like blogging.

Anyways, my Chinese New Year this year is just the same like every other year but I ain't complaining.

Cause I got lots of *coff* angpaos *coff* as usual. Heh heh heh~

I have A LOOOOOOOT of relatives from my father's side and thus, lots of ang pao's from them! So even though I don't visit people's house, I will still end up with ang pao's :D

I haven't blog about my trip to Puchong and I haven't blog about my CNY pics because.......ahhhhhh.....SO.MANY.PICTURES. And I am just darn lazy.

I wish I didn't bring my mum's camera along with me.....then, I wouldn't end up with SO many pictures T_T

Consequences of a girl who takes pictures of EVERYTHING. Technically, not everything but you get what I mean.

Anyways, this blog post wouldn't interest you guys even a BIT unless you're fans of animes LIKE ME :D

Ok lah, I'm not those hardcore anime lovers who blogs about them in every single post or even have a blog skin entitled to them or speak anime-ish language...

I'm just neutral. Just an admirer 0:)

I've watched quite a lot of anime in my past 17 years and still, my favourite has got to be Sugar Sugar Rune! (Click on the link to understand the story)

It's a very DIFFERENT story and I tear up in almost every episode because the story is just darn good. The friendship between the two girls are so REAL that you can even feel it even though you know it's just a cartoon! The animation is awesome and the graphics are beautiful.

And like every anime, there has to be a handsome male character *blushes* and he is of course none other than.....PIERRE TEMPETE DE NEIGE!!! Such a sexy name B)

Chocolat and Vanilla! :)

Even though I'm almost DONE watching it (On episode 50 now ^_^ and episode 51 is the last epi) I still feel like buying an original DVD and re-watch it at home whenever I'm bored or whenever I feel like having a dose of Pierre-ism.

And the latest anime I watched,

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama!

Bought it out of boredom since none of the CD shops have Sugar Sugar Rune in stock :(

But heck, it turned out to be good! It wasn't as GOOD as Sugar Sugar Rune but it's worth a watch. I'd rate it 7 out of 10 for it's comedic part.

It's very light-hearted - in a way, very easy to understand and nice to watch since it's funny and not too deep.

Sugar Sugar Rune on the other hand, is quite deep and you need to watch it from Episode 1 to understand or if not, you can just go die in a pit. You know I'm JK.

Kaichou wa Maid sama is good for relieving stress and cheering you up, cause that's what it did to me when I was upset because there was no Sugar Sugar Rune in stock :(

A total of 26 episodes (so short T_T I finished watching it within 3 days), it's worth a watch :)

Me and my cousin, Emily kept on arguing on who's the better looking one: Pierre (Sugar Sugar Rune) or Usui (Kaichou wa Maid sama)?

And of course, my pick is indefinitely PIERRE. Dude, he's like a freaking WOOOOOOOOOOOSH handsome character once you laid your eyes on him. Well, that's just me....

He's good in tennis and fencing and is 3 years younger than me T_T (In the cartoon that is) which makes him 14. BUT HE SO DOES NOT LOOK LIKE 14!! (Wait!! In 2006, he's 14 and in 2011, he's.....19 *eyes light up*)

On the other hand, Emily prefers older guys - Usui, who's 17 in the cartoon. Hey, something tells me that I should have like Usui and my cousin should have chose Pierre but she thinks he's ugly!! Oh man.

This is WAR, I tell ya.

PIERRE VS. USUI *jeng jeng jeng jeng*

Here's why you should love Pierre: "She was full of energy, prettier than any flower and has a smile like sunshine" Pierre said that about Chocolat :*) (Okay, so I tweeted about that but JUST IN CASE..any of you missed that out)

Usui's sweet too...but in a perverted way. AHAHAHAHA.

Pierre IS so much handsomer in the series than in pictures!! I just do not understand why there are MORE HOT Usui pictures than Pierre's!!

Well, Sugar Sugar Rune first started airing on TV in 2006 and Kaichou wa Maid Sama on the other hand started airing in 2009....3 years difference yo!!

Black or pink heart, whatever. Pierre's still as sexy as he is =9

Lonely Pierre......SO BLOODY ATTRACTIVE!! *screams*

Damn, if only there was a guy this FINE!!! Heck, it's just an anime character T_T

Pierre's evil side.....when he cries....his soft baby blue coloured eyes.....his wispy blond hair

makes me wanna...


But then again, my face expression turns like that whenever Pierre appears in Sugar Sugar Rune. SERIOUSLY!! I am not joking!!

Next on the list is my cousin's favourite, Usui!! =)

Usui's taking a picture of you!! Woo~~~ *does finger dance* *unenthusiastic tone*
I admit he's quite a looker but compared to Pierre.....nuh-uh. I prefer Pierre! :D

There's just something mysterious and charming about his double identities. If you watch the series, you will get what I mean.

I dunno why but whenever Pierre does his magic chant or something, I swear, it is just

I lalalala love his deep voice. It is so mmmmmhmmm. I went and googled the person who voiced him and the person himself is quite a looker as well!

Honestly, both Pierre and Usui are different in their own ways so it's really hard to compare both of them when both of them have so much similarities although they look completely different.

Ahhhhh, just watch the series to get what I mean. I feel like I'm talking crap T_____T

Usui has LOTS of talents which is freaking fantastic if you ask me. Maybe a tad bit exaggerated since he can play the violin, he's good at sports, he's smart, he's a good cook and etc.

In conclusion, he's darn good at EVERYTHING.

Almost like Pierre *giggles*

Ending the Japan-fiesta post with a chibi picture of Usui!

And oh!! I think chibi art is soo cute! There is a fair share of chibi art displayed in Kaichou wa Maid Sama which makes the characters look really goofy and cute! :)

Sugar Sugar Rune also displayed a few chibi art here and there but overall, very little if you compare it to Kaichou wa Maid Sama.


I just realized that I have never seen a chibi-fied Pierre before. Which means.........he's too handsome to be cute :P

I'm so interested in Japanese culture after watching these series. I realized that Japanese often call one another by their last names instead of their first names so I went and did some googling about it.

And turns out, my observations were correct! They DO address one another by their last names.

For example, my name's Takumi Usui and if you call me Takumi instead of Usui, you're disrespecting me so you should call me Usui instead. HAHAHA. Quite interesting if you ask me.

OH!! Must add a "kun" as well! Usui-kun. It means Mr if I'm not wrong.

My name's Lilian Hii. So, if I'm in Japan, will people start to call me Hii-san??

HAHAHAHAHA. But, there are lots of Hii's in the world D:

My name would not be so special anymore. :(


  1. Happy CNY, babe :D Can't wait for yr update on yr Puchong trip and CNY. Too bad I'm not a fan of anime, Hii-San teehee

  2. EEEEE so kiyutteee your CNY doodle!! <3 The girl looks like yew! :D And I laughed like shit at the part where you wrote "you can just go die in a pit." HAHHAHA! I only watched 1 anime before in my life, I dunno if you know it, it's called Ranma 1/2 and I definitely recommend it!! Very very VERRYYY funny and lots of episodes if you have time to kill ^^

    Oh btw! Why did you remove your cute comments icon?? :(

  3. Consequences of a girl who takes pictures of EVERYTHING. *LIKED* me too XD

  4. Queen of Babble: Oh yes! I did watch that before on tv! IT IS FUNNY =P

    Is it?? The cute comments icon is still visible to me! =O

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Pierre <3 yes totally share your feelings! GANBATTE! :D!


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