Saturday, January 29, 2011

The perfect pink shade!

I'm so lazy to blog about my 4 day stay in Puchong, Selangor since I have Sugar Sugar Rune to watch at the moment so a random post shall do :D (Until I finish watching it that is :P)

Ah, nothing to do while waiting for Sugar Sugar Rune to load so.....*idea* BLOG!

This is my ZA blusher (Vibrante) which is in the shade of pinks if I'm not wrong. It is shade no 2! ^_^

I remembered I was standing in front of the ZA cosmetics stand looking through the blusher cases and wondering which shade to get. Shade 01 is in a lighter dusty pink color which I found dull cause I was only 15 that time!! :P

Shade 03 was too orangey for my liking and Shade 04 was a dull orange colour which didn't interest me one bit. Shade 02 by far has the brightest pink colour which immediately struck my fancy so I bought that!!

And hello there, my first blusher *wriggle eyebrows*

As you can see, it looks far from new! It's an A-pek now.

The brush was fluffy..

Note: was

Now, it's a little rough and once in a while, the hairs come off :(

But two things I like about it:

1) Vivid colour, WYSIWYG - (What you see is what you get)

Which means whatever colour shade you see on the blusher itself is the colour shade you get whenever you apply it on your cheeks :)

2) It's very long lasting

I have been using it for more than two years and it's still going strong! The blusher never seem to finish, oddly -_-

I do crave for an orange toned blusher now..since I find it so *SUN-SHINE*

I find blushers very attractive because they instantly make a pale face appear more energetic and happy :D

What is one make-up item I can't leave without?

I shall answer, BLUSHER :D

I use make-up whenever I go out (outings with friends, family, occasions) but not in places like Sibu HAHAHA (People there rarely use make-up I dunno why) and even though I like to use make-up a lot and think I look like shit without make-up, I am not embarrass to exclaim out, "OMG!!! I won't go out with any make-up"

People tend to think people who put a lot of make-up on their faces will feel very embarrassed to go out without any make-up on just cause make-up is their only source of confidence which is TOTAL bullshit if you ask me.

I say - Make-up is like an accessory ;)

We already have the perfect clothes, why not the perfect accessory to match our clothes? ;)

The colour swatch ; a very vivid pink which makes a person looks like he or she is blushing (Do you like my flower patterned sleeping pants? HAHAHA I know it is oh-so-vintage, TQVM)

Ah...which reminds me of infatuation :) Good times, good times...

Although the colour swatch is nice and gives a "dolly" look, it can sometimes make me look out of place because my skin colour doesn't blend well with it. (Cause sometimes I grow darker no thanks to Mr Sun ^_^)

Anyways, the above result is due to me swiping the brush across the two colour palettes as you can see from the blusher itself, but hey...mixing them results in a bright rosy pink colour...what if..

I only used the super pale pink palette instead?

TA-DA! My hand just met a huge ball of glitter + dust + pink = TOTAL GIRLY *screams*

I think it looks more natural but still shows a hint of pink + dolly-ness :)

But damn! That dust have GOT to go. So what do I do to remove the dust?

*Look through my grandma's cosmetic box*


A Clinique blusher brush? Oh well! This calls for some brand mixing!

TA-DA! Less dusty and more natural :)

It blends in well with my skin and looks less made-up which is just NICE!

Sometimes, brand-mixing is awesome :D

Um. Dusty pink on my left cheek and vivid pink on my right cheek HAHAHA

What a picture :P

Anyways!! I attempted to get a nude shade on the lips without using any nude lipstick! Thanks to my dearest BB cream (Which smells heavenly by the way) and transparent lip gloss!


  1. I can't use blusher cause my face is super sensitive to stuffs like that sighhh btw it seems like you're using nude lipstick but it turned out to be transparent lip gloss. Nice one (:

  2. OMG your blusher only has a small dent after 2 years?!? (Y) I prefer peach/coral blushers though cause I'm darker, I can't use pinks T_T And tell you first, Maybelline blushers are the worst shit, don't ever buy!!! Cause it is the total opposite of WYSIWYG -__-"

  3. Oh crap, forgot to ask. What brand is your BB cream?

  4. Hilda: Ah! That's sad....try using mineral blush :D They don't irritate your skin as much! You should try using blusher - makes your dimples stand out more than usual :P

    Stella: OMG! I nearly wanted to buy Maybelline blushers, thanks for your info man! You're not that dark! Try pinks ^_^ The brand of my BB cream is Skin food!


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