Friday, January 07, 2011

New skin with my FACE on it!!


Lookie!! I have a new skin! And this time, it isn't PINK, it's fiery RED! Okay, to say it's "fiery red" would be a total lie so it's actually dull red. Yeah. Dull like me -_- NOT.

Anyways, just in case some of you are wondering how my previous skin looks like...

Pink and very girly...*nods*

If you think my previous skin looks better than my new skin...just STFU. Thank you very much and constructive criticisms are really not appreciated! HAHAHA!!

Soz. I only like nice comments so if you have shit to spill out, go to the loo and do your shit there.

Initially, I plan to create a very simple looking skin with just a header and plain white background but then I realized...I would get bored of it...too quickly and it's just not my style as well.

Since I love to doodle, I might as well implement it into my skin! HAHA. Yeah. I know the idea of my face plastered onto a doodled body may be odd to some of you guys but I love it! I dunno why. It looks so comical. Hehe :D

If you guys noticed the header loooooong enough, you would noticed little white dots falling from above...*snickers* Yep!

I HAVE SNOW!!!!!! in my blog. Fake snow, to be exact. And to call it snow would be an understatement because I reckon it's just little specks of dots made from Photoshop...

Technology is awesome and it's taking over the world...sadly.

Ok, back to my skin!

I call this skin "My life is glitter-fying" because oddly enough, my doodle body + real face spurts out GLITTER :O

And it is spurted onto "27lily" and "27lily" is my blog name and my blog is where I blog about my life and life is glitterfying ^_^ (Glitter-fying is not even a word, but heck......who cares, there aren't any English teachers who read my blog anyways)

The reason I only used my face is because I always wanted to have my picture as a header but I don't wanna use a cam-whore picture as a header because personally, I find it weird unless it looks "professional"

So, I cropped it and apply it on a doodled body. And the best part about doodling your own body? You can make it any shape or size you want ;)

The clothes I drawn on are clothings I have always wanted....

A HUGE tutu skirt...

Pics credits to @ Jessica Tran

A dress with a poofy bottom

Pics credits to @ Cosette Munch

A big bow headband...

A fur vest...(fake one of course)

Laced up boots..

And a fedora.....I HAVE THAT! :D

This skin is actually a half-completed one but I eventually gave up because the codes were TOO confusing to figure out.

Initially, I plan to have a "rotating header" if you get what it means. Google it if you're like "W-HAT?" or if you're too lazy to even click on a new tab to google, I shall enlighten you.

A "rotating header" is a header that changes each time you refresh a blog. Think Xiaxue's blog.

If only...I managed to figure out the code, I would have different headers each time you come into my blog and wouldn't get bored of my face that easily!

Maybe I shall try it on a non-blogger template say...old blogger templates.

I took about two days to figure out the codes and complete the skin and doodle...and TA-DA! Hello new skin.

Inspiration for my blogskin comes from Pale Division! I know right...her blogskin is WAY different than mine but as I continue to read her older entries, inspiration struck me...just like that!

It's amazing how inspiration strikes you at the oddest times.

I still adore my previous skin because I worked my ass off for it and it was my LONGEST skin as well. I used that skin for a total, 4 months.

Seriously!! I change skins every 1 or 2 yeah, my blog has a really deep relationship with this skin. The longest so far ;)

Eh!! Scroll to the bottom please!! Did you see this line? "Blogger template by Lilian Hii (c) Powered by Blogger"

That's the satisfaction I get when I make my own blog skin :)

AND AND!!! I finally solved this code as well! I wanted to have a different "POST YOUR COMMENT" section so I kind of played around with the codes for a while and I got this result: is not a picture for you to admire...CLICK ON IT!

Cause it's click-able!! :D

It will lead you to the comment form! Just like that! Heh heh heh! So in case the picture strikes your fancy, don't hesitate to click on the "27LILY~COMMENT?" form and COMMENT :D


  1. I love your header the most! I can't believe you draw using mouse :( It looks tablet done!

  2. You're so creative!!! I'm so jealous cause I'm so noob when it comes to designing and html codes T__T Nice new skin btw! I like the hello kitty widget :D

  3. i really really like your header ! XD gosh make a blogskin for me ! hahaha !

  4. so nice leh ur blog skin ! can make one for me ? haha like urs !

  5. Gosh~~ How did you do that? What software are you using??

  6. ahh the comment button is so cute :D

  7. okay-okay design lo.
    at least it's not so complicated XD.
    and I was like..."Where's the comment button?" LOL

  8. Your new layout and header are so so so CUTE! The comment panel also looks awesome!

  9. wowowow! nice eyyy! :))


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