Sunday, January 02, 2011

Love like this this is gonna be a pretty random and (messy) post because...I'm too lazy to think or write up a proper post but I still have the I-want-to-blog feeling...

Anyways, my life in Sibu consists of eat-talk-online-PLAYING WITH CUTE LITTLE KIDS-online-sleep 24/7 but heck! I love it.

You know why?

Cause I'm in love....with this particular boy ♥ ...which I will mention at the end of this post! :D

I named this picture "Cause she's lame"

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! New fringe = lots of vain pictures

This is my drawing and I shall name it "Big lips" because the woman which I drew (if you think it's a man, *punches you infinity times*) reminds me of Angelina Jolie. She has been AngieJoly-fied. :D

Today, I attended this talk on driving or something like that and it was a 5-hour talk!! So exhausting yet interesting. It was boring at some parts, I won't deny that :P

But overall, I learnt quite a bit from it. *nods*

The questions the teacher asked was funny as well!

Here's one,

Teacher: Ok students...especially the boys who will be applying for the motorcycle license...remember, you cannot bring a passenger if you still have a "L" license! Girls...I know some of you like to ask your boyfriend to prove their love to you by maybe asking them to bring you around in a!! *points to the boy sitting in front of her* Will you bring your girlfriend if she asks you to?

Boy: *thinks for a while* No!

Teacher: Wah! Really?!?

Boy: I will not use the "Jalan Besar" (main road) to bring her, I will use the "Jalan Kecil"

HAHAHAHA!! Damn, I laughed like shit when he said that. Okay maybe it isn't funny to you but it is to me :P

OH! And the talk-room was exactly like a classroom! It felt like my class again when I stepped in..except all those faces I see weren't familiar faces.

Since we were sitting according to numbers, mostly people who sat next to one another were either strangers or friends (if they are lucky :P)

I am a loner. I sat alone T_____T

No la. It's cause of my seating arrangement la! I be "FOREVER ALONE" Huhu!!! JK.

The teacher was so bad at one point. HAHAHA! Well, not to me but to two other students!

Teacher: So boy, who would you safe first if your car is submerged into the water?

Boy: I didn't hear the question..

Teacher: Aiya...okay okay, eh, ask your girlfriend seated beside you what the question is! Should be girlfriend right...if not why are you guys sitting next to one another??

Boy: *shakes head in embarrassment*

OMG!! Poor "couple". They don't know one another AT ALL!! I feel their pain. *place palm on chest*

And I love this "Who would you safe first - your girlfriend, your mama, your 95 year old grandma or 5 month old baby" question! It's so tricky and funny as well! :D

It was an ice-breaker as well because everyone started laughing in the class, including me when this question was being asked! Everyone had different answers....and funny ones as well.

Majority picked the mama to be saved first and the last - the girlfriend. You know why? Because girlfriends can be replaced but mamas will never be replaced ♥

How sweet. The boys' mamas must be proud of em'! But...the girlfriends........nyehhhhhh~

Teacher: So boy, *asking another boy* Who would you safe first, ah??

Boy: YOU!! *points to teacher*

HAHAHAHA!! Damn. He loves the teacher so much!

Since I'm done with this talk...I can choose to do my law test anytime!! I'm a little bit worried for this because you can't get more than 8 wrongs....AND I suck at MCQ's.


Alright alright, less whining here and there...more action! *nods head*

Anyways..I never knew I could be "attracted" to shoes as well!

I usually spend A LOT of money on clothes and clothes and clothes...less on shoes or accessories because I usually look at the clothes of a person instead of their accessories unless they make a huge impact! Think big bow headband, bib necklaces etc.

But...ever since I bought my first pair of Oxford inspired flats...♥

YEAH!! Oxfords!!! Can you believe it?? I used to hate them so so so much because I think they look like men's shoes! My dad's gonna kill me if he sees me wearing those "man" shoes.

What my dad will think when he sees those shoes: "WTF is my daughter wearing those shoes that look like mine??" *confused face*

Sexy. Very much sexy-looking...

Can you imagine what it's like to own this pair of babies?

"Look, my feet have faces!! :O"

*faints* ♥ ♥ ♥


I saw a lot of these shoes on and honestly, it wasn't's more of a "no reaction" when I see these pair of wedges...

Until I see it more often and realize..."Hey, it's quite attractive actually"

But if I were to choose, I would pick the middle one! It's super attractive! The best part? A blogshop in Malaysia is selling this *grins*

It's so risky to buy shoes from a blog shop...oh well. I will just have to wait for these babies to come to mama!

Patience is rewarding! :D

Remember I mentioned that I'm in love with this particular boy...I mean it.

I really love him ♥


I can't believe I mistook his name for Elwin instead of Edwin. -_-

Check out our face expressions as well! (Mine's hideous, look at Edwin instead..wait no, look at mine for less than 2 secs then look at Edwin's! :D)

Don't they look the same? This is so UNPLANNED.

HEHEHE!! Edwin looks sooooooo freaking adorable, as always.

I don't give a damn if you don't think he is because I think he is, TQVM! ^_^

I still have so so so many pictures of me and Edwin on my computer..hehe! It's really hard to capture pictures of him since he moves around a lot so a webcam will do :D

My favourite picture of me and Edwin...

Again I hate the way I look here because I look like some insane woman giving a cheeky look to Edwin as though he's my lunch...


"When you look me in the eyes" - is the name for this picture because when Edwin looks at me in the eyes.......

I feel loved. ♥


  1. I like your fringe, so straight! My bf doesnt like me like that, so I cant cut it like that )): and Edwin is so cuteee and chubby! Feel like pinching his face grr How old is he?

  2. Hahah! The boy is a little boy... XD Love ur fringe lah dear <3

  3. your fringe is nice ! :D and and and the shoes :O

  4. lol...your boy looks super cute. =D

  5. you look so cute in the first photo! you look like one of the girls from T-ara.

  6. Awesome fringe there! :D and hahaha edwin is so adorable lemme pinch lemme pinch!!

  7. Haha~ I'm gonna cut my fringe soon!! XD

    Happy New Year!!

  8. enjoy to read you words la darling~
    btw looks cute with bang!owh~
    ohyeaaa followed yr twitter =p

  9. when u take pic with him ???
    y i dun noe???
    i like the 3rd pic...edwin so cute !!!

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  11. eee! so cute! loveee!

  12. haha oxford shoe is cute okkkay..tell ur papa XD wedges i like the 2nd one too LOL yaaa..edvin is soo cute :D

  13. hey!! haha...i tot you are going to reveal yr bf..ah chew...when i scrolled was ...a..BOY...-.- haha!! Niways...i like those shoes also leh!!! so unique..quite nice de...


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