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I'm a food-lover and I like it

Excuse the lousy title...I can't think of any "cool" title to begin with. Speaking of titles, each time I start a blog post, I would always spend a few minutes thinking about which title to put in and yes, I'm not those type of people that inserts songs-that-I'm-currently-listening-to in their titles.

I like my titles to be "related" to my blog posts if you get what I mean.

And oh! I changed my blog's background again..heh heh this is what I meant by "FIERY RED!!!" You like it? :)

This is really irrelevant to the title but I really want....

1) A blazer

Back when it was popular and by popular, I meant....reeeeeallllly popular because a lot of blogshops were selling them back then! And I hated it. Well, not that harsh, maybe I sort of dislike it. I was like, "Meh - it's so office wear." And the fact that everyone wanted one makes me dislike it even more.

And now I find Thanks to lookbook.

2) Some cool vintage dress.

And not in floral prints please! Usually people like to accentuate floral prints as vintage...don't get me wrong, it is indeed vintage-y but hey, let's have a look at other vintage dresses ala grandma dresses. Now those are really vintage-y :D

I would like to own one...grandma look-a-like dress. Mmmm. :) Too bad my grandmas are too hip for clothings like that...and so they threw it away...probably.

3) TIGHTS!!!!!

I'm hopelessly obsessed with beautiful looking tights.

Why do some people call tights leggings? Do they even look like leggings? Smack-e-roo.

4) A tan postman bag.

5) Black patent booties.


6) Fur vest pleaseeeeee!! And at a reasonable price as well.

Clothings at Sibu are crazily expensive. Cause Malaysian money is so BIG - ok they're not big compared to Brunei's but DUDE the conversion is freaking HUGE. You can bring BND 100 to a mall and still have some leftover money BUT...

If you're planning on bringing RM 100 to go, sorry, that's not enough. (For me :D)

I CAN'T WAIT FOR CNY TO COME!! RAWR!!! I wanna wear my oxford flats so badly *cries*


I went out with my cousins a few days back to do some shopping and EATING!! We went to this place called Qinshan that sells a wide variety of food! It's like a one-stop food place.

Heart + floral prints = weird mix but I like it anyway.

What I wore was SO NOT worth mentioning so let's skip heheh

We ordered these:

Green + white agar + some barley bits *yech* o_O

And once AGAIN, I don't remember any of the names of my cousins' drinks...except mine. Such a failure.

My mixed fruit drink!

It looked so attractive from the picture and it came out looking like..THIS. -_-

Appearance was mehhh but it tasted nice :D very sweet and that's an UP I guess.

There's bits of agar + watermelon + honeydew + some other fruits whose names I don't remember.

My cousin, Ivy's fruit drink! I don't even know if it's a fruit or veggie drink since it looks so Shrek.


Sambal sotong!!

This looks icky and unappealing at first sight, yes?? BUT boy, was I wrong...

It tasted superb!!! I FEEL like eating this again T___T

The sourness of the lime + saltiness of the sotong + the sambal mixture is damn awesome!! It's like a 3-in-1 coffee except, better than coffee ;)

If you get what I mean...

I never liked coffee. -_-

Fried squid with lots and lots of mayo! ♥



Om nom nom nommmmmmmm with every bite you take, you can actually feel an explosion of flavour in your mouth...that's how POWERFUL it is.

Ikan bakar!

With or without rice, it still tastes great. Yes, I absolutely love food. Food ought to be worshiped. JK. ;)

However, this fish has lots of bones in it so I didn't really liked it as much as my cousins do. It didn't taste that good as well compared to the ikan bakar I had back in Brunei. Oh, that was delish.

Still nom-able though :)

Everything costed - Rm 32 which is equivalent to about....15 dollars + in Brunei.

So worth it mannnnnnn~

One thing I like about Malaysia is THEIR FOOD PRICES. They are so insanely CHEAP that you have no choice but to be a glutton in Malaysia. (I think everyone is a glutton -_-) Or in other're gonna gain lots of kilos!!

A plastic bag from a store where I bought my bee-yoo-ti-ful tights!

I adore tights so so so much ; they are like.....the colour pink to me. Whenever I see pink stuff, I go "OOOH!!!" Same goes for tights ;)

Me and my oldest cousin, Ivy :)

She's two years older than me!

And then...we decided to play with my webcam and took...a few pictures 0:)

PEACE!! She's camera shy heh heh

\O.O/ --- I absolutely adore this emoticon cause it looks like a ghost saying "BOO!!!!"

Me: "OMG!!! This makes my boobs look so HUGE!!

Not that huge but still bigger than my original boob size *smugs* I can deceive perverts in the internet now. JK.

WOOOH~ for those who think I am too skinny, this picture is for you. :P


I have all the time I have in Sibu and I am still so lazy to study my driving law book. And if I don't bother to study, how am I gonna pass my law test and start driving?

And then I realized...if I have a date set for me, THAT would keep my motivation going! So I told my aunt I would like to take my test on Thursday. And today is Sunday.


I am feeling a little......messy.

I wanna cut my bangs again. How do some people do it? You know..looking messy but still clean in a way?

I'm jealous :(


  1. Looking at those food made me miss home again cause I can eat them so often but not here sighh can't wait for CNY! T___T

  2. I'm unfamiliar with the drinks but they look great!

  3. sambal sotong and ikan bakar OMG!!! hungryyyyy =(

  4. Haha! Usually I finish writing the post then only finally write the title wan :P

  5. Pictue makes me hungry, urgghh .. :P

    Feel free to go to my,

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  7. i love ikan bakar.. yums ;)

  8. Hahah,I love the way u mix the skirt and shoe,my type of thg lol ;)

  9. yadaaa yadaaa..u are indeed a food lover like me!!!!!! xD high five for that...cause i found someone loves the same thing as me..heheh!


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